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 Post subject: Spiritualist Class
PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2007 1:35 am 
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Can't wait for MWO
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Start with: 0 gold, a robe, and a scythe
3 Skills (2 weak, 1 Spirit Type), 3 Spirit specials (2 weak, 1 medium)

Spiritualists may not have pets.

Among the different types of casters, spiritualists are one of the few to deal with the departed, but are the only ones able to utilize the actual spirit of a being or object. A summoned spirit is able to do a variety of things that include fighting as it is, or possessing the caster to fight that way. Both have their advantages, and a good spiritualist knows how to effectively use both instances in battle.

There are four different types of Spirits where each summoned spirit can be called x5 per battle:

-Strength Spirits-Spirits focusing on raw brute strength. Spiritualists who focus on strength spirits use raw force as their weapon. (5x)

-Speed Spirits-Spirits that focus on intense speed. Spiritualists who focus on speed spirits use the ability of high velocity and fast acceleration to fight. (5x)

-Stealth Spirits-Spirits that focus on remaining unseen. Spiritualists who focus on Stealth spirits use the ability to hide, almost in plain view. (5x)

-Agility Spirits-Agility spirits focus on evasion. Spiritualists who focus on agility spirits use the ability to move their body in dexterous leaps at will to fight. (5x)

The Basics:

Now, the first and major rule to know is that each spirit can only last 3 posts per battle. In turn, this means that at any given time, you may only have 3 out. That is the maximum, and how long a spirit lasts in battle cannot be changed past 3 posts, ever. A spirit, however, can be summoned instantly in battle, though to do this it takes one post.

Here's an example: Post 1 summon spirit A and attack, Post 2 summon spirit B and attack with both, Post 3 summon spirit C and attack with all three, Post 4 summoned spirit A disappears, one is summoned (D) and all three attack (B,C,D). When you summon a spirit of a tree, a soul is released and a sphere like self-conscious being emerges next to the spiritualist (or not, in case of a stealth spirit, where a nearly invisible sphere emerges) of the spirit caster, and can attack immediately. It can (and will) act on its own, so you CAN multi attack with spirits, and the spirit caster. However, the spirit caster cannot attack when summoning a spirit.

Starting off, you get one spirit type. This means you can pick from one of the four. Now, keeping in mind your choice, you also get 3 Spirit Specials. All of your specials must be like this-the caster himself does not get specials like the other classes. Another downside to this is that each Spirit Special only has ONE use. But, this can change.


The caster can be possessed by a summoned spirit, and when this happens, any Spirit Special that the spirit has triples and the caster receives a boost of that type of spirit (if they are possessed by a speed spirit, they get a boost in speed.. etc.). If any spirit specials have 0 uses, upon possession this would still be 0. In the case that it hasn't been used, this goes to 3. Each spirit special gives each spirit 1 use of the special. So though Spirit A may use a special and no longer have the ability to use it any longer, Spirit B of the same type will still have 1 use once it is summoned. Also remember that while possessed, if you as the caster use one of the specials and expel the spirit, that use is dropped down to 0.

Keep in mind, however, you may only be possessed once by each spirit type. This means that until you get a strong skill and receive another Spirit Type, in battle you may only be possessed once.

A spiritualist may only be possessed by one spirit at a time, though he may 'expel' the spirit at any given moment. Possession of opponents or monsters/summons is not possible. (They don't have the knowledge to allow a spirit in, and if they do they don't want your spirits, only their own).

Spirits do not like the company of other spirit types. If you are possessed by a stealth spirit and cast a strength one while you are still possessed, the strength spirit will attack YOU.

If you've been following all of this correctly, you will have realized that since a spirit only lasts 3 posts, you will only get to use 3 specials max if you are possessed before it disappears.

Some information on Spirits and what they are:

A spirit is as a soul. A dead person brought back for a brief moment to affect the living world. A spirit looks, as before mentioned, like a sphere. It's about half human size. It attacks using 2 small 'handlike' spheres the size of fists. Spirits float, and can never wear weapons or armour. They are held together by the spiritualist, and though they are immortal themselves, the spirits ability to affect the battle is by having a temporary 'body' which is damageable. Each spirit has 1 'hit point'. If he is hit, the spiritualist loses his focus on the spirit, and the body he created is destroyed. Each spirit is an individual, who does what he wants and can have his own personality. (You could summon the soul of Tz'ark the mad, an evil schizophrenic warrior in life, or Benardi the just, a righteous paladin of good. If possessed, the spirit WILL affect your own personality as well. (you'd be evil as Tz'ark, and good as Benardi, though the specials would remain the same) 'Examples of strength spirits and their possession-)

One example of a Spirit Special follows:

This is ONE spirit special (you create your own):

Speed spirit special: Blur (Medium)
In a showcase of extraordinary speed, the spirit moves left and right at extreme speeds, making his image blurred, and hard to hit. The spirit can attack while blurred. (Lasts 1 turn)

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