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 Post subject: The Life of Your Character...
PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 10:53 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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Once you have created a character, had it approved in the 'General Talk' section, and then posted it in the 'Member's List' section, you will then participate in a training battle. Training battles are meant to show you the basics of battle and help you to better understand how our combat system works. You can request a trainer in the 'Training Battle Request' thread. Someone will eventually pick up your training and will set up your battle.


Now, you may start a normal battle. If you win, you?ll get a reward. But how do you win? There are various ways. These ways are:
-Time out. You MAY, if the opponent does not respond within 3 days, claim victory, and be rewarded.
-Concession: The opponent may concede victory. This is completely HIS (or hers for the ladies) choice.
-Poll: A poll can be asked at any time when both combatants agree upon it, or when the 4th page starts. A 1v1 battle will always end in a poll at the 4th page, while other battles may last longer. (2v2 for example)


Rewards for the winner will depend of how the battle went, but the rewards are usually around this area:

1 Page thread: 3 gold and a weak spell, special or skill.
2 Pages thread: 6 gold and a medium spell, special or skill.
3 Pages thread (1vs1 only, battle end, people vote): 9 gold and a strong spell, special or skill.
4 Pages thread (2vs1 or more, battle end, people vote): 12 gold and a powerful spell, special or skill.

Losers will also receive rewards based off of what the winner has received. The following table gives the rough basis of what the loser should receive (though the rewards may vary depending on their performance):

Winner -------- Loser
Weak ----------- Gold (probably 1 or 2)
Medium--------- Weak
Strong---------- Medium
Powerful-------- Strong

And roughly half the winner's Gold (Once again subject to the mod's whims) *

*This does not apply to a lost 1 page battle. Take what you get and don't whine.

Tie game:
On some occasions, voters will be unable to decide which of the combatants should be the victor. This often happens if a battle is extremely well fought by both sides and it is difficult to see a clear victor. If this happens, the reward will be roughly as follows.

Winner's Reward is split in half (Strong -> medium for example) and Winner's gold is increased by 3, then divided by two (rounding down in the case of a decimal)

If the mod would like to be extremely nice and reward a very well fought battle, they can offer the combatants a choice. A weaker skill/Special + a gold reward, or a skill/special that is equivalent to the winner's earned without the gold reward. (This is optional and rare, feel honored if this happens)
Medium skill/special + 4 gold
Strong Skill/special

If a 1 page battle comes to a tie, simply reward each participant with what the winner's gold amount would be, minus 1.

Other Rewards:

There are rewards that will be handed out by moderators for things other than battles. These include, but are not limited to:

Role Plays (Either just by yourself, or with others)
Character building stories
Written Stories not pertaining to DI

Rewards for these other activities will follow (for the most part) this table:
1 Page: 1-3 gold
2 Pages: weak +2-4 gold
3 Pages: weak + 6-9 gold OR Medium + 4-6 gold
4 Pages: Medium + 6-8 gold
Anything beyond that is rewarded on a case-by-case basis. An RP with more that 2 people would need to be longer in order to achieve the same rewards.

The rewards will be handed out on a case-by-case basis to each participant of a various activity. The general things that will be looked at are: Length(posts must meet the 2 paragraph minimum to be counted), quality, and originality(obviously we won't give you a reward for rewriting another's work.) The rewards handed out for these at the conclusion of this event.

Pertaining to RPs: You are only allowed to be in one 'rewardable' RP at a time. This does not stop you from participating in multiple RPs at a time, but you will only be rewarded for one at a time. In your first post in the RP, make a notation in OOC chat whether or not you will be rewarded for participation.
Eventually, a moderator will give you a reward for one of the reasons above (let?s say 2 gold and a weak skill/special). How do you update your character?

Add a message to your members list, in which you say what you?ve won in what battle.

It would look like this:
Of Shattered Origins wrote:
I?ve won 4 gold and a weak special in <Name>.

After that, you edit your character sheet with the updated gold, and that you have a weak special.

If you want to add a skill or a special, you pm a mod about it. In case of ready-made spells you just note you got that spell from the list and add it, with the spell description. Once you and the mod agree on a new weak skill/special you may add it to your first page (edit the skill in). Be sure to add the skill strength after the skill/special!

Remember, you are not required to use a skill right away. You may combine two, like skills/specials (weak + weak) to form a special of higher strength.
Dreadclaw wrote:
2 weak = 1 medium
2 medium = 1 strong
2 strong = 1 powerful

PM any moderator about questions or comments.

A mod can give any reward he want's, even if you have a great battle, it is only in your opinion, not mod's the mod is a mod, because of his good track of balance and other benefits. So his word is final, that may sound fashist, and yes it is.

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