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 Post subject: Samurai Class
PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 5:04 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Starts with: 4 gold, Leather armor (with basic leather gloves), Tachi
3 skills (1 medium 2 weak), 3 specials (2 weak, 1 flourish (medium))

Samurai.. Samurai are the honor bound warriors who stick to their morals, no matter how much they may change themselves. Strong in stature and quick on their feet, though lacking the offensive might of a berserker, the defensive powers of Fighters, the agility of Duelists or the quickness of a rogue, Samurai are always in between... Neutral samurai are samurai that are troubled by their honour, having trouble to follow their own moral code, where Evil Samurai are samurai who have fallen from grace by staining their morals.

Samurai usually use swords, but have been known to use other weapons on occasion. They're generally more proficient at using equipment then other classes.

Fighting style:
Honour bound. A Samurai will fight for his code, even if they are evil. Their ethics may differ among each individual, but they all have personal rules they will never trespass. Evil Samurai have once, and neutral ones are troubled by their own code. Samurai fight as most other fighting classes, except they have an individual power called flourish.

A flourish is a feint attack, that is designed to distract the persons attention from the real blow. Each flourish is an individual skill or special, the starting strength is always medium or higher. An example of a flourish could be: Timid Agression- Medium: The samurai acts as if he is making a timid, careful exploratory slash with his sword, only to change it into an agressive attack thrust or jab the moment it is either blocked, or reaches the intended area of striking. 3x

The Warrior smiled as the samurai charged him yet again. Just like before, his sword was raised over his head in a position for a powerful vertical swing, and just like before it was going to be blocked. Those who don't learn deserve to die. Thought the warrior.
The samurai closed in and the warrior raised his shield above his head, when at the last second the samurai threw his sword towards the ground, turned his back to the warrior and caught the sword again. The warrior had no time to react as he was caught unprepared by the trick and the samurai's blade ran through his stomache.
The samurai let go of the blade and turned around to face the warrior then said with a grin: "Those who think the same mistake would be made twice are fools."

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