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High elf: The most magically adept of the three elven races. Their entire society is based around the manipulation of the many types of magic that are parts of this world. They are generally tall and slim individuals with pale skin and hair, though some may be different depending on the location of their dwellings. Having a high magical affinity has given High elves a slight resistance to magic. Their association with magic has lead to the evolution of the brains of these elves to be naturally more powerful than the average person of the same age. This effect is strengthened as they age, but age always comes at a price. This advanced brain allows them to process coming information more quickly, giving them a little more time to react.

--Frail: High Elves are more frail than others. Their slim and lanky nature doesn't permit much in the ways of natural armor.
--Weakness: High Elves spend quite a number of hours studying each day. They're not as strong as other races.

--Magical Lifeblood: Their magical nature gives High Elves a slight resistance to magic.
--Quickened Mind: A High Elves natural intelligence allows them to think faster and, thus, react more quickly.

High elves make excellent casters, fair agility classes, and mediocre warriors.
Drow(Dark elves): The third major group of elves that inhabit DI. Unlike their cousins they live underground in the miles upon miles of caverns that make up the Underdark. Their society is a viscous one and is almost always filled with turmoil and constant war. Drow elves generally have dark skin that can range from dark gray to night black. Their hair is generally silver or white, but some rare cases can produce other colours. The Underdark is a nasty place, filled with horrors that are beyond most things on the surface. Due to the nature of their dwelling, they are inherently the most agile and stealthy of the elven races and possess absolute dark vision. As the name states, Absolute Dark Vision allows the drow to see as clearly in any kind of darkness as they would in the day. Their dark skin also makes them harder to spot in dark conditions.

--Incoporeal Weakness: Drows are weak to attacks of an incorporeal nature. Things that do not have a definate form, like psionics, wizardry, or ki, damage them more.
--Flash Burn: Ultimately living in the Underdark, while making them tougher, has prevented Drows from getting along with Sunlight. They have a slight difficulty seeing during a sunny day.

--Absolute Dark Vision: Having lived in the Underdark, Drows have gained the ability to see through complete darkness.
--Shadow Blending: Their black skin allows a Drow to hide easily within a shadow. They're still visible, but one could quite possibly go past them without noticing.)

Drow make excellent agility classes, fair warriors, and mediocre casters.
Sylvaan elves: The elves of the forest. They are completely in tune with the forest and have been said to make their homes completely out of living trees. They would never dream of harming any sort of plant, and will do everything within their power to protect it. Sylvaan elves generally have brownish skin with hair that can range to almost any colour. The rigours of living in the forests have made the sylvaan elves racially stronger than any of the other elf subraces. Sylvaan elves are graced with an odd gift. Their skin is patterned, and is generally not a single colour like most other beings. Instead it seems to almost have a leaf-like pattern running it's surface allowing them to blend into the forest very well. They also possess eyes as keen as a hawk, giving them greater accuracy when using ranged attacks.

--Bulky: Sylvaan elves are not as agile as everyone else. Their bulk prevents them from becoming good agility classes.
--Out of Habitat: Sylvaan elves do not usually go out of their element, the forest. As such, they seem to stand out. They never tread lightly because they were never taught to do so, etc.

--Forest Blending: Sylvaan elves almost always have an advantage while in the forest. Their nature allows them to hide with very little effort.
--Hawkeye: Because they live in the forest, it's to no suprise that they have excellent vision. This allows them to aim better and spot things with greater ease.

Sylvaan elves make good warriors, fair casters, and mediocre agility classes. Because of their hawkeye skill, they make great rangers, and their affinity for nature allows them to excel at the druid class above all others.

Dwarves: The dwarves are a race of short stature, but are stocky and have very muscular bodies. The dwarves generally hail from their kingdoms from deep under the mountain where they spend nearly all of their time either mining or perfecting their crafting arts. Most of the greatest works of stone and metal on the continent of DI have been shaped by dwarven hands at sometime or another. Dwarves spend a great deal of time at the forge and in the mines, and have become more thick-skinned because of this. They have a very minor damage reduction against all forms of melee damage, and have a very minor damage reduction against fire based attacks. They also possess Lesser Darkvision, giving them good (but not perfect) sight in the absolute darkness.

--Stubby: Dwarves are smaller than most races. This prevents them from moving as quickly as others.
--Incorporeal Weakness: Dwarves are weak to magics of an incorporeal nature. Things that do not have a definate form, like psionics and wizardry, damage them more.

--Thick Skinned: Their gruff disposition on things is likely due to their toughened skin. Dwarves have a slight resistance to physical and fire damage.
--Low Light Vision: Dwarves can still see fairly well in low-light situations. However, they're still blind in pitch black.

Dwarves make great warriors (excellent fighters), average casters, and bad agility classes.
Orcs: The orcs are a race of war. Giant and brutish, they are almost constantly waging wars and take great delight in devouring the flesh of their enemies. Generally considered one of the dumbest races on DI, what they lack in brains they make up for in brawn. Rare is it that an orc will stand under six feet tall, and even rarer still will they have arms any smaller than a small tree trunk. Though the orcs are dumb, they have strong religious beliefs, and because of this, shaman (priests) are not uncommon. Almost no orc on the other hand has the mental capacity to wield the arcane arts. Where orcs really shine however is their amazing brute force in melee combat. It is said that orc berserkers have been able to fell trees with a single swing of their axe. Their strength is unrivalled. A side effect of their stupidity is their ability to completely ignore the pain caused by minor damage such as small cuts and punches from a non-melee class. (An orc can be made intelligent, but they would need to forgoe their pain ignorance racial)

--Stump Dumb: Orcs are dumb, barely being able to match wits with a stump. However, they ARE smarter than bricks (those cocky bastards). They are easily confused and caught off guard by 'tricky' things.

--Strength: Orcs among the strongest races in Darkness Incarnate. This allows them to start stronger than others.
--Minor Pain Ignorance: The good thing about being dumb is being able to ignore pain. This is only minor... but it allows them to push past bruises and small cuts.

Orcs make excellent warriors (especially berserkers), but make bad agility classes and casters. However, they make above average priests.
Humans: The most numerous of any race on the face of DI, they have spread to the four corners of the world, inhabiting areas that were thought otherwise inhabitable. They are the most diverse of any race, able to fit well into absolutely any roll and to adapt well to their surroundings. They are a short-lived race, one of the shortest lived on the face of DI. Because of this they possess an indomitable will and determination that allows nearly nothing to get in the ways of their goals. While they have no base weaknesses, they also have no base strengths. Every human starts with a racial adaptation skill, which is explained below.

--Jack of All Trades, Master of None: The human is proficient at everything, but can never be the absolute best. Dwarven fighters will always be more proficient fighters, High elf wizards will always be more proficient wizards, Orcs more proficient Berserkers.. etc.

--Human adaptation skill: This is a skill that is based off of one of a few things: Prior profession, prior habitat, prior hobbies. This skill is freelance, which allows the use of one's biography to buff their character. Also, adding weaknesses to the skill increase its effect. (See Ex2)

Ex: If your character used to be a snake handler, it can be said that he's resistant to poisons.
Ex2: If your character use to live in the desert, it can be said that he's resistant to heat and fire damage. However, to increase this resistance, one can say that he's weaker to cold and ice damage.

Humans are above average in every class, but are never THE BEST.
Halflings: Quite possibly the shortest of the races in DI, with the tallest known halfling just breaching the four foot mark. Despite their small stature however, the halfling race has made their way in the world. They are nimble and dexterous, easily outmatching most other races in areas of finesse. However, their biological capacity for strength is limited, and they therefore prefer agility classes to any other type of fighter. There is a strange feature to halflings, a durability that is nearly unknown in the other races of the world, with their bodies being able to withstand more punishment than would normally be expected from these humanoids. There is no logical explanation for this, it just... is.

--Weakness: Halfings are among the smallest race in Darkness Incarnate and, as such, are the weakest.
--Stubby: Since halflings have such short legs, they're not very fast.

--Nimbleness: Halflings are very nimble. They have increased dexterity and agility, which makes them better at agility classes than most
--Unnatural Durability: There is no real explination for this. However, a halfling is able to take a quite a beating and still keep going.

Halflings make excellent agility classes (and duelists), fair casters, but horrible warriors.
Ssar: The Ssar are a bipedal lizard-like race that is covered head to foot in scales of many different colours. Like most lizards they are cold blooded and have a tail, though the tail type varies from lizard to lizard. Some have thick tails while others have very thin tails. These resilient humanoids have made their homes in the stinking miasmas of the swamp, fighting for survival every day of their lives. Due to this time in the swamp however, the Ssar are rather dull-witted, though not as stupid as an orc. The Ssar are a naturally strong race, their bodies building up muscle throughout the years from their hard life in the swamp. The thick and scaly skin of the Ssar provides them with a weak natural armor, providing them full body protection that is about three quarters that of full cloth armor. The Ssar is also able to taste the air, much like a snake, and be able to discern if an enemy is in the area, and his general direction.

--Bulky: Ssar are not quite as agile as everyone else. This is due to their larger mass than most races.
--Cold Blooded: Check it and see. Ssar are susceptible to the cold damage because of their Reptile nature.

--Scaly Hide: A Ssar's tough skin gives them a certain amount of natural protection. It's not much (almost as much as cloth armor would) but it's a LOT compared to other races. They're naturally more durable.
--Air Taste: Ssar's have the ability to 'taste' the air, which can give them a general location of where an opponent might be. However, this skill has no depth perception and has a fair range of error.

Ssar make great warriors and average casters, but mediocre agility classes.
Kiltharr: The Kiltharr are an enigma to the rest of the DI world. Nobody knows how this race of feline humanoids came to be, not even the Kiltharr know. Some speculate that they were born of a wizard's experiment gone horribly wrong, while others say that they are inter-dimensional travelers. Though their origins are unknown, the cat-like humanoids have been accepted as part of the world of DI. These cat people are one based entirely on speed and balance. In keeping with the tradition of cats, Kiltharr also possess amazing balance, using their tails as a rudder to constantly make adjustments to keep them balanced in situations that would make other races stumble. They also possess the eyes of the cat, giving them excellent vision in any sort of light (but are still blind in the pitch black) The Kiltharr are a little lacking in the intellect department, though most are only slightly less intelligent than humans. Sadly, due to the odd shapes of their feet and hands and head, the kiltharr are unable to wear gloves,helmets, or boots that are not specially made for them.

--Frail: By comparison to other races, Kiltharr are quite frail.
--No Cat-Armor?: It is sad to say that the Kiltharr's odd shape (it's the tail) prevents them from wearing a lot in the way of armor. This doesn't go well with the whole frail thing. However, one can always make custom armor.

--Cat's Balance: Kiltharr carry some of the traits from their smaller, feline bretheren. As such, they are more agile than other races.
--Eyes of the Cat: Kiltharr still have excellent vision in any sort of light. However, they are still blind in pitch black situations.

Kiltharr make great agility classes, fair fighters, but mediocre casters.

Much like the race of Kiltharr - only bipedal dog-humanoids instead of cats - not much is known about this reclusive race of savage pack-hunters. Some say that they were created in the same twisted experiment that created the Kiltharr, while others believe that they are simply the product of werewolf breeding. Whatever their origins they exhibit many canine-like qualities. Having an extended muzzle with sharp canine teeth and a general distaste for vegetables could just be the beginning though not all exhibit these qualities, and the only truly unifying qualities are the tails and fur. They have a tail and are covered in thick fur as well as extended paw-like feet with only four toes. Their fur is very combustible due to an oil the hairs secrete in order to mark territory by rubbing against trees or rocks. Devoutly loyal to their packs they generally disdain those of the outside world and have a general disposition of absolute hatred toward Kiltharr and thus rarely venture into the outside world and prefer to stay with their packs. While seeing one of these canines is a rare thing indeed, they are out there. All ye Kiltharr beware.

-- Loud Sounds: Because of their enhanced hearing, Rathol have a hard time coping with loud sounds. If it's loud enough, it can easily injure their ears.
-- Combustible: The fur covering the Rathol's bodies is easily lit on fire. This makes them rather susceptible to fire damage.

-- Thick Fur: The Rathol have a thick layer of fur covering their skin, making blunt blows do slightly less damage then they would otherwise.
-- Hearing: Retaining the ear shape of their counterparts, Rathol have an above average sense of hearing.

Goblins:Goblins are a race of mountain-dwelling creatures that haven't been seen in DI for a long time. They enjoy things that blow up and are generally very annoying and destructive creatures. These creatures generally have green skin of some varying shade, long arms and large, pointy ears. They are more agile than humans, but are not as sturdy (they can't take quite as well of a beating) and are about the size of a dwarf or halfling and in some cases a bit shorter because they often walk hunched over. Goblins are a naturally servile race; a goblin without a master is generally a creature living in fear and wandering aimlessly. Once someone has chosen to take them on as a minion, the goblin will fight much more enthusiastically and, as long as he is under his master's orders (whether he is present or not), will strive to achieve any goal placed before him. Independent goblins have been heard of but they are rare and thought of as freaks by others of their race.

--Weak: Goblins, due to their low muscle mass, are not very strong and can't deal as much damage.
--Thin Skinned: Goblins, due to a combination of their small stature and their strange skin condition, can take fewer hits than other races. This makes them arguably the frailest race on DI.

--Spelunker Agility: Goblins often travel in a loping stride on all fours since their arms are fairly long in proportion to the rest of their bodies. This allows them to move much faster than a creature of even size (like a halfling), especially among uneven terrain.
-- Sensitivity to vibrations: Goblins are sensitive to vibrations, making it difficult to sneak up on one. They can only measure distance however, and there are more than a few ways to interfere with this reading (such as being in a tree).

The Undead:

Note: The undead are a very specialized group, and are intended to only be good at a small group of classes. No undead can be an animist or a spiritualist.

Skeletal: As their name implies, these undead are a skeleton magicked into life. They have no flesh on their bones, and do not bleed, but they possess all of the senses of a living being. They are very adept with magic, matching that of the high elves, but are even weaker than the high elves when it comes to muscle strength (do to the lack thereof). Skeletons are immune to the effects of weather, and do not feel heat or cold. They are however very succeptible to blunt weapons, known to have bones shattered with a single strike. They also possess a minor damage reduction to slashing damage due to the glancing surfaces that their bones create.

--Crushable: Skeletal Undead are weak against blunt/crushing attacks. They don't have flesh to bruise, which leaves their bodies somewhat frail,
--Weak Limbed: Following along their other disadvantage, Skeletal Undead are weak-limbed. They're not very strong and, believe it or not, an arm can easily be forced out of socket.

--Bloodless: Skeletons do not have blood and, thusly, cannot bleed.
--Magical Lifeblood: The magics that sustain the skeletons increases their power and proficiency with magic.
--Blade Turning: The glancing surface created by their bones gives the skeleton a resistance to slashing.

The Skeletal Undead make great casters, but mediocre agility classes and warriors.

Fleshies: These undead, unlike their skeletal brothers, are still more or less covered in flesh and muscle. They are animated much the same way, and are sustained through the magic. Unlike their skeletal brothers however, these undead are unbelievably stupid, slow and clumsy due to the use of their rotted brains, but they possess immense strength. These undead also possess great stamina, able to continue for days on end without ever stopping to eat, sleep, or rest. These undead can take any form that they wish, but carry over none of the traits from their past life. These undead are very durable, able to take quite a beating before going down. However, they are able to feel pain.

--Stupid: Stupid, not dumb like the orcs. Like, we're talking less intelligent than a brick here people.
--Slow and Clumsy: As a result of their partially decomposed body nature, not only are Fleshies stupid... they're also slow and clumsy. They have less agility and dexterity than most races.

--Bloodless: Fleshies do not have blood and, thusly, cannot bleed.
--Dead Warrior: It is believed that these undead were animated from the body of a once great warrior. As such, they have amazing stamina, they're unbelivably strong, and VERY durable.

The Fleshie undead make great warriors, but make mediocre agility and caster classes.

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