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 Post subject: Assassin Class
PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 11:48 pm 
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Can't wait for MWO
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Assassins rely on quick and percise movements to end their targets life suddenly and quietly. The less effort and time it takes, the better. They move unseen in the shadows and strike vital areas without warning. Those caught off guard by an assassin seldomly have time for a last thought, let alone a reaction.

An assassins arsenal is unconventional at best. They specialize in leaveing no traces behind and as such can't afford to be seen with large weapons that might provoke suspicion. The result? Assassins typically use small blades and projectiles that are easily retrieved and hidden. They sacrifice as much as possible for efficiency in their art, includeing safety. An assasins more unique items are often deadly to anyone not trained in their use.

Start with: 3 gold, 2 Curved Daggers, and leather armor.
2 skills (1 weak, 1 Critical Strike (medium)), 4 specials (3 weak, 1 medium)

Critical strike:
Assassins focus on quick and precise attacks. Time is a valuable thing and they loathe wasting it. To increase the chance of taking a target out with one, swift blow, they study the anatomy of different races and styles of armor. They focus on knowing the weak points and train themselves to strike them. They will practice for years on hitting these special points until it becomes second nature to them.
The fighter looked confidently at the expressionless assassin. "To bad for you, this new armour is impervious to any and all attacks you might make," he said as he unsheathed his sword. He charged at the assassin and swung his sword. A miss. He swung again and missed. Growing agitated he swung hard a third time only to hit the ground. At the same time, the assassin moved behind him and threw his curved dagger into the gap between the helmet and the armour.
Blood trickled from under the helmet as the assassin moved in, turned the dagger once and then pulled it out with a quick motion before he cleaned it, and concealed it once again. "Unfortunately for you," he said casually, "that style of helmet doesn't allow any type of protection to be worn under it."
The assassin then rushed out of the alley way and yelled out, "HELP! HELP! Some one's been killed!"

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