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 Post subject: Clans and Clan Abilities
PostPosted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:50 am 
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Can't wait for MWO
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If you walk the face of the planet long enough, you will undoubtedly find at least one person similar to yourself; you will stumble across an individual with a similar goal. Sometimes, this can lead to fighting and death. Other times, it can lead to the formation of a "Clan". Clans can be almost anything: a family, a small group of friends, a group dedicated to protecting innocents, or even a group dedicated to KILLING innocents. They are simply a small number of people working together, for whatever purpose. They never really accumulate too much strength, though some certainly have more sway than others. The mention of a certain name may strike fear in an opponent, or even incite violence against you.

Clan Rules:
Minimum number of Members: 3
Maximum number of Members: 5
One member MUST be the declared leader, though not required to act it.

Topic format:
"Clan Name" -- "Leader" (Members may also be listed, though may not fit)

People may join clans for a wide number of reasons. Some do it for protection, some for kinship, some just to stir chaos, but many join for what has come to be known as "Clan Abilities". Think of them as a culmination to a journey. As individuals work together, they tend to learn more about themselves AND about other people. This gives headway to the greater strengths in battle. By slaying a monster, or by solving a problem, or even by vanquishing a foe, they unlock potential talents that they never knew they had.

In order to unlock your clan's abilities, they must have worked together (or even fought) at some point. Be it through a role play or a battle, members of a clan unlock a weak for purchase. This weak clan ability costs a medium, but is given to ALL members of the clan that have participated in a clan event. Members that have NOT accomplished this do not attain this benefit, though they may create their own thread to do so. An example would be to create an alternate role play where this character meets the leader or battles for a position in the clan.

Unlocking the medium strength clan ability is slightly more difficult. Either a clan event can be given to the group by a moderator (not likely), or a clan with their weak clan ability already purchased may battle against a clan that has also purchased theirs. This event is player controlled, and is called a Clan War. In the event of such a battle, a moderator may allow access to the medium strength clan ability to the winning team OR both at their whim. This medium costs a strong, but is given to ALL members of the clan once purchased, regardless if they participated or not.

Members of a clan may "pool" their skills together in order to purchase the clan abilities, or if a member desires he/she may purchase the skill alone. However, the group must come to a UNANIMOUS decision on what the ability will be. No arguments. In the event of a member leaving or changing a clan, any donated skills are returned to that individual. It should also be noted that this temporarily disables the medium strength clan ability (or weak, if applicable) until the remaining parts to the ability are purchased. Clan abilities MAY take the form of a special, though at least one must be a skill and it cannot be a catalyst.

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