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 Post subject: Rogue Class
PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 11:44 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Rogues are special. Very special. They love to hide, they love to steal, they love getting away with things they shouldn't, and best of all: there isn't a law enforcement member who doesn't hate them.
Rogues are the unparalelled masters of stealth. Though they don't hit hard or particularly often, hitting them is about as easy as harming a ghost. Not all rogues are thieves however, that is simply where the term derives from. In truthe, a rogue is simply some one who excells in stealth and other skills often valued by a thief. Their agility and stealth is unmatched. Due to their relience on speed and stealth, rogues tend to carry little more than the essentials. This limits them to lighter armour and small weapons.

Start with: 7 gold, Quilted Armor, and a dagger.
2 skills (1 weak, 1 Broken Movement) , 4 specials (1 medium, 3 weak)

Broken Movement:
Rogues excell at one thing: escaping. A common practice of rogues is to appear as disjointed as possible. Through the years this was refined and perfected into an art. Though the practice has no true name to it (besides not getting caught) a nickname began to spread amongst those who witnessed it, Broken Movement. This name is a direct result of what the rogue looks like when escaping or fighting. They can be running forward one moment then in the blink of an eye be running the complete opposite direction seemingly immune to the laws of inertia, or physics.

They had her this time. The thief had hit 5 shops in only a week. Guards were patrolling the the streets and herded her into a dead end. She wasn't going to escape this time.
The chase lasted almost half an hour before she went where they wanted her to. She was trapped in a long alley way leading to a dead end. The guards went in after her and she never stopped running. Just moments after entering the alley the guards were upon her. Without any warning or even slowing down or turning around, she did a back flip on top of them and fled out of the alley.
She was still uncaught and had once again escaped them in the most impossible of conditions.

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