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 Post subject: Shape Shifter
PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 11:36 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Start with : 5 gold, Spear -OR- Quarterstaff
2 Skills (1 medium 1 weak), 4 (combined) Animal Forms/ Form specials (2 medium, 2 weak)

Close combat fighters with a bond to nature that runs deeper than most could imagine. When compared side-by-side with most other combat classes (The fighter, Duelist, Martial Artist, and Berserker) they are often found to be lacking in their abilities, coming closer to their druidic brethren and the Samurai. This relative lack of skill with a weapon is made up by their outstanding ability to fight tooth and nail – quite literally. Augmenting their combat skills comes the ability to shift into the forms of various animals in order to surprise their opponents and gain an advantage.

Shapeshifting is exactly what it sounds like – changing one's form into the form of another. In this case, the shapeshifter is changing their form into that of an animal. Unless she shifter is changing into a creature of the same size and body structure of their current form (A primate) they will shed their armor and – most likely – drop their weapon* as well (unless their new form has those nifty things called thumbs). It must be remembered however that, despite a different form, the body is the same. Thus the body carries over any wounds that have been suffered from one form to the next (with proper scaling if needed).

*Skills can be utilized to prevent this from happening, an example has been provided below.

Shifting from animal form to animal form is dangerous and almost always results in a misshapen fusion between the two animals that is quite permanent. Therefore, a shifter must reassume their normal form (human/elf/orc...etc) before shifting into another animal form. Shifting into a form is a difficult process for the body to handle, and cannot be undergone too rapidly. When shifting into or out of an animal form the shifter activates a two post period in which they cannot perform another shifting action. Once assumed however, most forms are permanent until the shapeshifter chooses to leave them – at which time they cannot be assumed for the rest of the battle. Some forms, however (particuarly some strong and ALL powerful forms) can only be maintained for a period before the shifter is forced to revert to their normal form.

There is another level to the shapeshifter's combat that is notable as well. Using the same mystical energy that allows the shapeshifter to assume the form of animals, they are also able to utilize certain techniques in a form that would be akin to a normal warrior's special attacks. (That is to say that a shapeshifter may acquire specials for a specific shifted form.)

~~~~~~Creating an Animal Form~~~~~~

There are several things that are required when creating an animal form. Firstly, a shifting into an animal form us considered to be using a special. This means that you cannot use a form special on the same turn that you shifted. Secondly, each form only has one(1) use, meaning that once you shift out of it you are unable to return to it for the rest of the battle.

1.A scientific Name. This means that one can only shift into real-world creatures.
2.A good description of the animal form's combat capacity, and anything that is overly special about the form. (IE: Thick hide, really fast, ubersharp claws... etc)
3.For powerful and strong animal forms a post count for how long one can remain shifted must be given.
4.Flight and flying forms – due to their complexity – are utterly impossible for a shapeshifter to undertake.
Example animal forms: (Note that the medium and weak forms do not have a post count)

--Eurasian Lynx: Lynx lynx The Shapeshifter transforms into a Eurasian lynx. These creatures are medium-sized housecats on steroids. They have claws, can bite, and are fairly agile. However, they aren't nearly as formidable as their larger cousins.[Weak]
--Arctic Wolf: Canis lupus arctos The Shapeshifter transforms into an arctic wolf. These creatures are fast, but have no real resistance to melee damage... but they take the cold REALLY well (cold-damage resistance). They can bite, claw, and their sense of smell is much more powerful then that of a human, which is both good and bad.[Medium]
--Komodo Dragon: Varanus komodoensis The Shapeshifter transforms into a large Komodo Dragon. These creatures have a powerful, poisonous bite (pain inducing, concentration breaking for 2 posts) and a strong tail, but are somewhat slow in combat. They're also slightly resistant to physical damage because of their leathery skin. It lasts for 3 posts. [Strong]
--Brown Bear: Ursus arctos The Shapeshifter transforms into one of the largest known bears, a brown bear. Naturally, these big creatures are slow in combat. Their saving grace is their GREAT strength and their moderate resistance to physical damage. It lasts for 3 posts. [Strong]
--Asiatic Elephant: Elephas maximus The Shapeshifter transforms into a large Asiatic elephant. These creatures are considered living tanks by many means. They're very resistant to melee damage, have a powerful trunk to bat away enemies, and sharp tusks to impale those that aren't tramble by them. It lasts 3 posts.[Powerful]

~~~~~~Creating An Animal Special~~~~~~

These are created in much the same way as a normal special, only for one minor difference. These must be attached to one particular animal form. Thus, a special that is attached to a the wolf form could not be used in the Lynx form or the Bear form. Otherwise, these specials follow all of the same rules of normal specials.

~~~~~~~Shapeshifter Skills~~~~~~~

A shapeshifter can gain skills as any other character can. Skills cannot be attached to animal forms.

An example of an armour shifting skill: wrote:
Armour Melding Growing tired of shedding her armour every time she changed form, Nikka developed the ability to reach beyond herself and force her armour to change with her. While this offers her no additional benefit, she now no longer suffers the loss of her bodily protection every time she changes shape. (Medium)


Just in case the whole 'specials being attached to shifted forms' is slightly confusing, allow me to put together what a character sheet for a shapeshifter would look like.

Name: Bonbon
Class: Shapeshifter
Race: Race
Alignment: Good
Inventory: Item #1, Item #2, ect.
Gold: #
Pet: If any
Animal Form and Special list
Form #1: Form1 Special #1, Form1 Special #2
Form #2: Form2 Special #1, Form2 Special #2, Form2 Special #3
Form #3:
Form #4:
Skills List: Skill #1, Skill #2, ect.
Biography: The character's history and goal
Physical Description:
.... Yadda Yadda....

Skills Description: [i] For the purpose of these sheets, skills would be listed above specials (For the sake of not having to scroll through everything else. Sorta like how a bio should go at the bottom of the sheet)
Name of skill #1: [What it does]
Name of skill #2: [What it does]

[b]Spells, or Specials, or Summons, or Seals, etc Description:

[u]Form #1:
(What form does)
- Form #1 Special #1: (What special does)
- From #1 Special #2: (What special does)

Form #2(What form does)
- Form #2 Special #1: (What special does)
- From #2 Special #2: (What special does)
- Form #2 Special #3: (What special does)

Form #3(What form does)
Form #4(What form does)

Custom Inventory:


--Battle Records--


Battle Listing:

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