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 Post subject: Classes
PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2006 4:03 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Those in the combat group tend to eschew mental refinement and ranged specialization in martial prowess. The strongest and most durable of the classes, they tend to be the most up-in-your-face combatants and the most likely to stay in the thick of things for the whole fight.

- Martial Artist
Close combat masters. They seldom use weapons or heavy armour. A martial artist does not typicly use weapons for the simple reason that they are the weapon.
- Samurai
The most efficient and skilled in the use of their equipment. They are the middle ground between all the combat classes.
- Duelist
The risk takers of the combat classes. They make and take advantage of any fault in their opponent.
- Fighter
Defensive masters. They don't hit too hard, and they get hit a lot. But they are uniquely suited to surviving just about any onslaught and surviving with enough power to fight back.
- Berserker
Offensive. Damaging. Brutal. They attack often, hit hard, and are prone to frequent fits of rage.
- Druid
They bond closely with nature (in every sense of the phrase).
- Shapeshifter
Able to change into animals at will, these combatants can show you the true meaning of feral rage.

The agility group is comprised of those who focus on hit-and-run tactics or ranged combat. Ranging from deft thieves to skilled scientists-turned-warriors, these classes are probably the most difficult to make contact with, but they pay for this by a general reduction in the damage they can cause due to their lighter frames.

- Ranger
Range. The class can easily be described with that one word. They won't live long in melee, so instead they attempt to prevent close combat as much as possible with the use of projectile attacks coated with poison.
- Assassin
Assassins are stealthy killers. They're not above playing dirty and they don't like exerting too much effort. They strike where it counts.
- Rogue
Dodge, dodge, escape, and dodge some more. Rogues may not deal much damage, but getting your hands on one long enough to inflict any damage is a feat all its own.
- Alchemist
Alchemists brew special concoctions to harm their enemies and aid themselves and their allies. Goggles and gloves are advised.
- Monster Tamer
Did you see the pets section? Those are the "monsters". A Monster Tamer uses those to fight for him. You might even be able to teach them a trick or two (Roll over and play dead maybe?).
- Priest
Divine aid, protection, support, attacks, etc. It's all about the chosen god here.
- Mystic
Disablers and enhancers using the magical art of Seals to aid them in combat.

Choosing to refine the mind rather than the body, those in the caster group use spells as their primary weapon. Spells are inherently more powerful than specials, but are much more difficult to master. One must first learn the basics before carving their own path in this dangerous field.
- Wizard
Users of the 'pure' magics, they can alter their spells to fit the flow of battle.
- Mage
Merging spell and blade, they conduct a symphony of the elements.
- Spiritualist
Extremely fluid, tactful, and unique. They summon allies directly from the after life. Those allies don't stick around for long however.
- Psionicist
All hail the power of the mind! The mind can do many things.
- Summoner
Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous people. They call other worldly beings across the void and bind them to their will, forcing those creatures to do their bidding.
- Animist
Summon the dead, it's that simple. Master the dead and how to control them before you become part of their legion.
- Warlock
Masters of either Light or Shadow able to combine their spells into more powerful forms.

 Post subject: Re: Classes
PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, 2008 12:58 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Master Class

Some random adventurer wrote:
It all became easier.

I'm not sure when... and I'm not sure how. But it did.

What was once time consuming and pain-staking has now become second nature to me. Some would say I've mastered martial-arts...

But somehow, I feel as though I've just gotten started.

~Qui Gong Ming, Shaolin Martial-Artist

Few and far between, Master Classes are attained by a special means, either by the use of a medal, or an event of some kind. They can do a wide variety of things... perhaps augmenting your natural talents or giving you a bonus from a different, but similar, class. They can also be used to add new mechanics to a character or even bend certain rules that would otherwise be untouchable with normal skills. They can also completely revolutionize your character, perhaps by turning a living creature completely undead without any of the pitfalls. Everything is subject to approval by the panel of mods.

While only a Bronze medal is needed, using a higher-grade medal will result in extra gold for that character. A Silver medal will give 5 additional gold and a Gold medal will offer 10.

Each person masters their class in their own way. While one martial-artist might hone their melee skills to that of perfection, another might find mastery in a delicate balance between ranged and close combat.

While getting to choose your own, unique mastery, this doesn't come without rules. Clearly, a berserker that has no affiliation with the arcane would have difficulty understanding and using it, which would mean that their spells are naturally weaker than a TRUE wizards and, then, they might not be able to understand the more complex spells. Or a psionicist that has no prior melee ability wouldn't be nearly as skilled as a fighter would be.

Master Classes are subject, but not limited to, these rules:

A Master Class can yield up to 6 weak attribute increases, 3 medium increases, 1 strong and 1 medium increase, or any other combination that can be thought of.

1. Fighter Classes may take on the ability to cast spells, but they will only ever be able to cast 'weak' spells, and all spells must be custom (thus costing a medium).
2. Caster Classes may take on the ability to use specials, but they will only ever be 'weak' in strength, but will cost 3 gold as well as a weak special.
3. Summoners may not take on the ability to cast spells, but may take on the ability to create up to medium strength specials at an increased cost.
4. Agility Classes may take on the ability to cast spells, but they will only ever be able to cast (up to) 'medium' spells, and all spells must be custom (thus costing more).
5. One type of class unique skills (such as Ki attacks or Critical Strike skills) may be attained at a regular cost.

Each Master Class is subject to approval by almost every moderator before use.


Zoanthrope -- This master class is for Binky, the Shape Shifter. Although he loves ALL of his transformations, He has grown fond of one, specific form. His favored form is the 'Dire Weasel', allowing him to change into it twice per battle. This favored form also lasts 1 post longer than it used to, and has only a 1 post 'cool down' before being able to shift into something else. No other forms are effected by this upgrade.

Manipulator of Existence -- This master class is for Bonky, the Monster Tamer. It has been a long time since someone was seen with such a power. Individuals able to control all forms of creatures, be it otherworldly or not. Coming across a strange artifact, Bonky has risen to their ranks. He's gained 7 spirit-shackles and the ability to cast weak summons from the summoner class (following the same rules).

Silencer -- This master class is for Blonky, the Assassin. While killing without a sound is always good, Louie has found a better way to do it-- by becoming a part-time martial-artist. While still fully able to wield a dagger, he's learned how to manipulate the Ki in his body to help get the task done. He instantly gets the martial-artist's 'Ki' ability, and can now create ki-oriented specials. In addition, his overall combat ability is increased... mostly with his fists though.

Arch-Knight -- This master class is for Donkey, the Fighter. Having slew his share of magic-casters, it's no suprise that some of their weird powers have gotten into his system. While his magic is weaker and he isn't able to understand the more complex stuff, Donkey can cast 'weak' Wizard's spells. However, they are always custom (thus costing a medium).

Please do not bother a Moderator with your Master Class idea unless you currently have a Medal in your possession.

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