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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:28 am 
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Although often considered to be a combat class, rangers are actually a class that relies on stealth. What often confuses people as to their classification is the fact that rangers do in fact rely on dealing out damage. Rangers however, can't take to many hits without going down and rely more on bringing down their enemies before they have the chance to deal said hits. Rangers seldom get very close, focusing instead on range and projectiles. Though capable of melee combat, they're not as adapt as their rogue brethren. In the event their attackers get close enough, they are more likely to run away than others. Contrary to popular belief, not all Rangers use bows. Some focus on smaller thrown items, such as knives, and do just as well.

Start with: 0 gold, Iron throwing knives (5) and a short bow
3 skills (2 weak, 1 intoxication), 3 specials (2 weak, 1 medium)

Ranger fighting style: A ranger is a hit and run specialist. He will attempt to shoot the opponent, then hide in the darkness again if he can. He will never try to get up close, though there are always exceptions. In general though, rangers are terrible fighters, and good shots.

Rangers can't handle being in melee for very long. Their best chance of surviving a fight is to prevent anyone from getting that close. As a result of this, archers began dabbling in toxins and poisons with which they coat their arrow heads, or throwing knives in. These poisens have various effects dependent on the ranger who uses them.

Each individual toxin/poison will take up one medium skill/special, you can choose either your arrows, or your knives to be coated in that poison, and each intoxication gives you a number of arrows with that poison. Intoxication always has 1 use, and a number of arrows, that can be fired at any time.

*Example: Equilibrium Intoxication- ranger coats 3 arrows in this toxin, he can shoot them at any time. The poison affects the persons equilibrium, making it hard to stand upright 3 posts. (1x)

NOTE: This is independent of alchemy. It does not in any way allow the use of the alchemy skill.

As the fighter laughed at the ranger, who had hidden once again, he shouted: ?Only fools and cowards hide in the shadows! You are no fool!? The ranger responded with a single bowstring thwanging. As the arrow grazed the fighters unprotected arm, he laughed. ?Cuts and bruises do me nothing! Nothing I say!? The ranger smiled, and saw the man fall to the floor. ?Cuts may not anything...But poison does. How does it feel to lose to a coward?? The ranger spoke, as he fired another arrow that was aimed for the warrior's head.

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