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Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Start with: 3 gold and a scythe (or any weapon costing LESS than 9gp)
3 skills (2 weak, 1 medium), 3 summons (2 weak, 1 medium)

Commonly thought of as an evil or dark practice avoided even by many necromancers. Yet despite this, most summoners are very scholarly. The art of summoning other-worldly creatures and binding them to your will is one of the most dangerous arts in the world of D.I. Compared to other practices, summoning has many things that can go wrong and end the summoner's life (or worse).

Summoners work similar to monster tamers but are governed by a different system. Unlike monster tamers, summoners have to summon their creature into existance during the battle. Also unlike monster tamers, they have to maintain control over their creatures (some of which wouldn't think twice about ripping him/her limb-from-limb).

To control their creatures, summoners use what they commonly refer to as spirit shackles. These "shackles" are connected directly to the summoner's spirit and chain the summoned as it passes through the gateway into the mortal realm. Stronger creatures require more spirit shackles to maintain control over them. The average summoner can manifest around 20 spirit shackles.

Summoning creatures requires a catalyst. Most summoners use their weapon as a catalyst, though in theory any object can be used. This allows the summoner to open a gate using the weapon to flow their power through. If they did not do this, they would be absorbed by the gate...

Summoners are not allowed pets.

Summoners are allowed the use of weapons, but they're not that adept at wielding any weapon.


This is your available summon list. each creature requires a certain amount of Spirit shackles to maintain control. This is shortened to ss.

Weak Summons:

Pool Dweller: (weak, 2ss per creature, 5x per battle)
Pool Dwellers are small, slimy creatures with sharp teeth. These creatures often hide in small murky pools, where they seemingly dissolve into the water. They can attack with their jaws, leaving many small bites on people coming close. Though not specifically strong, fast or agile, Pool dwellers can be quite vicious when faced in their natural environment (water)

Pectui [Weak, 2ss per creature, 3x per battle) (Pronounced Pek-Twee)
Pectui are small, insignificant looking animals. Seemingly having no real attacking abilities. About the size of a squirrel, and with similar physical attributes. These little beings have one, very useful method of attack. They can jump up at incredible speeds, and form their bodies into what resembles a sharp stalactite, using their bodies as missiles. These attacks are quite damaging, on both the Pectui, as the thing it hits. This attack is only used in desperation, and most of the time they will try to flee before using their only attack.

Th'arans [Weak, 4 SS per creature, 4x per battle] (Pronounced Terrence)
Th'arans are small creatures, about half the size of a halfling. These small humanoid creatures have little physical strength, and even less defensive strength. However, they have two special feature that causes summoners to summon them. They're very stealthy, making them perfect for ambush, and they can open a gland underneith their skin causing them to stink terribly, up to the point where a normal human would throw up in disgust when close enough

Chaos Sprites: [weak, 1 SS per creature, 10x per battle]
Up to 3 Chaos Sprites can pass through the gate at once (note that this subtracts the use per battle by up to 3 also).
Chaos sprites are basicly the bottom of the food chain. Some don't even consider them an annoyence, let alone a threat. Chaos sprites are small humanoid creatures that are covered in a black energy that resembles flame but doesn't burn anything. Chaos Sprites are best used in large numbers or as a distration. With the tallest being about a foot tall, stepping on them is enough to be rid of them.

Sprytus: [Weak, 0 Ss per creature 1x per battle]
Much is known about sprites, and much is not. Many are oblivious to the huge society of sprites that live in the world, in many places. Though most know there are forest sprites, many do not know there are many other sub-species of sprites as well. Sprites are small creatures, with wings that do not allow them to fly, however they can hover, and glide through the air. Sprites are weak, small scouts. They can wield small weapons, such as slings and daggers, but their most common use is that of extra set of eyes. Their speed and keen eyesight have saved many a summoner. Sprites, unlike most other creatures, willingly ally themselves with summoners.

Roggle [weak, 3ss per creature, 4x per battle] (Pronounced Rock-gull)
Roggles look like big rabbits. Using mostly their claws, which are large for their size, these creatures are among the normal summons a summoner usually has at his or her disposal.

Medium Summons:

Imp: [medium, 3 Spirit Shackles per creature, 5x per battle]
Imps are weak creatures that normaly pose no true danger to the mortal realm. They avarage about the size of a small child. They are fun-loving bieings whose cause mischiff for others and are generaly little more than a pain.
For a summoner, imps are often seen used as cannon fodder.

Ulvaria: [medium, 10 SS per creature, 2x per battle, requires 2 posts to form physical body] (Pronounced Ool-Varr-E-A.)
It was once thought that Ulvarius were actually a race of individual golems with a mind. It was later found however, that necromancers' golems were actually just mindless imitations of Ulvarius. An Ulvaria is a spirit that passes through the gate then pulls in energy from the surrounding area to creat a body. This process however destroys the area that the energy was pulled from.

Elanix: [medium, 4 SS per creature, 3x per battle] (Pronounced Ell-Ah-Nix)
Elanixes are commonly thought of as other worldly dolls. They have long hair and sharp teeth. They have no known eyes (despite their 360 degree vision) or any other facial features, excluding the mouth. They normaly have the end of one arm thin out into a blade like structure (no hand) and the other for-arm widens out to creat a small shield. On avarage they're no more than 2 or 3 feet tall. Elanixes are not the most well know for their combatitive abilities but tend to be very vicious and can take a beating like few others (in comparison).

Irov: [medium, 7 SS per creature, 2x per battle] (pronounced Ee-Rov)
Irov, the "stone wall" of the summoner. Irovs appear to be made of nothing more than bone and muscle. They resemble a cross between a dragon a humanoid (more dagon than humanoid). They can and will not fight by nature, a will that has yet to be broken. However, they provide for a very solid defence. There are few things that can get past them, even in the world from which they come. A side effect of all this defesive power is that they are very slow.

Teranok: [Medium, 7 Ss per creature, 2x per battle] (pronounced Ter-rah-Nock)
Teranoks are 1 of the summoners few attacking creatures with the ability to fly. They are about the size of a halfling, though their wingspan is usually the size of an average human. With huge beaks serving as spears these creatures are known most for their divebomb attacks, where they either spear their victims with their beaks or drop a large rock on them. Though fast in the air, on the ground they are very weak. Though they can fly for a period, they get exhausted quickly. after 5 posts every Teranok must land for 2 posts to recover before they can take to the sky once more.

Wosekum: [medium 6 ss per creature. 2x per battle] (Pronounced Woh-zuh-kumm)
Wosekum are literally forest creatures. Wosekum call themselves "Humbumbarumkol" literally translated into "The woods that walk". Strong as no other, these Wosekum are known to hate anything threatening the forest. Though stronger than most other things known in existance (with exceptions made for Dragons and possibly Giants) they are very slow, and susceptible to fire. They are most at home in woods, where they can hide among normal trees, they lovingly call "Humbumbarumbak", translated into "The woods that sleep". Wether normal trees are simply sleeping wosekums or a separate species is debated, but so far there are no conclusive results.

Strong Summons

Olvorus: [strong, 0 SS per, 1x per battle, lasts 2 posts] (Pronounced Oll-voh-russ)
Olvorus are considered the most intelegent of beings encountered by summoners. Olvorus have been around long before humanity existed. Olvorus are impossible to pull into the mortal realm and refuse to fight either way. However, when contacted they will often advise the summoner mentally for a short period. Though their advise is not always the best option, or if they?ll give any advise at all, the information an Olvorus can give can be crucial at times.

Efreet/Djinn [strong, 4 ss per creature, 2x per battle, 1 of each]
Efreet/Djinn are the spirits of fire and wind. You can summon one of each per battle. However, Djinn and Efreet hate eachother, so you can only have 1 at a time. They both float. Efreet are of the fire element, and Djinn of wind. An efreet is a bit stronger, while a Djinn is slightly faster. Both have about the same ability as an average human.

Pokran: [Strong, 13ss per creature, 2x per battle] (pronounced Poh-kran)
The Pokran are a species of mystery. Little is known. Generally known as tricksters, these creatures are small, fast and use illusion and speed to fool people into situations. Though physically weak, they more than make up for that with their illusionistic powers. Pokrans can "fabricate" alter realities. Though not real, it looks real for the person affected. They then tend to leap in and stab with their small daggers while the target is in the illusion.

Roganok: [Strong, 11ss per creature, 2x per battle] (pronounced Row-Gah-Nock
Roganoks are cousins of the Teranok. However, Roganoks are larger, and have claws and blunt beaks. They usually attack using their wings or claws to cause blunt damage with their wings, or sharp with their claws. Their body is the size of a human, with a wingspang double that size. Roganoks, like Teranoks, need to rest for 2 posts every 5 posts they?ve been airbourne. They are very weak on the ground.

Friatus: [Strong, 8ss per creature, 3x per battle] (pronounced Free-Ah-Tuss)
A Friatus is a walking rock. Defensively very strong, and reasonably strong. Friatus aren?t incredibly fast, but they can shoot pebbles from their arms. They?re very similar to a normal rock, and can be mistaken for one if it remains stationary. They?re not made of solid rock however, and weapons will still hurt them, or kill them if the injury is dire enough...

Maganox [strong, 10 ss per creature, 1x per battle] (pronounced Mah-Gah-Nox)
A Maganox is a lumbering, rhinoceros like creature. Though not fast, or strong, the Maganox attracts magic. He?s continually surrounded by a field of magic, and any specials or spells that are missile based are attracted by a Maganox. Maganox?s are naturally resistant to all magic, though not impervious. Spells still have their effect, and the maganox can only attract spells and specials cast nearby, or if he?s near the target.

Powerful summons

Devlorus: [powerful, 18ss per, 1x per, only 1 active at a time]: (pronounced Deaf-Lore-Us)
Devlori are humanoid creatures. They avarage around 7-9ft tall and their physical features show bulging muscles and hardened skin. Their hands and feet contain claws in place of nails and they sprout an ominous set of dark crimson, deer-like antlers. They are very strong and very fast, capable of matching even a Monster Taimer's strongest creatures blow for blow (ex.: a Manticore). Devlori Have a very strong sense of independence and tend to be very competetive with each other. A Devlorus is one of the more powerful creatures in a summoner's army requiring most of their Spirit Shackles to control.
Should another Devlorus be summoned in the near by area, the 2 will begin to fight each other and the summoners will loose all control over them. More often than not, the 2 will return to their own plane of existence when this happens.

Dragon Wyrm: [Powerful, 1x, 15SS, last 5 posts]
A Dragon Wyrm is one of the most powerful creatures in existance. The size of a dragon, these wyrms however lack wings. Instead they have powerfull mandibles that allow them to eat through the soil. These wyrms travel underground in vast tunnels. They have scaly skin, and toxic fangs. A summoner able to bind these creatures is a lord on it's own.
However, Wyrms are generally not very interested in battle, and very resistant to spirit shackles. After a short while they break their spiritual chains and go back to the deep underground caverns they belong.
Custom Summons

Spellcasters, after much practice and learning in their craft, often hit moments of sheer brilliance and find themselves able to create something that resides in no spellbook; only through learning the basics and standard can a spell caster be in the position to make custom spells. By earning new spells and skills and adding them to their sheet a caster gains points on their spell gauge as shown below.

Weak = 1 point
Medium = 2 points
Strong = 4 points
Powerful = 8 points

Every spell caster should start with 8 points, as racial skills aren't included. The 8 points come from your 2 weak skills, 2 weak spells, 1 medium skill and 1 medium spell.

So a spell caster can create a custom spell for the price of a normal spell whenever their used and completed skills reach a certain milestone, as shown below.

1st milestone: 15 - allows you to create your first custom weak
2nd milestone: 18 - allows you to create your first custom medium
3rd milestone: 21 - allows you to create your first custom strong
4th milestone: 24 - allows you to create your second custom weak
5th milestone: 27 - allows you to create your second custom medium
6th milestone: 30 - allows you to create your second custom strong

Then continuing in this same pattern every 3 points (weak, medium, strong)

You do not have to use the customs immediately. They can be used at a later date as long as you keep track of which milestones you have used.

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