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 Post subject: Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 3:59 am 
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Can't wait for MWO
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1. Q: What is a 'special'?
A: A 'special' is actually an attack ability created by YOU for your character to use. It can be almost anything but must always be of a certain 'strength' (weak, medium, strong, or powerful). Examples at bottom.

2. Q: What is a 'Catalyst'?
A: A 'catalyst' is a skill that deepens your character and allows them to acquire additional skills or specials that would be, normally, impossible. An assassin doesn't have an affiliation with fire... but with a fire catalyst it's pretty easy. Catalyst skills start at medium strength, but they can be stronger if you desire. More often than not, these are needed to do the cool stuff. Examples at bottom.

3. Q: When someone says 'points' what do they mean?
A: Points are sometimes used instead of specific strengths for skills/specials. A weak skill/special/spell is 1 point, a medium is 2, a strong is 4, and a powerful is 8. Specifically, this system is used when Spellcasters attempt to make custom spells.

4. Q: Why is it so hard to get my character approved?
A: We have some strict standards and no unified system of what's considered acceptable and what isn't. Sometimes, people will disagree and argue... and, while this is fine, understand that it prolongs the process. It's a tedious methodology and we apologize for that... but it's precisely that, that has made this game so amazing. Just stick with us, it'll be worth it. =D

5. Q: It's been fifteen minutes and no one's commented on my post! Why?!
A: This is a forum, not a chat room. We all have lives, just wait. By the end of the day someone should've probably commented on it. Compared to some places, we are quite active.

6. Q: No moderators are looking at my sheet, can I just P.M. them to do so?
A: NO! We have lives too. We'll look at your sheet and deal with any changes as we see fit and when we have time. If you feel you must P.M. a modderator for this, please make sure that your sheet hasn't been posted in for at least two weeks.

7. Q: I need money! I want a custom or a [insert something]
A: Battle. That's the #1 way to make money. However... if you truly desire money. There is a Bank of Darkness Incarnate that can offer loans. It's in the 'Economy' section under 'Making a Character' at the very bottom. I suppose you could always borrow money from another member, too... if they're willing.

8. Q: Why are clones not allowed?
A: They were allowed in the past and got abused. Now they're not allowed. Thanks for ruining it for everyone, jerk.

9. Q: Why can't I have a gun?
A: Guns are over powered and would throw off the balance. And we have no intention of finding a way to make them balanced. Besides that, it's the wrong time period... just get a light or custom crossbow. Geez.

10. Q: What are Gnomes and can I play as one?
A: Gnomes are a higly advanced race (in terms of technology) for the time period that remain secluded within the Gnome Empire. Though there are a few Gnomes cities outside the Gnome Empire, they are few and far between (and very well hidden). As a result of this, you most likely can NOT play as a Gnome. Plus, they're difficult.

11. Q: I have this really great skill/special/spell, and I promise not to abuse it. So can you please approve it?
A: No. Despite there being a need for trust between members and moderators, we are still required to enforce certain rules. We can only go with the fact that it's prone to abuse. If we say something is over powered, it's over powered. Either weaken it or ditch it (or try to convince us otherwise).

12. Q: Well <person> has a skill that's just like what I'm wanting. Why are they an exception?
A: Note that there are many things that affect a how skill/special/spell can be approved. So just because <person> has it, doesn't mean it'll be allowed for you.

13. Q: Can I create a 2nd character for *insert reason*?
A: No. We feel that multiple characters can take away from the R.P. value of a character. It also makes it that much easier to "burn out" (which can happen easily enough with just one character).

14. Q: Why do custom spells cost more than specials?
A: Spells are in fact stronger than specials. So you are still getting what you pay for.

15. Q: How do I become a moderator?
A: You have to be a respected member of the community, know what you're doing, understand what's going on, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Basically, you probably won't be becomming one any time soon... If ever.

16. Q: Why is it that biller is able to get away with so many things that other members get yelled at or punished for?
A: Respect, children. And though he chose to step down from moderatorship, he still gets a LOT of respect, and thusly power, from the members. It is also rumored that he created DI-- not the game... but the world itself.

17. Q: I saw this show (or read this book) with a really cool character/ability/idea, Can it use it/them?
A: We do not support copyright infringment or plagerism. And simply citing the source of your idea isn't good enough.

18. Q: What is necro-threading?
A: Commenting on things that the last dated post is months or even years before. People stopped talking about it for one reason or another. Do not do this.

19. Q: My topic got deleted! Why?!
A: While deleating bot spam, innocent topics can occasionally get deleted by mistake. This happens most often in "general discussion", but can (for the most part) happen any where. Sorry, we'll try not to do it again. Unless we don't like you or think the topic is stupid.

20. Q: What is Ghost Bumping?
A: Ghost bumping is when you delete your last post and post the exact same thing again. This is a good way to draw attention to your topics without double posting.

21. Q: I had 3 pages! I want my strong! I got a medium!
A: You and your opponent's posts were then not of the proper qualities in the judge moderator's eyes. You can have a fantastic powerful-worth battle, but in the end, the moderator judges what happens.

22. Q: Why is there a limit on how many battles I can be in?
A: Because if we don't limit it, people tend to go out of control and get themselves into as many battles as they can. As a result they burn them selves out very quickly, which is generaly a bad thing. And technically your character can only be in one place at a time. Friendly battles (those without rewards) are still allowed, however, as may a character participate in an event and a regular battle at the same time.

23. Q: What's really the point of a friendly battle; no rewards!
A: The only things you help yourself with friendlies are: The sharpening of your post quality, you have fun, you have something to do while you wait for someone to post in your real battle.

24. Q: This place is great! Can I advertise it on other sites?
A: Knock your self out. =D Although, there are places where you are not allowed to advertise for fear of noobs. Many will openly say that GaiaOnline is built off of layers dead children and fecal matter... However, that is somehow where OSO crawled out of. If you DO advertise there, be careful.

25. Q: What's an activated skill?
A: An activated skill is somewhat similar to a special... except in the fact that it's RARELY offensive. It's an ability that YOU, the player, choose to activate and temporarily give your character a boost in ability or some form of special effect. The most important thing about an activated skill that a player needs to know is that a character can (typically) only have ONE. Meaning... once you use it, it's gone. Choose wisely.

26. Q: What is the difference between a "newb" and a "noob"?
A: "Newb" is short for newbie. Newbies are encouraged and generaly liked. We love new people... Well... Except maybe Nevercroft, but he lightens up after proving yourself. "Noobs" are terrible terrible people. They are the ones whom refuse to follow the rules, god-mode, and are in general a pain in the ass. They are hated to a great extent. It is not advised to be a noob, as it will forever shadow you (even after you reform).

27. Q: Why can't I use words like "g2g 4 t2nite 2 ZOMG!!"?
A: Because they can be hard to understand and make you seem as if you never learned to spell words. Of course, most of us understand "wtf", but still. In short, you should try to avoid chat-speak (wtf, lol, ect.) and 1337 whenever possible.

28. Q: How about a retirement system?
A: For the love of Gelodosh, this comes up alot. The idea is dead, the horse is cremated, and there are enough nails in the coffin to rebuild the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING! It's not going to happen. If you want to keep your old character alive, that's your job, not ours.

29. Q: Can I combine my skills?
A: Yes! You can! This is also another function that uses the 'Points' system. Two weaks equal one medium, two mediums equal one strong, two strongs equal one powerful. Powerfuls cannot be combined-- they're as high as we will ever go in DI. The only way a powerful skill could get stronger is by use of an advanced catalyst. Examples at the bottom. You are also allowed to combined skills when starting a new character, although it is not recommended for players new to our system, as it can result in some difficult early game experience.

30. Q: What is the content rating of D.I.?
A: As a general rule of thumb, no content on D.I. should exceed P.G. 13. We recognise that scenes can get violent here, and sometimes a story has to be told a certain way (bloody artists). However, you must allways keep in mind that young children can and do browse the forum.

Catalyst Examples:
A regular special:
Special #1 -- Quick, Accurate Throw: Aiming takes too much time, or... that's what Bob thinks anyways. He's figured out a way to quickly take aim at his opponent and throw a dagger with slightly more powerful than usual. 1x per battle (Weak)

Basic Catalyst Skills
Catalyst Skill #1 -- Playing with Fire: Bob got burned. A lot. A whole lot. But it lead him to a deeper understanding of the workings of the element of fire. (Medium, Catalyst skill)
Note: Basic Catalysts are of medium strength and can be used to open the doors to new abilities. Above is a perfect example-- it gives bob the ability to incorporate fire into his character.

Special #2 -- Fiery Arrow: Bob uses his understanding of fire to ignite an arrow as it leaves his bow. On impact it creates a small 'burst' of fire, causing moderate fire damage to a small area around the point of impact. 2x per battle (Medium + Catalyst)

Catalyst Skill #2 -- Ninjitsu Training: Bob isn't a full-fledged ninja by any means... however, he has had a small bit of training in the art. This allows him to gain and use more tricky, stealthy, and ninja-ey specials later. (Medium, Catalyst skill)
Note: This is another good, basic catalyst-- perfect for a Rogue character. It allows him to accomplish things with his skills and specials that one would see a ninja use.

Special #3 -- Smoke Bomb: Bob's ninja training has increased his ability to fight on the go. In the middle of a dodge, Bob is able to throw a dagger or shuriken with surprising accuracy at an opponent. 3x per battle (Medium + Catalyst)

Special #4 -- Bouncy Throw: Another application of Bob's ninja training has allowed him to do a rather interesting trick with his throwing weapon. He can throw a knife or shuriken in a certain way to create the desired bounce off of a sufficiently hard surface in an attempt to sneak attack.(Medium + Catalyst)

Advanced Catalysts:
Catalyst Skills #3 -- Earthen Avatar: Bob fancies himself the avatar of the earth god, and his skill with the element of earth certainly backs up that statement. He possesses great elemental powers. (Strong, Catalyst)
Note: You'll notice that skills/specials using the above catalyst will be more powerful than what's typically allowed. That is due to the advanced catalyst effect-- they not only open doors to new abilities, they INCREASE the effectiveness and strength of associated abilities.

Special #5 -- Gritty Skin: Bob has embedded his flesh with a layer of dirt and gravel, offering him minor protection against all melee damage and minor protection against fire damage. (Weak + Catalyst)
Note: You could NEVER get this for this strength of skill/special without an advanced catalyst.

Special #6 -- Earthquake Slam: Using the gifts of the earth god, Bob can slam his hands onto the ground and cause a small earthquake. This earthquake cracks the ground and has been known to both knock down the opponent and launch large rocks outwards a short distance. 2x per battle (Medium + Catalyst)
Note: You could NEVER get this for this strength of skill/special without an advanced catalyst.

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