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 Post subject: Berserkers
PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 1:26 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Start with: 7 gold and a spatha
2 skills (2 weak), 2 specials (2 weak) and 1 Rage Ability (Strong Skill/Special)

Berserkers are not always the madmen people portray them to be. Instead, berserkers are warriors who focus their inner anger into powerful rage attacks. Berserkers do not just go into madness without reason though. Berserkers focus heavily on extreme attack abilities. As such they often carry many different weapons, and more often than not dual wield, favoring the additional damage over defense. Berserkers are the ultimate melee attacking class... however, they can only medium or light armour.

Rage abilities: Rage abilities are strong by default. A rage ability will work for a period of time, and increase the berserkers ability dramatically during that period (what it will be is up to you) Specials may be attached to rage abilities for an even more extended power. A reason to start the rage must be added. Example: Temporal anger: When the Berserker is in combat for longer than 2 pages, he can activate Temporal anger. This ability allows him to strike with great might and speed, and in his anger he ignores basic pain (scratches and cuts). (Lasts 4 posts. 3x) This means for 4 posts you strike really quickly, but ON TOP OF THIS, you can add specials, that would make you even MORE powerful, thus rage abilities are by default strong. Rage abilities do NOT require you to turn into a mindless brute (it is allowed, but not needed)

If a berserker chooses to make a rage as a skill instead of a special, and the skill has a number of uses applied to it, this does not count as their active skill usage.

Fighting style:

Attack, attack, attack. Berserkers don?t care if they get hit. Berserkers just want to hurt. If they can, they will attack. Defending is considered a necessary evil, to attack again. A berserker will happily suffer injuries if that means his attack will be more powerful.

As the berserker ignored the spear thrusting towards him, he rained down a flurry of strikes left and right upon the Priest. Even though his god had rewarded him with speed, the Berserker was in a rage form, and had speeded up as well... And the sheer amount of attacks falling upon him caused the priest to worry. But he had a boon...that would increase his strength as well. As he activated the boon, he knew this fight would be over soon. He charged the berserker, and began his killer blow. The berserker wouldn't know what hit him! As the strike neared, the berserker roared out, and suddenly vanished. The priest did not understand. As a voice entered his ears, he felt swords enter his back. "Rage can speed me up, and make me even more angry! Now feel my wrath!"

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