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 Post subject: Revamp: Monster Tamers!
PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 1:26 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Monster Tamers:
Monster Tamers are powerful men and women. Though they have limited combat abilities, they are very adept at using monsters to fight for them.

Monster tamers can pick 3 pets, of up to 15 gold total. This means a starting Monster tamer can choose to either buy 1 strong pet, 2 medium strength or 3 weaker ones. Or insanely enough, no pets and buy a lot of armour... If they wish.... Monster Tamers start with a simple whip. This whip can be used in combat, or to goad creatures. You can upgrade your whip once for 30 gold, This will make it a tamers whip. You can never have a custom whip. Monster tamers are very bad at combat.

Whip: A simple whip, used to goad your creatures. It can command 2 creatures per page. Each creature will be able to attack 4 times in that page. The tamer posts which creatures he picks for the page. (8 attacks total=1page)

Tamers Whip:<30gp> The tamers whip is a barbed and more efficient weapon and goading tool. You can now choose to either command all 3 pets for the page, giving each creature 3 attacks (9 total, more than 1 page) or command 2 and give each 5 attacks. The tamer posts what he chooses and if he picks 2 pets, which 2 pets he will choose must be stated.

The tamer can never have specials, his pets have these. He can however have skills. He starts with 3 skills, and 3 monster specials. He starts with 15 gold and a whip, from this gold he has to buy pets, and equipment. A monster tamer may never have more than 3 pets.

Start: 3 skills (2 weak 1 medium), 3 monster specials (2 weak 1 medium), 15gp, Whip

Basic rules: The monster tamer may use any weapon (provided they purchase the proficiency as outlined below), but the whip is their specialty. It is the means by which they control their otherwise potentially rowdy animal companions, goading them and keeping them in line. Some tamers have trained or bonded with their pets to the degree where a whip is no longer required, but the whip stands as a symbol of their dominance and their power over their pack, a thing to be respected, and even feared. At the start of every page, the tamer picks 2 pets (if they have more than 2, if 2 or fewer are present then only those pets are used) and each pet will be able to attack 4 times that page (even if only one pet is present). The Monster Tamer may choose to upgrade their whip to a Tamer's Whip, thereby allowing them greater control on the order of 3 attacks per pet per page (if all 3 are used) or 5 attacks for 2 pets (while one sits out).

The tamer is able to control one pet effectively without a whip, and is able to have the pet attack 4 times per page instead of the standard 2 for other classes. However, should a monster tamer have more than one pet (read: two or three) and not be in possession of their whip, then their ability to control their pets will break down due to the nature of animal relations. This chaos will only allow a total 4 attacks to be made by two pets chosen at the beginning of the page, 2 for each pet, and they will only do so after increased goading from their trainer. The monster tamer must have a whip in order to tame mythic animals.

Yozshand wrote:
Monster Tamers may now, if they wish, spend a skill in order to become proficient in the use of a weapon other than the whip. The strength of skill required is completely dependant upon the weapon, and requires mod approval.

Yozshand wrote:
Monster Tamers are now able to regain half of the specials spent on a pet upon the sale of said pet. Eg: The MT wants to sell Lassie his dog. Lassie has four weaks, two mediums, and a strong attached to her. When the MT sells lassie he gets 1 gold (her purchase price, rounded down) and 2 weaks and 2 mediums. (The strong is rounded down to a medium). PM a mod for conformation when selling a pet.

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