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 Post subject: Martial Artist Class
PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 12:41 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Martial Artist:

Start with: 5 gold, Knuckledusters, Quilted armour (with cloth gloves), and quilted pants
3 skills (1 medium, 2 weak), 3 specials (2 weak, Chi/Ki attack)

Martial artists are the masters of unarmed combat. Using their bodies as weapons, Martial artists primarily use fist based weapons, or none at all. Martial artists generally don?t wear too much armour, though they easily can. This is to avoid being slowed down by the weight. There have been some cases of martial artists in heavy armour though.

Fighting style: Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Martial artists use their inherent agility to avoid damage more than absorb it. They then attack at high speed, to inflict as much damage as they can. If they suffer from a range disadvantage they can even use inner force to fire a blunt ball of energy at their opponents called Chi/Ki (Either can be used, depending on preference)

Chi/Ki is the art of turning one's will into near invisible force. When ever the martial artist throws a punch, kick, etc. they can use chi/ki to project it into a ranged technique. This fatigues them more than simply throwing a normal punch or kick since they have to compensate for the distance and it will deal just as much damage as a normal punch or kick.
(How much it fatigues them can be figured out simply. Energy required to punch/kick/etc. + energy that would be used to close the distance x 2. Or put a different way: 2(ENERGY + DISTANCE).) 5x
NOTE: This does not, typically, work with weapons.

He was on the run. The martial artist was was strong but, so long as she could keep him from getting close she was safe. She nocked 2 arrows into her bow, charged them with energy, then let them loose as they exploded before the approaching martial artist. "You'll never get close enough to me to land a punch. Just give up already!" She yelled out to him. He then just stood there staring at her seemingly agitated. He pulled his fist back as if to hit some invisible opponent and she just watched him in amusement. What could he possibly do? He then threw his punch towards her and released some type of energy that flew at her. She started to move but was hit in the face as she started to run. In no time the martial artist was on her, his leg dropping into an axe kick.
She barely dodged his kick as she listened to him in awe as he spoke darkly to her, "I may prefer to be near in combat but, range is not always my enemy...

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