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 Post subject: Animist Class
PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 11:54 pm 
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Can't wait for MWO
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Start with: 7 gold, a robe, a curved dagger
2 skills (2 weak), 4 spells (2 weak, 2 medium) (Equipment and summons both count as spells)

Animists are practitioners of life in a way, but only in a very macabre way. When creatures die, part of their souls stay within the bones of their corpse, as memories of their old life. Animists realized that they could lend the once living flesh and bone a little bit of their own life to re-spark the flames of life. Animists have the power to form the bones and tissues into whatever shape they wish, but the memories in the bones make it harder to form them into anything other than their original shapes.

Animists can summon as many creatures as their life force allows, there is a limit to their power though, and many Animists over the years have found it. They tried to summon far too vast an army for their life forces to handle and it killed them off.

There are two styles of Animists, those who focus upon the few, and those who focus upon the many. The side that focuses upon the few, specializes in making a few, powerful creatures. Whereas the side that focuses on the many tries to raise a vast army of weaker creatures in an attempts to win by sheer numbers. Most Animists fit somewhere in the middle.

Due to the inherent risk of summoning the dead, Animists often have to fight for their lives. As such Animists tend to be better fighters than other spell casters, or at least evaders if nothing else.

Animists have 2 different masteries. Animate spells, and equipment creation. An Animist has a total of 100 essence points. Every Animist needs to spend these points to activate certain abilities they have, after which the spell can be used. You only have to activate an ability ONCE in a battle. After this, it?s activated. Activation takes one turn, but does not affect the Animist in any way combat wise. Each new page the essence is restored to 100. An Animist may never control more than 8 spirit points. A weak creature is 1 spirit point, a medium 2, and a strong/powerful one 3. This means you can never have 3 strong creatures. Animists may not have pets. They are simply too scared of all the undead running around.

*Basic Summary: Animists will have more choices than a monster tamer, but unfortunately, Animist summons will never have specials. As such, the creatures they get are more versatile, and sometimes stronger. Summoners get a wider array of choices where Animists are stuck to the undead. Animists instead give their creatures bone equipment to improve their abilities. Therefor an Animist can summon equipment to aid his summons in battle. Animists are a complex class, made for advanced RPG-ers.*

Either the Animist, or a summon may attack per turn.

Raising spells:
You may cast 1 raise spell per turn if the spell, is activated. If the Animist casts a raise spell, one summon may attack normally, except creatures summoned this turn.

Animate Animal: [Weak summon, costs 25 essence points to activate (only need to activate ONCE) 5x

The minion master can summon the corpse of an animal into existance. He can summon 5 ?units? of animal per summon. Different animals take a different amount of units to summon. A necromancer can combine 2, or even 3 raise animal summons to create stronger summons. Every animal summon requires 1 post to cast. Animals can only wear weak armour equipment.

1 Unit: Rat 1 hit [Weak creature]

2 Units: Bird 1 hit [Weak creature]

3 Units: Cat 1 hit [Weak creature]

4 Units: Snake 1 hit: Snakes have a weak poison. This will cause slight sluggishness on the opponent when it bites for 2posts. [Medium creature]

5 Units: Wolf 2 hits: [Medium creature]

7 Units: Big cat 3 hits: (Lion, leopard, puma, etc) [Strong creature]

10 units: Bear 3 hits [Strong Creature]

12 units: Rhino/Elephant 4 hits [Strong creature]

Custom Animal Summon [Varies, and requires mod approval, will require 1 spell/skill/special from your list at appropriate strength]

Animate Dead: [Medium Spell, 50 Essence points (Only needed ONCE), 5 Units per spell use] 5x

Animists can summon a corpse. This corpse can be anything from a freshly deceased zombie to a mighty abomination. Each summon costs an amount of units. Animists can combine their animate dead spell to create stronger summons. Each animate dead spell requires 1 post to cast. animated dead can carry equipment equal to their creature strength (weak creatures can wear weak equipment, medium can wear weak and medium, strong can wear any equipment)

3 Units: Zombie: 1 hit A recently deceased body, animated to do its master's bidding. They're stronger than a skeleton, but slower. [weak creature]

5 Units: Skeleton: 2 hits A corpse that has long since discarded its muscles and flesh. The magic that animates them is stronger than a zombies, making them tougher and faster (but not as strong). [Weak creature]

7 Units: Spiked Skeleton: 2 hits The same skeleton, this time with sharp bones attached to it. [Medium Creature]

8 Units: Burning Bone 2 hits: A magically animated skeleton... only this one is hand-delivered straight from hell. This skeleton is permanently on fire and provides a different (and slightly stronger) method of attack than its spiked brother. [Medium creature]

10 Units: Bone Giant 3 hits: A huge skeleton animated from the corpse of a small ogre. They're stronger than their little brothers and just about as fast. [strong creature]

15 Units: Flesh Giant: 4 hits: A huge, ogre-like zombie. They're -very- strong, -very- tough, and decently fast.

Custom Raise Dead summon [Varies, and requires mod approval, will require 1 spell/skill/special from your list at appropriate strength]

Animate Golem [Medium Spell 50 Essence points (Only needed ONCE), 5 units per spell use]5x

Animists can summon 1 golem to their side. Golems can wear equipment. Animists can combine Animate Golem spells to create stronger summons, but every golem mastery spell requires 1 post to cast

5 Units: Blood golem 2 hits A blood golem is a puddle of blood, it can move on it?s own, and has attacking capability. Attacking it with weapons will hurt it. Blood golems cannot wear equipment. [Weak creature]

7 Units: Flesh Golem 2 hits Flesh golems are somewhat humanoid, and generally have something resembling limbs. They are flesh bound together. [Medium creature]

9 Units: Bone Golem 3 hits Bone golems are humanoid, but more resilient than skeletons. They can wield equipment normally, and have resistence for piercing damage, yet weakness for blunt. [Medium creature]

10 units: Spiked bone Golem 3 hits Spiked bone golems have spikes all over their body, making their own bodies a weapon. Spiked bone golems have resistence for piercing damage, yet weakness for blunt. [Strong]

13 units: Corpse golem 4 hits Corpse golems are golems that have the same motor functions as a zombie. Slow, but resilient and strong. [Strong creature]

16 units: Full Golem 6 hits Full Golems are the ultimate creation of Animists. A fully functional, humanoid, except without a mind of it?s own. Full Golems are the only creature that can wear powerful equipment spells. Only custom powerful equipment can be made, using a powerful skill/special and a sum of gold. (This means a full golem with a powerful equipment weapon, has an AWESOME weapon.)[Powerful creature]

You may not have a custom golem.

Animate monster [Strong Spell 50 Essence points (Only needed ONCE), 5 units per spell use] 5x per battle

Animists can summon deceased monsters back onto the battlefield. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time. Animists MUST combine their Animate monster spell to be able to animate monsters. Monsters can only get armour equipment.

7 Units: Bone Wyrm 2 hits: A tunneling wyrm, about the size of a bear. This wyrm can dig into soil and hide under the ground until it is time to strike (can only add equipment on the surface though) [Strong creature]

10 Units: Gargoyle 2 hits: A flying skeletal gargoyle. Gargoyles are quite fast, and CAN get weapons equipped. [Strong Creature]

12 Units: Carrion Crawler: 3 hits A carrion crawler is a monster created from several fused pieces of carrion. Usually has several attacking claws or spikes from his body. [Strong creature]

15 units: Skeletal Pegasus 4 hits A pegasus, it can fly, it can carry it?s master. However, it cannot fly when mounted. [strong]

18 units: Styxx 6 hits. Styxx are massive bone creatures the size of elephants. However, they have razorsharp claws, natural fire resistance, and a massive jaw. They have a doglike head, and are quite fast for undead. [strong]

Custom Raise monster summon [Varies, at a minimum of 6, and requires mod approval, will require 1 spell/skill/special from your list at appropriate strength]

Abomination: The most perplexing and interesting creature that an animist can call forward. This grotesque beast has been created by stitching together different body parts from many different creatures. Of course, these limbs don't just appear out of nowhere. The creation of an Abomination reflects the discarded bits of what the Animist had summoned previously. For example, if they animated a wolf, a burning skeleton, and an undead rhino... the abomination might resemble a part-burning, skeletal rhino-thing with wolf-like jaws. The Abomination takes an entire post to form after casting this spell, in which all other summons instantly unanimate (temporarily weakening the caster).

The Abomination's hit points are equal to half of the total number of creatures the animist has summoned in their battle (rounded DOWN). This spell requires 75 essence points to activate. [Strong/Slow/Animation] 1x per battle

Equipment Section
Bone equipment can only be used on summons to give them additional defense or attack. Animists must use basic equipment from the purchase section. Each equipment type is a separate spell. 1 weak equipment spell requires 1 weak skill/special. 1 medium equipment spell a medium skill/special, and 1 strong equipment spell a strong skill/special. During equipment summon a summon may attack, but not the one the equipment is summoned on, or the Animist. You may not summon equipment if you are already summoning a creature.

Weak armour Every Weak armour spell requires 10 essence points to activate You only need to pay 10 essence points ONCE per weak armour spell.

Boots of Bone: Every creature with feet can get boots of bone. These boots offer protection to the feet against fire, and damage. Every time you cast, 2 boots are formed, 4 legged creatures will require 2 casts for full protection of their feet. 4x

Plate of bone: Every creature with a chest can wear a plate of bone. This plate defends their chest from injury, much like a breastplate would. 2x

Bone Gauntlets: Every creature with hands can wear these guantlets. These bone gauntlets offer good protection to the hands, and offer fire resistance. 4x

Tumor shield: Any creature with hands can get a tumor shield A tumor shield doesn?t offer much defense, but weapons can get stuck in the flesh, requiring effort to pull free. 2x

Bone Shield: Any creature with hands can get a bone shield. A bone shield offers good defense, and minor fire resistance. 2x

Custom weak armour: Costs 5gp+a weak skill and mod approval

Weak weapon Every Weak Weapon spell requires 10 essence points to activate. You only need to pay 10 essence points ONCE per weak weapon spell.

Bone Bo staff: Any creature with 2 hands can get a bone bo staff. Very useful for blocking, and blunt attacks. 2x

Bone Bow: A bone bow can only be used by creatures with 2 hands. A bone bow shoots arrows much like a short bow would. 1x

Bone dagger: A bone dagger is an easy weapon, that can be used proficiently by any creature with a single hand. 6x

Bone: A simple bone. It acts like a club. Very simple weapon, and very effective in the hands of strong creatures. Ofcourse they need hands to hold it. 2x

Tendon sling: Mostly used by smaller, weaker skeletons, this sling offers a ranged attack, cheap, efficiently and fast. 3x

Weak custom weapon: costs 5 gp+a weak skill and mod approval

Medium armour Every Medium weapon spell requires 20 essence points to activate. You only need to pay 20 essence points ONCE per medium armour spell.

Plate of the undead: Reinforced bones, giving extra protection, much like a plate armour. Plates of the undead offer medium fire resistance. 1x per battle

Skull cap: A skull cap, is a skull cap made from a skull, instead of metal. Light, as durable as a metal skull cap, and fire resistant. Great for defense. 2x per battle

Shield of the undead: A bone shield, with a tumorous front end. This shield has the defense of a bone shield, and the ability to catch a blade in its flesh. The bone part offers medium fire resistance as well. 2x per battle

Medium custom armour: costs 7 gp+a medium skill and mod approval

Medium weapon Every Medium weapon spell requires 20 essence points to activate. You only need to pay 20 essence points ONCE per medium weapon spell.

Bone Sword: Hands are needed for a bone sword. Bone swords are like normal swords, except when they hit they splinter and leave several small fragments in the wound causing additional damage and pain. 2x

Bone Spear: Hands are needed for a bone spear. Similar to the bone sword, except the fragments are smaller and the range of the weapon is bigger. 2x

Spinal Whip: Hands are needed for a bone whip. A bone whip is excellent at wrapping itself around things. When it does, the sharp shards and spikes on the whip latch on to the surface, making it harder to remove it. 2x

Medium custom weapon: Costs 7 gp+a medium skill and mod approval

Strong armour Every Strong weapon spell requires 25 essence points to activate. You only need to pay 25 essence points ONCE per strong armour spell.

Armour of darkness: This can only be worn by creatures with chests. The armour of darkness envelops the creature in a dark mist. This makes him extremely durable, giving him 1 more hitpoint, as well as defend him from fire. The chestplate is similar to a Plate armour. 1x

Nightmare helmet: This can only be worn by creatures with heads. The nightmare helmet makes the creature gain speed, and protects his head similar to a plate helmet. Nightmare helmets give creatures cold resistance. 1x

Gloves of the undertaker: This can only be worn by a creature with hands. These gloves give the creature incredible strength. They give the creature resistance to lightning as well, and offer good protection to the hands, similar to plate gauntlets. 1x

Custom strong armour: costs 10 gold and a strong spell and mod approval

Strong weapon Every Strong weapon spell requires 25 essence points to activate. You only need to pay 25 essence points ONCE per strong weapon spell.

Lance of nightmares: This 2 handed spear is clouded in a dark essence. The creature wielding the lance looks big, threatening, mean and like he?s your worst nightmare. Attacking a creature wielding a lance of nightmares is hard. The lance is as long as a pike, and if it hits leaves small fragments in the flesh causing pain and additional damage. 1x

The Axe of evernight: This axe gives the creature a razorsharp weapon. This weapon is swung slowly, but when it hits, even if it grazes, it releases living bone fragments. These fragments slowly chew into the living persons flesh, causing increasing amounts of damage until manually removed. (This is NOT easy to do) 1x

Rubilacxe: This spell is used by minion masters to create a sword opposite to excalibur. Evil exudes from the blade, and it strikes at unnatural speed. The creature wielding this sword becomes faster, and gets a dark aura around him. This aura can (not WILL) instill fear on pets and heroes. 1x

Custom strong weapon: Costs 10 gold and a strong spell and mod approval.

Powerful weapons and armour: Cost a powerful spell, 15 gold and mod approval.

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