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The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)
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Author:  Yozshand [ Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

-Battles are fought in turns, you post after a response.
-Fighting happens in "real time" meaning you can, if you wish, go back in time a little to describe actions and things you do before any attack of the opposition lands (within reasonable limits)
-Be as descriptive as you can. More information makes for better battles.
-Do not ever control your opponent's character (or pets) in any way.
-Characters are, typically, allowed two actions per post: One defensive action and one offensive action. Regardless of whether you were attacked or not, you may only attack once per post.
-You can only use 1 special/spell per turn (you can use multiple skills per turn, and 1 special and multiple skills per turn though). Specials that have an effect on your opponent count towards your one offensive action. Defensive specials count as a special use and your defensive action. Misc specials (buffs mostly) are neither one but still count as a special use.
-Try to be fair in both your attacks as well as your dodges. Getting hit every now and then is not the end of the world, and deepens your character.
-There is a minimum of 2 paragraphs required in a post (though more are desirable!)
-No 'Unblockable' attacks. There's always something, somewhere that can happen.
-Be creative, use the world around you to your advantage!
-Use a spell checker, or a program that helps with puncuation. It can't hurt... and can generally help your posts more readable.
-Have fun!!! Battles are supposed to be enjoyable. If don't like it, something is wrong.

Tiam looked at the note nailed to the door of the Drunken Seahorse with distaste. It had been quite some time since the old man had contacted him, and Tiam had liked things that way. He didn't like being asked to run willy-nilly across the surface of DI. The pirate was about to cast the tea-coloured note into the street when a quick glance at the map showed that the location was within the walls of the city. There was nothing wrong with that, then. It would only take him about five minutes to get there, and then another five or so minutes for the fight. A gold piece for ten minutes work certainly seemed worth it to him – it was far more than one could make during a full day's work in the marketplace picking pockets.

Tiam wandered his way through the streets of Jadra's Gate, passing through two marketplaces until he ended up on the main thoroughfare. The road led two places, the main gate and Jadra to the east, and the harbour to the west. Tiam turned west down the road clogged with a constant stream of carts rolling to and from the docks, walking along the fringes to avoid a chance horse kick or being rolled over by a particularly ornery driver. All that he had to deal with instead were annoying hawkers, the occasional street urchin, and the rest of the crowd.

After about fifteen minutes of slogging through the dense crowd, a frustrated Tiam arrived on the docks and took a deep breath of the salty sea air. The undertones of refuse and fish only served to make him feel even better rather than worse – the smells of the docks brought back too many fond memories to do otherwise. Now all that he needed to do was find the right place. The note had said something about dock 43, but there were only 42 docks in the harbour, and each of them was full. Tiam walked down the line from pier to pier and found nothing.

Tiam asked a port official, but that resulted in nothing more than a strange look and a “are you drunk, son?” before the official walked away. Tiam looked at the crudely drawn map again, thoroughly perplexed, when he noticed that the 'X' marking the location was actually on the south pier.

Tiam made his way to said pier and saw a small stone pyramid with a chipped, white 43 painted on one side marking a small, beaten up slip dock. The old man was sitting cross-legged at the mouth with his book and the series of weighted, non-lethal wooden training weapons laid out on blankets behind him.

”Took you long enough. Can't read a map, boy?” The old man was as condescending as always, and seemed to be aware of Tiam's approach despite being absorbed in his book and having sound drowned out by the sloshing of the waves.

“Phaw! You couldn't draw a map to save your life, old man. Your hands must be getting shaky at your age.”

“Or you should get your eyes checked. Probably spent too much time staring into the sun as a child.” It was only then that the old man looked up, his eyes heterchromic, one blue and one green. Tiam could have sworn the man's eyes were brown the last time they had met. “You know the drill boy. Non-fatal weapons, don't try to kill her. You should be well schooled in this by now.”

”Can it, old man. I know what this is about by now.” Tiam dropped his spear and javelins and picked up nonlethal versions of his weapons. “So who do you have lined up for me this time? Not another chimera-taming cat man, I hope.” A few test thrusts and slashes familiarized Tiam with the weapon.

“Not this time. This time your trainee should be right up your alley.” The old man's smile showed perfectly white and straight teeth. ”The only catch is that you'll have to get into the water.” Tiam felt himself rising off the ground and he growled in anger at the odl man, demanding to be let down.

He was let down, after a fashion. The old man first levitated him off the pier and then unceremoniously dumped him into the water at the base of the slip dock. The water was only a foot deep, but the splashdown served to completely soak Tiam's pants and the bottom half of his shirt. ”Hey jackass, that was completely unnecessary.” Tiam's tone was dejected as he stood and started to trudge out of the water, boots flooded.

”It was completely necessary. Now don't come out until you're done. She'll be here soon.” Tiam felt the familiar psychic force push him back into the water, causing him to stumble and nearly fall back down into the water.

”Enough of that!” Tiam felt another push and went down. The pirate made an aggravated sound but didn't say any more, suspecting that opening his mouth would just land him on his ass again.

One of these days, that old man would get it.

(So my post was pretty long for an introduction, but there it is. You can enter any way that you would like, but you'll need to swap your weapons out for the non-lethal ones before we can actually fight. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.)

Author:  Prof. Rollenstein [ Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

Umierra walked unsteadily along the docks, her blue tricorn keeping the sun out of her eyes, and the familiar weight of Cutlass in it's watery sheath bumping against her left leg. She occasionally took swigs of rum from her waterskin. As she gently swayed from side to side, mostly oblivious to her surroundings, she reflected on the city she found herself in. She didn't like it. She didn't like crowds at the best of times, but crowds that were used to being crowds were the worst; their obnoxiousness developing with age like a fine wine. Except the wine tasted of pigheadedness. Not that Umierra had gotten any trouble moving through the crowds; not being drunk enough to stagger into anyone, but still drunk enough to be oblivious to the people around you, seemed to be the optimum state for fording the human river. At least the children were better, looking at her with a strange sort of sadness when they bumped into her. Clumsy though, they seemed to bump into her a lot.

But no, she decided, on the whole, she would not come again. She took another swig of her rum. Of course, the situation was not helped by having to deal with such weak rum. Gods but it was weak rum. This had to be the weakest rum she'd ever had. The only rum she'd ever had, actually, but that was probably irrelevant, probably. She struggled to think through the haze. Nope, she eventually decided, even an amateur would know that this was the weakest rum on the continent. Where had she got it? Again she battled through her mental fog, trying to remember....


She raised the container to eye level as realization dawned. This wasn't rum. This was water.

Suddenly standing in the cold light of sobriety, Umierra sighed. "Man, I suck at getting drunk."

As she continued on her way (now with much better posture, to say the least), she tried to rationalise her mistake. Old Jacob had often said she let her imagination get away with her, but surely this was stretching it a bit? "Let's see" she thought, as she ran through her day from the beginning. She had woken up, looked at her waterskin, thought "rum"... And that was it, away she went. She slumped her shoulders and sighed again, that was just embarrassing.

To be fair, she was pretty knackered, and not in her best wits. A few days ago she found herself possessed by the uncanny urge to walk in this direction. The urge was mysterious, alien, and surprisingly accurate; a few dizzying tests showed that it was not the urge to go right or left, but to go here. Thus making this direction by far the most interesting direction, and thus the best direction in which to walk. But now, after 2 days travelling, she felt kind of cheated. All she had found was this city. And as far as she could tell, the only interesting thing about it was the unusual amount of sympathy the urchins showed when their thieving fingers found her pockets empty of valuables, having spent the last of her money on a hearty breakfast.

She was broken out of her reverie by the sound of a splash, and cursing. Curious, she picked up the pace and soon found the source of the commotion at a dilapidated old pier. And old man was sitting at the mouth of the slipway, blankets laid out behind him, holding a book. Behind him a younger man was standing sullenly in the water, the sea lapping around his calves, and making no move to get out. Furthermore, he seemed to be armed with a wooden spear and wooden javelins. How very mysterious. Weariness forgotten, she moved to investigate.

But as she moved closer, the old man looked up, straight at her, and smiled. Suddenly, the guiding feeling was gone, and Umierra knew she had arrived. For what purpose however, she hadn't the foggiest.

"Okay Umi, play it cool" she thought to herself as she walked towards the duo, the comforting weight of Cutlass at her hip. "This could get awkward real fast, don't let that happen, don't let this get awkward". Wait, what if they had nothing to do with this? What if they were just here to discuss the finer points of rum or something? She didn't know, she couldn't know. Even for her this was a strange situation. Oh Gods.

She stood in front of them now. The old man looked at her calmly, she wasn't paying attention to the younger one. The breeze blew in from the ocean. Seagulls cried somewhere far off. The sound of people could be heard as a distant mumbling. The moment dragged on a little too long. It was awkward.

Well, when in doubt, don't worry about it.

She looked straight at the old man. "You called?"
[Oh yes, we will definitely have to meet <3] -NTW

Author:  Yozshand [ Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

(And excellent first post. I have nothing to offer, aside from letting you know that my 'spear' actually looks like a staff. It has no point, but has weights in the end to make it function more readily like one. The javelins have a similar look and design.)

Tiam's mood went from bad to worse in the few minutes that he was standing in the ocean at the base of that slip dock. First the crowds and the incredibly prolonged walk, then the confusion and frustration involved in finding the dock, then the old man being an ass as expected, and NOW he looked and felt like a drowned rat. All because of one damned note. Why didn't he just throw he stupid thing with the badly drawn map - the old man really was a crappy artist - into the dust of the street to be trod on by the masses as it deserved. Why did he just NEED to have the gold the old man was offering up for the training. He should have let someone else do it and let them put up with the snarky old man.

Look at him sitting there reading his book so smugly. Tiam fumed silently as he glared at the wrinkly-skinned bastard, If I could get my hands on him I would throttle him. That was hopeless though, the man was just too powerful. He had absolute control over Tiam, and the pirate did not like that one bit. He was a man that lived outside of control! He hated....

Tiam's mood vastly improved the moment the beauty walked into his line of vision. Was she supposed to be his trainee? He hoped so. Everything about her was delicious from her stature to her dress - even that stupid tricorn that she wore on her head seemed to fit perfectly. Perhaps they would go for a few drinks after this was through, and then maybe a little more? Only... tricorns usually meant trouble in some way or another. Usually only captains and high-ranking naval officers wore such ridiculous hats - marks of their station or some such nonsense. More like marking you for death - the ones with tricorns were always the first to get put down. Stormeye had never worn such a silly hat - he hated the things for being stupid and impractical.

But, that couldn't be right - what would either of those things be doing here for training? And this one looked even younger than Tiam did - there was no way that she was a naval officer or a captain of a boat - if anybody would even let her. Women were usually passengers on boats and little more.

The old man looked up at her just the same way that he had at Tiam, only this time with a smile. The pretty woman hesitated, obviously unsure of what to make of the crotchety old man sitting on his carpet all comfortable and dry while Tiam sat soaked and feeling miserable. She barely gave Tiam a passing glance before finally working up the nerve to approach. A brief look of surprise passed over her face, and then she asked if he had called her. What a stupid question. The man left notes and said 'come' and that was that; either you showed up or you didn't.

"Perhaps, but it is much more likely that you came of your own accord." The old man said with the all-knowing tone that Tiam hated. "At some time, somewhere within yourself, you made a decision. Whether it was conscious or not does not matter, all that matters is that you made it. After that, you found your way to me, and now here we stand."

"I," the old man cleared his throat, "We," he corrected and gestured to Tiam, who simply grumbled, "are here to test you and make sure that you have what it takes to survive on the path that you are about to tread."

"Please, replace your weapon with the one that best suits you from my selection behind me," the old one instructed with a gesture to the array of wooden weapons behind him. "I understand that you may be hesitant, but worry not - you will notice no difference between your current weapon and mine." He gave the girl a wink, though Tiam did not see it. The man seemed to know a great deal more than he had told Tiam, though the pirate figured he would find out what had been hidden soon enough.

What Tiam really wanted to know was how the old man knew the things that he did. Gorgeous (it was a working name, though Tiam did not feel it suited her very well - though not due to any lack of physical attractiveness) had obviously never seen the guy before in her life. That meant that the old man either had an impressive range of informants, or he was even more powerful than first expected. And what was all that esoteric nonsense about 'making a decision and then finding him'? Tiam had never found this old man to be trained, only to conduct said training.

It was way too much for Tiam's brain to handle. He just wanted to be out of the water, "Can we do this already? I like water as much as the next guy, but the ocean is bloody chilly at this time of year. Lets get this over with so I can warm up with a cup of mead."

Author:  Prof. Rollenstein [ Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

The old man didn't look at all confused by her question. Excellent, maybe now she'd get some answers.

"Perhaps, but it is much more likely that you came of your own accord. At some time, somewhere within yourself, you made a decision. Whether it was conscious or not does not matter, all that matters is that you made it. After that, you found your way to me, and now here we stand."

Okay, maybe she wouldn't. She couldn't tell if what he said was incredibly wise or utterly meaningless. Wasn't there some sort of philosophy that said they were one and the same? Yes, she'd met one of their priests once. Thought provoking stuff, but useless for directions. Hold on, the old man was still talking.

"We," he said, gesturing to the sodden man in the water, "are here to test you and make sure that you have what it takes to survive on the path that you are about to tread."

What? What path? She didn't sign up for any path, certainly not one that required a hazing ritual. Well, she didn't think she had... Oh well.

What the old man said next caught her off guard. "Please, replace your weapon with the one that best suits you from my selection behind me." She put a protective hand on Cutlass' pommel. Now that was getting a bit beyond the pale. Besides, how was she going to explain that a finely crafted stick wasn't going to cut it (so to speak). Seeing her suspicion, the old man added "I understand that you may be hesitant, but worry not - you will notice no difference between your current weapon and mine." giving her a sly wink. Wait, was he implying that the man in the water really didn't know...

She turned to look at him now. He was almost as nondescript as the old man, though his tanned and leathery skin told her of a life spent in the sun and surf. He spoke up, "Can we do this already? I like water as much as the next guy, but the ocean is bloody chilly at this time of year. Lets get this over with so I can warm up with a cup of mead."

Oh goody, he really didn't know. Now the issue only required a moment's consideration. She knew that they wouldn't get far if they tried to steal Cutlass, thieves just didn't seem to be able to handle the dreams it gave. And it had been a while since she last had a good fight, especially against someone kind enough to stand in what looked like a whole foot of water. All in all, this was going to be fun. "Alright then, I suppose I'll do it. Seeing as how you've got everything set up and all."

Tenderly laying down Cutlass on the blanket, Umierra picked up a wooden sabre and gave it a few test swings. Then again, using another sword felt, well, wrong somehow, even if it was perfectly weighted. She banished those thoughts from her mind, too late now. She walked around the slip dock and onto its left side, stopping just a few feet to the left of where the man was standing, and jumped in, the water barely rippling as she broke the surface. So he liked water as much as the next guy did he? She suspected his opinion of it would drop quite substantially during this fight. Umierra dipped the sword into the water, the blade facing forward, to see how it felt. Well what do you know? It really did work the same! It still made her uncomfortable though.

"Before we begin, I'd like a name. Mine's Umierra, you?" After waiting just long enough for him to respond, she gave him a nod of acknowledgement and began. Crouching low, she started sprinting to the other side of the slipdock, her sword cutting into the water just in front of her. The motion of the sword as it sliced through the water generated a spray that leaped up to about 3 feet in height, completely obscuring her body, and that lingered for a few moments before falling back down.

Just as she came parallel with the man, Umierra stopped and turned towards him. Simultaneously, she turned the sword's momentum into a large flick; making the spray continue for another 4 feet before falling back into the water. To an outside observer, it would look for a moment like she had continued in her sprint, until the water fell to a point that her deception was revealed.

Umierra propelled herself through the spray as she dragged the sword into a thrusting position; what would have been the sharp edge of the blade facing upwards. The old man's words continued to prove true, as some of the water stuck to the blade. In another moment she had covered the distance between them, and thrust her sword at his torso.

Author:  Yozshand [ Mon Jul 09, 2012 2:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

(The only suggestion that I have is to keep in mind the amount of time your actions would take. You dipped your sword in the water twice to use your skill and then attacked. During that time your opponent will be able to move to counter you, so just be aware of that. The more time you give your opponent, the better their response will be. Also, you should be more careful with the ordering of your actions - you say you turned and then slashed through the water, meaning that I would have seen you and therefore likely not expected you to continue your sprint. It's a little thing, but with a move like that it makes all the difference.)

Gourgeous said something to the man about "things being all set up for her" and thenswapped out her sword and its odd sheathe for what was assumably a replica of her regular weapon. Tiam had a sinking feeling in his gut that he had just been set up to be made an even greater fool of. First the chimaera and now this could be turning sour too. The old man had it out for him - that was the only explanation that Tiam could conjure.

After taking a few swings with her new weapon - how did the old man make wood curve like that? - Gourgeous advanced to the edge of the pier and chose to forgo the usage of the ramp to enter the water, instead jumping off the edge and landing in the water with narry a ripple. That was... Curious to say the least. Her next motion was similarly curious at first as she innocently dipped the wooden blade into the water. The true significance of the motion was only gleaned after Tiam saw the surface of the weapon begin to shimmer like still water beneath the sun. That wasn't good.

Apparently this one had some form of control over water, and Tiam was standing shin-deep in the stuff. So that was what she meant by "all set up". If the old man wanted to get the pirate's goat, well, the goat was got. Gourgeous turned and said that she wanted a name, and gave her name as Umierra. Well, that was certainly more fitting than Gourgeous, since she wasn't quite as good looking as Beautiful, so giving her a name that was better than that would just be plain wrong. As weird as it felt calling her by her actual name, Tiam settled on Umierra, if only temporarily. "You can call me whatever you want, but Tiam will suffice if you lack a better name," was Tiam's reply.

After that she nodded and then burst into motion. She started sprinting through the water between him and the dock - perhaps trying to cut off his escape? - and cut her sword through the water as she did so. Tiam noted two interesting things about her actions. First was the fact that she was sprinting through the water as if it wasn't even there, and the second was that the water seemed to trail behind the the sword, making a much larger splash than should have been normal. If Tiam had any doubts about her ability to control water in some way they were dashed in that moment. His poor goat was bleating frantically in a futile attempt to escape. Well, he would just have to settle in and fight her in her own element. He took his spear into his usual braced grip, best suited for one-handed use, and drew a javelin with the other. If he was to fight her in her element, he would need to be as comfortable as possible, and this was about as comfortable as he was about to get.

When she came in line with Tiam she once again sliced her sword through the water again, creating a splash that largely obscured her form, offering only the distorted image offered through the sheet of water. Tiam quickly cocked his arm back when the girl did not emerge on the edge of the cascade. Instead she came lunging through it, bursting through the sheet with a spray of droplets like a performer on stage coming through the curtains. It was all very showy, and against some it may have worked, but Tiam was in no danger, and he wasn't in a good mood - he was going to punish this one if he could. Her sword was aimed at his abdomen, a thrust that would no doubt hurt if it hit, but Tiam had the advantage of reach in this exchange, and he was going to use it.

Umierra's thrust was countered by a thrust of Tiam's own. Like a snapping cord Tiam's right arm shot forward and he leaned into it, aiming to drive his blunted spear into and through her breast bone, armour and lack of a point be damned. It was perhaps a little (a lot) harder than he should have made the strike, but the pirate was pissed off. He was tired of being played with by the old man, and now he had something to vent his frustration on. Somewhere in a corner of his mind he almost felt bad for the girl, but the majority of his mind was focused on hurting her instead. His attack turned him as well, offering up his side to Umerria instead of his front as before, giving her a smaller target to strike; at least for the moment.

(So my first attack is a straight-forward brutal counter to your own. It's not what I would normally do in training, but things have come to a head in Tiam's mind, and I'm certain that you have the ability to handle it. Also, I did not use a defensive action in my post (as you no doubt recognized) because my weapon allows me to avoid needing one in this situation. Don't worry, that won't always happen.)

Author:  Prof. Rollenstein [ Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

(I've taken an educated guess as to how you should note where you've used a special, please let me know if I'm doing it wrong. Also, should I note where I've used skills as well? Finally, I'm not sure if I'm being unfair in dodging your strike. Is it perfectly within boundaries or pushing it a bit? I guess what I'm asking is whether it's up to the opponent to make it known that their strike is especially hard to dodge, probably by mentioning some skill of their character's or the advantageous position they have over the other fighter, or whether it's up to me to infer it from their writing.)

Umierra's display did not work as she had hoped. As she burst through the spray and charged towards her opponent, she did not see the usual confused tavern brawler trying to make sense of the situation, instead she was met with a ruthless fighter with eyes unflinchingly focused on her movements. Not good. This was really not-OH SHIT!

Before she even had time to finish her thoughts, the fighter had thrust his training spear at her with the speed of a snake, aiming right at her chest. As her eyes widened in surprise, Umierra knew that trying to completely change her momentum would take far too long. Fortunately, that wasn't her style. Instinctively feeling the ebb and flow of her movement, Umierra acted mid-step. As her left foot came down, she pulled her body and sword arm in from the beginning of her thrust, trying to compress as much energy as possible. Simultaneously, she let herself start to lean to her right, shifting her center of mass. And then, acting through her left foot, she wildly launched herself forward and sideways on a trajectory that would send her sailing past Tiam's left side, trailing droplets of water behind her. [Dance of the Waves] The blunt tip of Tiam's training spear drove savagely through the space where she would have been just a moment before, alarming Umierra with its ferocity.

Just so that he didn't get any ideas, Umierra twisted her body further in mid-air so that her sword was facing him, and as she passed him by she made a deft slash at his exposed left flank. But rather than attempt to make direct contact, she instead kept the blade relatively close to her body, letting the water on her sword slide smoothly off and form a crescent that flew directly at Tiam's flank. [Hydro Slice] [Dance of the Waves] This had the added benefit of leaving her sword low to her body and pointing outwards; the perfect position to meet any conventional attack Tiam might make.

Unfortunately Umierra's orientation made landing on her feet impossible, and her wild leap would end with her crashing through the water right side first. Fortunately for her, the sea would cushion her fall.

(I edited my final paragraph to reflect the fact that I don't know for sure that's how I'll end up landing; and I won't know until you make your next post. Basically I just added a few "would"s in.)

Hydro Slice: 2/3 remain

Author:  Yozshand [ Sat Jul 14, 2012 3:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

(How you noted your special is just fine. It's up to you if you decide to point out the usage of your skills or not. I don't like to because I feel that it breaks up posts too much, especially if several skills are utilized at once. As to describing how hard it is to dodge, it's a mixture of both things, really. The attacker describes the attack and how it would likely be hard or difficult to dodge, while the defender takes their own character's abilities into account. Both can look at the setting and other circumstances for additional factors. In all though, your dodge was fair and your post was good :).)

Umierra dodged the vicious blow with a wild dive to Tiam's left. The tip of the spear just passed over her shoulder, a near miss that strangely annoyed Tiam. She was a slippery one, but the look of surprise on her face when he first made the attack was an enjoyable one. She had apparently expected her ruse to work, and was shocked when she found that it hadn't. Perhaps after this was all over and his rage had subsided he would explain to her why it hadn't worked - a mixture of spending too much time around water manipulators and using similar tactics himself would be the root of his explanation. Perhaps he would apologize to her too for being so rough in a fight meant to test her. That would all be in the future though, right now he needed to deal with the nonsense that the girl was cooking up.

Tiam had begun to turn as Umierra was already part-way through her dive, and the amount that he turned proved to be enough to see what was going to happen next.

The block was reflexive, a quick snap of the wrist and a slight repositioning of the arm brought the back-end of Tiam's 'javelin' - really just a shorter version of his training spear - into line with the oncoming slash from Umierra's wooden sword. The clack of wood on wood sounded, but there was still the biting pain of something sharp entering his flesh. The wound was not very deep - more of an elongated nick than anything else thanks to his armour and the blocking spear disrupting the blade of water - but it was still a wound.

The hit confused Tiam at first, especially since he was painful. It wasn't until he felt water tricking down from the wound - blood didn't move that fast - did Tiam actually understand what happened. So the bitch had thrown a blade of water off her sword. It was certainly a clever move, but it was also the equivalent of prodding an angry dog with a stick - not a good idea.

Tiam completed his turn as Umierra splashed down into the sea water. The setup was perfect: she wasn't far and the water wouldn't hinder him enough to allow her time to recover. He would be on her before she could react, and then it would be over, and they would both have been taught a lesson.

Tiam bent his knees and swung his spear around, perparing to launch himself into the air and descend - spear down - right onto where Umierra had landed. Tiam's knees started to straighten and-

"Don't you dare!" The old man's voice rang in his head. "You'll regret it if you do." Tiam nearly told the old man to bugger himself with a stick when a very vivid - and creative - image of Tiam's death flashed into his brain. That certainly gave the pirate pause, and was enough to turn the spear-driving leap into an awkward hop in place.

Advantage now lost, Tiam did his best to recover by throwing his javelin - weighted to fly just like a real one - at Umierra. The throw was a bit awkward and painful, so it lacked the maximum of strength needed, but it would still serve its function as an attack. It was about all that he could do now that his momentum was taken away. Damned old man...

[4 javelins remain]

(I've left a bit of ambiguity in my attack to accomodate your movements. If Umierra decides to stay in the water he'll throw it at her there, otherwise he'll be aiming as best he can for the centre of her torso.)

Author:  Prof. Rollenstein [ Sun Jul 15, 2012 6:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

Umierra had started to berate herself before she even broke the surface of the water. Not in so many words, mind you, but the general sense of embarrassment and frustration at herself had certainly wasted no time in making itself known. And it was about to get worse.

She herself wasted no time in pulling herself up from her vulnerable position, but she had only just started to do so when she saw what Tiam was doing. With his knees bent and training spear ready, Umierra knew that he was about to make a leap that would end this fight; right onto her while she was nearly helpless. But for some reason, he stopped, giving her just enough time to do a small hop of her own; her legs pushing out and over into the air so she landed on her feet once more.

But Tiam wasn't done yet, and Umierra was no sooner up than he had thrown one of his blunted javelins at her. Fortunately he seemed to be off balance, and Umierra was able to dodge the (relatively) slow moving projectile with a small hop backwards and to the left. She continued in this movement and skipped back a further few feet, aiming to put some breathing room between her and her opponent, and give her some time to evaluate. She raised her sword in front of her in what could have looked like a fencing pose if it wasn't so loose and fluid, with her body turned to the side to minimise her target if he decided to throw another javelin, and quickly took stock of the situation.

Stupid. How could she have been so utterly stupid? She thought back over the past few seconds and was astounded at how much unadulterated idiocy could be contained in such a short span of time, and all of it hers. If the old man had known about her water powers then he wasn't going to send her against some ordinary thug, and she was stupid to think so! She had been positively giddy about her opponent being in the dark about her abilities, and then the first thing she did was throw them about right in front of him! How could she have been so idiotic? Well at least there's two lessons right there; never assume things about your opponent, and use every advantage you have. It seems she needed the old man's 'training' more than she thought.

But worst of all; they were standing in a foot of water, the best possible environment for her to fight, and she was on the defensive. Actually, it was worse than that; she was on the defensive and failing. Tiam could have ended the whole fight in those few seconds, and chose not too. Sure she had made the first wound, but if anything it only seemed to make him angry, (well, angrier). Her ears burned with shame, and she was silently thankful to the water whose cool touch hid the signs of her embarrassment on her pale face. And there was the third lesson; maybe she just wasn't as good as she thought she was.

All this rushed through her head in a garbled mess of thoughts and emotions, taking only about two and a bit seconds, (she would put it in those more eloquent words after the battle). She narrowed her eyes at her opponent and breathed deeply. Well it all stopped now. From here on out, she was going to try fighting smart. She began to weigh her advantages and disadvantages.

He was more capable with his spear and javelins than she was with her sword, that much was obvious. What's more, she probably hadn't seen nearly all of what he was capable of, while he knew a good portion of what she could do. On the other hand, he would be slowed by the water, while she would not, so he probably wouldn't be able to put pressure on her for very long. Furthermore, his choice of weapon would lead to him preferring to make jabs and thrusts more than swipes and swings, so he'd probably do best when facing directly towards her. Right, she'd try not to let that happen then.

Umierra began to run towards Tiam once again, only this time not directly towards him. Instead, she aimed about three feet to the left, keeping her sword arm on the side closest to him. If all went according to plan, she would run right past him before starting to turn inwards and circle around him. Hopefully his attempt at tracking her would be slowed down by the water, and maybe even twist him up a bit. To improve her chances of making it that far, she quickly flicked her sword across the surface of the water; sending a vertical [Hydro Slice] at him. He'd almost certainly see this one, but then that was the idea.
Hydro Slice: 1/3 remain

(With this post I think I've finally keyed in to DI's aspect as a battle simulator, in addition to role playing. It turns out that I don't really know how to fight.)

Author:  Yozshand [ Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

(Yeah, learning to fight in this sort of simulator takes time. You'll get it - perhaps read a few more battles so see how things flow. If you're having trouble actually battling, try to visualize it or - barring that - actually try it out! I try things out all the time to see if they're even remotely possible. My only suggestion is that you conserve your specials in future engagements. Your current pace of use is fine for now because of the short duration of our battle, but you will need to stretch your few specials out over 2 or more pages worth of posts - so just keep that in mind! Also, describing your special in your post is also a good idea - it'll help with immediate visualization.)

The thrown javelin entered the water with a small splash, it's intended target having hopped to safety. The loss of momentum had lost Tiam what would have been an incredibly satisfying hit. His desire to hurt Umierra was still there, but his desire to kill her had dramatically faded after the mental picture involving several vital organs - and a few non-vital ones - being forcibly ripped from his person and cast into the harbor had been inserted into his head. Self preservation had quickly won over any desire to inflict mortal harm, so instead he would have to be satiated by a few non-lethal, but perhaps still painful, blows. That was assuming he could land one - this one was incredibly bouncy and hard to hit. He would need to play things a bit more tactical and a bit less ragey - ragey? was he really in the habit of making up words now? - if he intended to come out ahead.

Umierra had a strange look on her face that Tiam couldn't exactly decipher. He wasn't sure if it was one of dissatisfaction, concern, or scorn, but Tiam could tell that there was something going through her mind. Perhaps she was troubled. If so, that was good, though she had no real reason to be troubled - she had scored a hit, albeit a light one, when Tiam had yet to do so. Her face smoothed out a moment later and she charged again, choosing to move on a diagonal to Tiam rather than charging straight at him. She had clearly learned her lesson after their first exchange - charging anyone with a polearm head on was quite stupid and Tiam was surprised that she had made the mistake to begin with - and was instead choosing a logical counter to his weapon of choice. It was a good move against one not incredibly well-versed in the spear, but one could easily use a spear to slash of necessary, especially if it was in two hands.

And into two hands it went, at least for the moment. Tiam wasn't entirely able to predict what was going to happen next, but her sword trailing through the water did not bode well. The water continued to have no noticeable effects on her as she moved, telling Tiam that he was at a severe mobility disadvantage. He was used to being the mobile one, easily dodging strikes and then giving them in return. Now though he would have to be the one with the stalwart defense, instead choosing defensive strikes over aggressive action.

Unless an opportunity presented itself, as it did now.

Umierra launched a blade-shaped splash of salt water at Tiam as she skirted by and began to curve inward. The splash of water was unlike the others and instead had a definite shape, and a definite purpose. There was no doubt in the pirate's mind that this was the same thing that had cut him moments ago, meaning that it was quite dangerous. That was alright, he was prepared this time. Tiam leaped to his left... directly into Umierra's path. The slash of water passed harmlessly by him and dissipated into a shower of small droplets a few feet afterward.


Tiam didn't see that however, because he was already busy yelling right in Umierra's face. He let go of a particularly powerful shout that was greatly amplified by his gift, turning an annoying noise into a powerful shockwave of sound with enough power to send some on their rears and most reeling. The range of effect was short, but with Umierra right in front of him that wasn't an issue, nor would her slippery dodging antics given the surprise of the move. After all, who would actually expect someone to leap right in front of a charge? Tiam was the sort to do so though, especially when he knew for a fact that he easily outweighed his opponent and could almost be universally expected to win in close quarters without weapons - especially when they didn't have any sparkle-tricks like Pretty did.

(Another pretty brutal attack, but, again, I wouldn't throw things at you if I thought you couldn't handle it.)

Author:  Prof. Rollenstein [ Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

(Sorry this took so long, it just became one of those things. :oops:)

Umierra's nervousness seemed to amplify every sensory detail around her; the sound of her feet slipping in and out of the water, the feel of air rushing in and out of her lungs, the sight of Tiam bringing both hands to grip on his spear, that strange 6th sense that let her know that water was running up the edge of her sword as it cut through the surf. She knew there was no way he would just let her run past him, she would have to make a preemptive attack. As she closed in she flicked the tip of her sword up, and with ease born of practice shaped the accumulated water into a sharp blade that flew at her opponent.

Tiam leaped to avoid the crescent of liquid, but not in any direction she was expecting. Rather than doing the sensible thing and moving away from her, he instead landed right in her path. The hell? Wasn't it her that was supposed to be making all the bad decisions around here? Oh well, it was strange, but she wasn't going to be so stupid as to waste this opportunity. He was bigger and stronger, but she could still take advantage of his unready state just after he landed. She was just beginning to bring her sword around in a hard horizontal slice, when her world seemed to explode.

Tiam's shout completely arrested her forward momentum. Her legs flew out from under her as everything above her torso was shoved back towards the wall of the slip-dock, and she landed hard on her rump in the salt water. It would have been comical if it hadn't hurt so much.

And hurt was an understatement. Her ears were ringing and every single part of her body was beset by a deep ache. She tried to gather her suddenly scattered thoughts and managed to realise three things; there was a dangerous man out there, she was extremely vulnerable, and she would be hurt more if she didn't move. With desperate speed, she forced herself up and to her left, falling back to her usual stance; her body turned to the side and her sword raised between herself and Tiam. She was not going to risk turning her back on him now. She had finally gathered her wits again, and she tried to piece together what had happened.

He had... shouted at her? Surely not, what happened just now was more like a sonic cannon. On the other hand, she herself was evidence that the possibility of strange abilities should never be discounted. At least she had turned out to be correct in thinking he had more up his sleeve, she only wished she hadn't discovered it in such a painful manner. She felt like her bones were throbbing, not to mention the fact that she still couldn't hear over the ringing in her ears.

Well now it was his turn, she was going to wait for him to come to her. Not the best idea in the world, but anything else would require movement, and she really didn't feel like doing that at the moment.

(At the start of the post I described Umierra in a state of seemingly heightened awareness. Is this okay so long as its purely descriptive, rather than practical? What I mean is that she doesn't actually get any benefit from heightened awareness, because she's not actually more aware, she just feels like she is. Because her head is no longer in the clouds :lol:)

Author:  Yozshand [ Thu Jul 26, 2012 4:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

(That's fine, you can describe things like that without an issue - as long as they have no real effect on the battle. Good job taking that hit by the way. All you need to do now is attack me without the use of a special and you'll pass with ease.)

The concussive force of Tiam's shout, coupled with the surprise of the blow, knocked Umierra on her tail and stopped her dead in her tracks. That would teach her to underestimate her opponent and act so recklessly. He hoped that she took that message home with her, because that was the only one that he was about to dole out willingly. No matter who you were fighting, be he a crotchety old man or a slip of a girl, you had to be careful. With the world so full of magic anybody could be dangerous. Of course, those that possessed no special ability existed in droves by comparison to those that did, but it was still best to prepare for the worst; if you did that you were much more likely to make it out with your hide intact.

Umierra was vulnerable now, and Tiam was shifting his motion from lateral to forward for another strike when Umierra scrambled to her feet and jumped to the side in an attempt to clear herself of danger. The attempt succeeded, her natural quickness allowing her to get to her feet and take on a defensive stance before Tiam could poke her with his spear. Only a poke though, no need to harm the poor girl too much. The thought sounded forced to Tiam - and that was in his own head! - but at least the effort was given.

Tiam turned and squared off with Umierra, taking on his usual relaxed combat stance. They were back to square one, though Tiam had clearly come out on the winning end of the exchange. Umierra was obviously still dazed and feeling the effects of the shout, so pressing the attack was the only real option available. Not pressing the attack would seem like he was babying her for the sake of a 'training battle'. Women didn't like that very much until they had some sense bashed into their skulls, so he would commence with the bashing.

Tiam lunged forward with a spear thrust to Umierra's gut, the speed of the motion hampered slightly by the drag of the water. The strike would be fatal in real life but would leave little more than a nasty bruise with the current armaments. How was that for realism?

Author:  Prof. Rollenstein [ Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

(I had a look through some of your previous battles, but I couldn't find any instance where someone else took a resonance laced concussion to the face; it seems I'm the first! (I might have missed one though...) So I'm pretty much making educated guesses as to what it would feel like.
I've put a bit more effort into this post than I did for the last few, but it was still whipped up late on a Saturday night, so I'm not sure about the quality. Right now, I'm so tired I feel I might mistake a toddler's drawing for a renaissance portrait.
Finally, I'm operating under the assumption that you are thrusting with your right arm only.)

Umierra stood panting raggedly in the quiet surf, eyes focused grimly on the man standing before her. Her ears heard nothing but a deafening ringing, so loud she almost couldn't hear herself think. The sea lapped around her calves, trying unsuccessfully to sooth the limbs it held in its cool embrace. Her forearm throbbed again, and she desperately tried to keep the tip of her sword still, even as her hand and arm kept shuddering involuntarily. Everything hurt. Her entire body was wracked by a deep and painful ache; from the joints in her wrist to the sockets of her eyes. Her eye sockets for crying out loud! How was this even possible?

Moisture trickled from her hair down the nape of her neck. Water dripped from the sash she wore around her waist. Her clothing was completely sodden, not that she cared. She was aware, in some tangential way, that this man was winning by a mile, that she should be filled to the brim with embarrassment. But such things seemed trivial. Her world just no longer held room for something such as shame.

But she had to focus. Focus past the pain. Just focus Umi, FOCUS! Suddenly, Tiam was lunging again with his spear. She had her back to the wall; there was no skipping away from this. Sucking in a breath, she acted recklessly.

It took only a few moments. Raising her right leg into the air, she pushed off towards Tiam with her left. The pain in her muscles and joints was slowing her, but she would just have to grit her teeth and bear it for now. Having only used one foot to jump, she was already on a slightly diagonal trajectory, so her twisting of her hips and torso mid-'flight' only served to enhance her dodge further. Still, better safe than sorry. But this was not just a dodge; this was something more.

As her upper body fell closer and closer to the surface of the water, she shot out her left hand; intending to grab hold of Tiam's attacking arm*. Momentarily using it as both a support and a pivot, she would thrust the tip of her training sword at a point just below his left collarbone. It was crazy, but it just might work. If she didn't manage to grab his arm, she would have to be content with a weak and inaccurate slash at the left side of his hip. Her biggest annoyance was that the whole movement was peppered with twinges of pain from every single muscle and joint she used; slowing her down slightly.

*I'm aware that grappling doesn't really work in DI, but I felt the opportunity was too good to pass up. I hope I haven't overstepped any boundaries.

(Thanks for the warm welcome to DI! In truth, this training battle is the very first piece of real creative writing I've ever done. So it's a relief that I haven't turned out to be completely awful at it. :))

Author:  Yozshand [ Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

(Sorry about taking so long. I've had a real lack of motivation to do much of anything lately.

Your attack was a fairly good one, though your attack against my left side would not work since Tiam would use his right arm to attack, unless you're planning on swinging full around my body to attack me on my left side, which your description doesn't really cover. I've altered your attack slightly so you're hitting me on the right side instead of the left, but other than that it remains true to your description.

The grab is fine, but some might realize what you're doing and will pull away or shake you off. I'm sure that I don't need to say it, but you should remember that you won't always be able to make attacks like that. I would also advise you to dive to the ground less when making attacks. Being vulnerable like that after every attack isn't a good thing, because not every attack will hit. In this situation ducking under the attack while stepping to the left would have been a better choice.

Also, your assumption is fine. Indeed, I completely forgot that I didn't have a javelin in my left hand when I described my combat stance, so your assumption is correct.)

Umierra's agility once again paid off. She dodged to the right by diving away from his attack, a foolish move considering how vulnerable it would leave her afterword. Unless she was able to roll through the water as easily as she moved through it, then that was going to be a problem. It was a hard thing to get used to, being the 'slow' one of the two combatants - it wasn't a thing that Tiam had rightly had to deal with before. Now he would have to, at least until the old man called an end to this mock battle.

The sinking motion of his right arm caused his heart to skip a beat. He had just pulled his arm to a halt and was getting ready to turn and slash at Umierra's vulnerable form when her hand clamped around his forearm and pulled. He had been following her movements, but the quick grabbing motion had caught him by surprise, and now she was using his body as a pivot for an attack. She was clever, but also reckless. If she had missed that grab, or Tiam had caught on to what she was doing even a moment before she caught him, Umierra would have been screwed. She seemed to fight in a very all-or-nothing way. Not good if you wanted to keep your hide in tact.

The sudden addition of a hundred pounds to Tiam's arm caused it to buckle, reducing its effectiveness as a pivot for Umierra, but also pulling the pirate off balance and causing him to stumble. That stumble probably saved his 'life' as the point of Umierra's sword pushed up against the leather under Tiam's right arm. If the sword was real it would have cut right through the leather and into his flesh. The wound would not have been fatal, but it certainly would have been crippling and forced Tiam to retreat or give over and beg for his life. He had been beaten... by a little girl. Apparently all-or-nothing worked. At least, it worked this time.

"That's enough!" The call came from the old man still sitting calmly on the dock. He hadn't looked up from his book once - hadn't even been facing them - and yet he still knew that it was over.

Tiam shook Umierra off his arm and nodded to her grudgingly before trudging through the water back to dry land. His feet were nearly numb now, but at least he was going to be able to warm up with a cup of mead as soon as he got back to the Seahorse. He stooped to pick up his spear when his eyes rested on the girl's sword. It looked familiar, though Tiam couldn't tell where from. If he knew about it though, that meant it was valuable and worth stealing. Only... there was no way that he would get away with the old man sitting right there reading his thoughts. With a sigh Tiam picked up his spear and javelins, dropping the carefully crafted doubles unceremoniously onto the blanket.

"You know," Tiam said turning to face the old man, "you seem to enjoy pushing me. At first it was easy and fair, a simple training fight in a dojo. Then there was the girl and her dog, then the cat and the chimera - which I thought was the biggest heap of crap that I had ever witnessed - and then you throw this at me. How much further will you push me, old man?"

A smirk crossed the old man's face, his eyes settling easily on Tiam's glare. "I'm not sure, but I bet you can take more yet." Tiam growled but the old man held up his hand, "If you need me in the future though, simply speak my name and I will come, assuming I'm not busy and have nothing better to do. You deserve some sort of reward for all of this loyal service."

Tiam grunted and turned on his heel, his eyes passing over Umierra's slender form without stopping. He wasn't in the mood for any sort of female companionship right now, so his offer for a drink went unspoken.

It wasn't until later, when Tiam was staring at the golden liquid in his cup that he realized he did not know the old man's name. He snorted and tipped up his mug, damning the old man as he drained it. Somehow, though, deep down in his mind, Tiam was aware that he knew the old man's name - had known it all along - and just didn't want to acknowledge it yet. His name was Novem, the god of new beginnings.

(You've passed with flying colours. Welcome to DI!

And I call nonsense on your truth. Your writing is too good to have not done this before.)

Author:  Prof. Rollenstein [ Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Dilapidated Dock (Prof's TB)

Thanks for all the tips and advice! I've learnt a hell of a lot in this TB, it was a great introduction to DI!

Yozshand wrote:
(You've passed with flying colours. Welcome to DI!

And I call nonsense on your truth. Your writing is too good to have not done this before.)

But it's true! To be fair, between years 7 and 10 of senior school I did a truly staggering amount of reading. I'd read before school, during recess, during lunch, while walking between classes (autopilot), sneakily during class, while waiting for the bus, on the bus, walking home from the bus stop, until dinner, during dinner (fork held suspended between mouth and plate for up to five minutes), after dinner, sneakily while supposedly doing homework, and late into the night until finished. Then repeat the next day.

I literally read 6 novels a week, every week, for four years (apart from holidays, when I couldn't get more books). Easily more than two thirds of my waking hours were spent engrossed in a book, completely unaware of my surroundings and even myself. And of course, I was a very heavy reader before Year 7 as well. The amount of time I've spent reading is truly inhuman.

But I've never mustered the motivation to do any creative writing of my own. Something which has now changed with DI! Yay! :D

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