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 Post subject: Stats boost Ideas and terminology ...
PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2011 1:22 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Following Yoz's thoughts on needing standardized stats boosts and the difference between skills and specials. here's my idea...

Status Boosts

Both skills and specials can increase a characters various attributes, how much these are boosted depends on the class of the character and whether the boost is permanent (Skill) or for a short time (Special)

Boost Terminology wrote:
Boost Terminology

Slight – The lowest level of skill boost, however this could be just the edge needed over an opponent.

Weak – A Weak boost to a skill, nothing too extreme but gives a small advantage.

Noticeable – A noticeable boost is between a small and medium skill boost. A noticeable skill boost can give a clear advantage over an opponent.

Medium – A medium boost to a skill makes a character a lot more proficient at a given skill, this boost is noticeable and very useful at giving an advantage over an opponent.

Good – a good boost is between a medium and a strong. A good boost makes a character exceptional at the given skill making it hard for an opponent to keep up.

Strong – Strong is a major boost to a skill, a strong boost makes a character seem almost inhuman in the given skill. They are able to perform feat’s almost impossible for normal people, this makes it very hard for opponent to compete against.

Extreme – an extreme skill boost is between the strong and powerful boost levels. This gives a character an inhuman level of skill making them truly deadly, most people would find there level of skill next to impossible.

Powerful – a Powerful skill boost is as the name suggests powerful. Powerful boosts grant an inhuman level of skill making them in another league than regular people.

God Like – The highest level of skill boost, more powerful than powerful they are unmatched in their skill and dominate the battle grounds.

(As I found out when getting my strength boosting skill, if I would be to buy it as a skill it wouldn’t give a medium boost, so a proper implementation would be needed )

Depending on the class of the class a skill boost could be reduced. Class abilities are skills that are associated with the class.

Combat Class -> Strength + Defence Boosts
Agility Class -> Speed + Agility Boosts
Magic Class -> magic/elemental/energy boost + Magic resistance

These Classes get their associated skills at an appropriate level, however if they want an un-associated skill the level of boost is reduced one level. For example a caster wanting a strength boost would pay a medium skill for a noticeable boost. A warrior who can use fire energy wanting to boost his elemental damage would spend a strong skill for only a good boost or an agility class would have to pay a weak skill to upgrade their strength only a slight amount.

Specials and spells can be used to boost statuses for a small amount of time (a few posts) these boosts however get the advantage of going up one level. For example a warrior upgrading their strength with a medium special would get a good boost rather than a medium.
Skills -> Boost wrote:
Skills -> Boost

Weak non class skill -> Slight
Weak skill -> Weak
Weak special /spell -> Noticeable
Weak non class special -> Weak

Medium non class skill -> Noticeable
Medium skill -> Medium
Medium special /spell -> Good
Medium non class special -> Medium

Strong non class skill -> Good
Strong skill -> Strong
Strong special /spell -> Extreme
Strong non class special -> Strong

Powerful non class skill -> Extreme
Powerful skill -> Powerful
Powerful special /Spell -> God-like
Powerful non class special -> Powerful

Weapon skills

Weapon skills depend on a class to class basis, these boosts can only be skills. Class weapons are weapons that are associated with the class, this could be daggers for assassins, bows for rangers, katana for samurai, Rapier for duelists etc. Class weapons get a one level boost to the skill. Similar weapons are weapons that aren't too dissimilar from what the class would normally wield, this could be a short sword or crossbow for an assassin, a battleaxe for a fighter, a long sword for a samurai etc. Similar weapon skills give the same level of boost as the skill level used to purchase. Finally foreign weapons are a weapon a class wouldn't usually use. For example a dagger for a berserker, a long sword for an assassin, a battleaxe for a mage. Due to the difficulty in learning to use such a weapon they get a level reduction boost to any purchased weapon skill.

Other skills

Other skills can be boosted but these will be looked at on a one to one basis by a mod to decide whether they are class or non-class skills, generally they are equal cost to boost. Examples of other skills are senses, reactions, climbing etc.

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