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 Post subject: Priest Class
PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 10:39 pm 
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Can't wait for MWO
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Start with: 0 gold, a dagger, a robe and a Bible.
3 skills (2 weak 1 medium) and 1 medium boon. (Praying is powerful!!)

A priest is an advocate of the gods, a man worshipping a deity. There are several deities, and a priest may only worship ONE ever. Priests mainly focus on praying to give them abilities and aptitudes sent to them by their gods (aka the mods) This means better, and longer prayers will achieve bigger effects. To contact their gods, Priests carry a Holy, unholy or normal bible, depending on your deity. Praying may give negative effects as well as positive.

A basic bible can give 1 prayer per page. It can upgrade this to give more prayers. An upgraded bible costs 15 gold and a weak skill for the first upgrade. The bible will then get a custom name (example: Orthos? book of the damned) and allow you to get 1 prayer on page 1, and 2 on every other page. You can upgrade your book once more for an additional 20 gold and a medium skill, as you understand your god even more, allowing you to get 1 prayer in page 1, 2 prayers on page 2, and 3 prayers on the remaining pages. Praying with a more powerful bible will make prayers stronger.

Remember that praying takes time. If you pray one post your prayer will be weak, not heard, or WORSE you will incur the wrath of your god. (HOW DARE YOU PRAY FOR 10 seconds to me and expect a blessing? You are not worthy!). The more posts you pray (add verbal descriptions) the more power your prayer will get. In combination with the power of your bible this can create divine blessings that are amazingly powerful.

REMEMBER: The player decides when he finishes his prayer and pm's the mods that a prayer is done. You must post a request to your god EVERY post you are praying, or you simply aren?t praying. You can operate as normal during prayer.

Boons of your god:
A priest can only get skills, and never specials. However, instead of specials, they can get boons of their gods. These boons are small abilities that can be instantly summoned, working like specials. They can be anything.

The priests can use these boons as well as receiving prayers. However, these boons are costly. This means a weak boon costs a medium skill, a medium boon costs a strong skill and a strong boon a powerful skill. You can request a boon from your god (aka your mod). The mod will decide what boon you will receive. This can be anything regarding your god. If you ask a boon, you will get 3 possible boons to choose from (please notify the mods of this if they only give you 1 boon). Pick one of these boons to be the one you use, and add it to your character. You HAVE to choose one of the boons, or none at all (wasting the skill).
Boons depend on the deity you worship.

These can be found within the 'Deities' thread under 'Making a Character'. Refer to that for details and explanations.

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