Maganic Wars

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Author:  Khan Novaneau [ Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Summoner

Something I've noticed with summoners is that all they have going for them is have a bunch of walls to block hits, you have have 5 things summoned but only one of them can really do anything in a turn and even then it is limited to a basic attack.

I though why not expand a little, give each type of summon a couple of spells or specials each that the summoner can use. But with a cost.

On the cost I have two ideas both involving Spirit Shackles.

1: You have a summon that costs 4 spirit shackles to have on the field, its particular ability costs 2SS so if you use it twice the summon will immeadiately disperse afterwards.

2: You have 20 SS total you have a summon out that costs 5SS leaving you with 15. It's ability costs 4 SS for 4 posts, this means that if you use the ability you lose access to 4 of your Spirit Shackles for 4 posts limiting any additional creatures you can summon.


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