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 Post subject: New Class: Plasmacy
PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 6:01 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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This is just something I was drumming up in my long well awayness from the battlefields.

Speed Class: Plasmamanacy
A plasmamancer is one who has taken it into themselves to learn how to create weapons from the source of all life itself, blood. Into their blood has been injected a special substance that allows them to ritualistically ingest iron items. They do this because afterwards they are able to recreate the item at will through their own blood. The item crafted from the blood is just as hard and thick as if it was crafted from real steel itself. However the plasmamancer is still mortal and still fell the affects of blood loss, the trick is they just have more blood than most mortals. As they consume the iron items it becomes extra blood. In battle they focus on creating weapons and deflecting blows with the strategic use of blood points.

Blood points measure just how much blood a plasmamancer has available for creation of weapons and use of specials. In order for a plasmamancer to create a weapon or armor they must first purchase the item however. Why purchase armor? Because plasmamancer have to have blood for every special, and they gain extra blood points by eating metal. They gain one blood point for every three gold an item costs. Consequently,creating an item out of blood costs the same number of blood points points they got from buying the item plus one more. So a sword at bought at 9 gold gives 3 extra blood points and creating it in battle costs 4 blood points. IF the weapon costs 7 gold they only get 2 point points but if it is 8 they get 3. Also if weapons are bought in sets like throwing knives, each blade costs a blood unit and they can only have out blades equal to the number of blood units gained at a time.

At base, each plasmamancer starts out with 10 blood points, 10 gold, 3 specials, (2 weak and a medium), 2 skills, (1 weak and a medium) and the Plasmamancy skill. Also they can only take a loan from the bank of DI in total of 5 gold to begin with.

(Class Skill) Plasmamancy: The plasmamancer's blood has been infused with special serum that allows them to craft items out of their blood and infuse their blood with special properties. They can create weapons or armor that they have ritually ingested and consumed into their bodies. They can use their blood to also enhance attacks or create defenses in some manner. Blood used to create weapons or armor can e recovered by reabsorbing the weapon, but blood used for specials can not be. Creating weapons or armor takes 1 post.

Possible builds for Plasmamancers
Inventory: Dual bladed throwing knives. Breast plate.
Gold: -2
Blood Points. :10 + 3 + 3 = 16

Specials: Blood Drive, Blood Spikes, Guided Blade.
Blood drive: Bob dumps adrenaline into his system to stimulate speed and recovery. allowing him to move a bit quicker for a post and on the third post after use he recovers one blood unit. Weak, 2x per battle, 0 blood units used.
Blood Spikes: Bob can create a spike of blood off any bloody surface on his body, this includes armor. This spike only lasts for one post. Weak, 4x per battle, 1 blood unit used.
Guided blade: Bob can physically manipulate the throwing knives created from his blood and change their paths mid flight. Medium 4x per battle, 1 blood unit used per blade per use. Using on multiple blades at a time counts as 1 use, but each blade being controlled needs a blood unit.
Skills: Throwing Star, Acrobat
Throwing Star: Bob can throw things well. Weak
Acrobat: Bob is very gracefully and quick on his feet. Medium

Inventory: Katana, Buckler.
Gold: 1
Blood points: 10 + 3 + 1 = 14

Specials: Blood Speed, Blood Spike, Blood Wave
Blood Speed: Ken makes the blood move faster through his veins and allows for a quick momentary burst of speed. Weak 4 x per battle. 0 blood units used.
Blood Spike: Ken can create a spike of blood off any bloody surface on his body, this includes armor. This spike only lasts for one post. Weak, 4x per battle, 1 blood unit used.
Blood wave: Ken can create A wave of blood out infront of him when he swings his sowrd that slices through cloth easily. Medium, 4x per battle, 1 blood unit used.
Skills: Strong Armed, Speed Freak
Strong Armed: Ken can weild his blood katana in one hand suffering the same penalties as a samurai. Weak
Speed Freak: Ken can use Blood Speed to empower his specials making them a bit stronger but at the cost of a use of Blood Speed and an additional blood unit. (Catalyst Medium)

Inventory: Chain Axe (Custom): A dual set of Tomahawk Axe heads mounted unto a 3 foot long flexible chain whips.
Blood points. 10 + 5 = 15

Specials: Blood Hurricane, Blood Needles, Blood Crusher.
Blood Needles: Poe can create small needles on the chains of the the Chan Axes. Weak, 5x per battle, 1 blood unit used.
Blood Huricane: 3 360 degree spinning rotation of the chain axes done by spinning around in a circle with each pass at a different height lowering towards the ground. This attack leaves Poe dizzy for the next post but can ensnare opponents. Can also dislodge the Blood needles covering the Chain Axes if desired. Weak, 2x per battle.
Blood Crusher: A powerful upward swing of the Chain Axes before slaming them down against the ground with enough force crumble the ground under the impact site before a few small spikes erupt from the ground just outside of the crumbled area. Also shoots the needles covering the chins outwards as they impact the ground. Medium 3x per battle, 1 blood unit used.
Skills: Nimble, Harden
Nimble: Poe is quick on his feet and can dodge a bit faster. Weak
Harden: Poe can harden the Chains on his axes to create normal Tomahawks. He can Also combine the two axes into a double bladed axe. Can only be done once per post however. Medium

Well what do you guys think?


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