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 Post subject: How to Make a Character *Start Here*
PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2007 6:44 am 
No secrets for me in MW
No secrets for me in MW
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During the approval process, you will likely be asked to make several edits to your character sheet. When you make these edits, please post in your character thread stating that you have done so. If you do not do this, it is quite likely that your edits will go unnoticed and you will have no further attention given to your character. This is because many people abandon characters after they are asked to make a number of edits,choose to move on because of the length of the approval process, or because some edits are minute (one or two words) and do not stand out at a glance. So please, let us know if you make edits - we want to get your character through the approval process, but we can't do that if we don't know that there is progress being made!

~ Yozshand


?Now come young one, don?t be afraid of a new journey!?
~Master Oneidas, Barthol Academy

This is the world of Darkness Incarnate. It is a world of high sorcery and mighty warriors, Noble deeds and Evil crimes, Good and Evil. Here, you will create your avatar upon our world. Whether it be a spell-slinging mage, a frenzied berserker, or a simple rogue, you can be guaranteed that a place in the annals of history are all that await you. Whether that be as a miserable failure that died on his own blade, or as a swashbuckling hero who saved the day from darker denizens, is up to you!



Names, labels, titles. It has many wordings, and many faces. Will your name strike fear into the heart of mortals, or be simple enough to hide the true demon inside. This is your descision, and it only has impact on how you will be known? or unknown! Choose wisely, and even though it may seem like it would be funny and a good joke, do not use the names of popular videogame and/or television characters. It usually only serves to annoy the higher powers.

Example Names:
Georg Malkus
Gunter The Brave
Blake Goren
Sylphiel Talis



Race, origin, traits, life. This is what it means to be of a certain race. Will you be the average human, who seeks his fortune, or the elf, cast out from his wooded home? This choice is yours. Races have certain bearings on class choosing and ability, but none to a great extent. You could be a gnomish samurai, set out to reclaim his honor, or an orcish alchemist, forever striving to become normal. Although races and their natural attributes have an effect on gamepaly, sometimes a flawed character is much more enjoyable to Roleplay as than some godlike hero.

(Link to Races page)



Profession. Straight and simply, who you act like. Are you a sword swinging fighter, clad in the heaviest of armors? Are you the brooding rogue, forever locked in swift combat? Are you the fetid necromancer, cursed to raise corpses to do his bidding in a mockery of true life? This is once again, your choice. Your class defines your fighting style, your play style, and more often than not, your story.

(Link to Classes page)



Good, Evil, Neutral. Which side do you choose in the great morality war? Will you be a shining beacon of hope to all those in need? Or will you become the darkest soul the land has ever seen? Or, will you sit on the fence, forever locked between the two conflicting sides? This is your choice. You could be the necromancer on the side of good, misunderstood in your art. Or, you could be a paladin on the path of evil, spreading the deadly curse of your patron deity.

(Link to Alignment page)



A characters inventory is their equipment. A fighter and his hammer, A mage and his staff, A rogue and a dagger. There can?t be much said here except the only things you can have in your inventory are your starting equipment, bought equipment, and any other mod approved item. For more information, see the Equipment page.

(Link to Equipment page)



Lifeblood of the current economy. Gold is the currency of DI. There isn?t much of it, so a large sum is nearly impossible to achieve right off. Gold is used to buy equipment, or any other type of thing moderators deem necessary.

(Link to Economy page)



Fire, earth, lightning, Ice. Spells, while only available to certain classes, are powerful harbingers of destruction, or a boon to all those affected by it. Spells are the result of the buildup and release of mana inside the body, and as such, have a limited number of uses. They make up for their limits with the power to turn the tide of a battle suddenly. Even more so with the fabled 'One Shot' spells, or the spells with only one use. Spells are generally considered to be stronger than specials of the same strength, owing to the fact that mages have devoted their lives to the study and usage of these magics.

Refer to your class's page for any and all spells



No, not a fluffy kitty. Unless said kitty had gigantic fangs and was ready to tear out the throats of enemies at your command. Yes, pets, the loyal companions of many an adventurer. Whether they are fierce and brave or Stealthy and sly, pets often help turn the battle in your favor. You can refer to the list of pets listed in the main section of this area.

(Link to Pets page)



Specials are the special techniques that your character has learned. They are often powerful attacks in their own rights, and some manage to allow you to escape harm with nary a scratch. While you usually only start with one medium and two weak specials, your mastery will grow over time and battles, until you hold an arsenal only comparable to a Swiss army knife on crack. Specials have a limited number of uses in battle, so learn to rely on your regular attacks, as well as specials. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a hard situation.

In our game system we tend to stray from hard numbers and instead prefer to use relative terms of strength. Below you will find some of the words associated with each strength tier of special/spell and skill. These are not the only words that can be used, but the words used will usually fall under these guidelines.

Weak: Slight, Small,
Medium: Moderate, Average
Strong: Large, Substantial
Powerful: Massive, Gigantic

Special Examples (By Strength)


Advanced Training - Argus had been trained to the point of exhaustion before coming to DI, therefore, he can perform a defensive slice that can deflect incoming projectiles.
(3x per battle.)


Ki Blast - Argus learned to control the Ki that flows through his body, and has gained the ability to direct it?s flow to his hands, which allows him to forcefully eject it, causing a shockwave in front of him.
(3x per battle)


Blade rain - Argus further engages his Ki. This allows him to send a wave of energy up into the air, which falls back to the ground 2 posts later, and in a larger quantity. (5 energy blasts rain down from the sky along the battlefield.)
(3x per battle)


Reaper Possession - Argus is possessed by the spirit of the Reaper. His armour turns to an ghostly black cloak, and his features become skeletal. His sword forms into a large scythe blade and begins to glow darkly. He is very fast, very strong, and is immune to blindness for 5 posts.
(1x per battle)

(Consider yourself VERY lucky if you ever receive a powerful special)



Skills are the forms and other attributes of your character. You begin with two weak and one medium skill, but as your experience in this world lengthens, you will have gained many new attributes, whether it's a resistance to fire to an increased sense of the battlefield. Skills are passive, meaning that they cannot be directly used. This would apply for say, a skill that allows Bill to jump higher. He would not have to activate this skill to jump higher, it would always be in effect. An exception to this rule are powerful 'activated skills' that can be purchased at any time in a characters life and need to be activated before they take effect. A character may only ever have one activated skill, so make it count! Here are examples of skills by strength:

Skill Examples (By Strength)


Specialist - Argus has trained for years with his sword, and this allows him more balance and better maneuvering with said blade.

- Medium:

Mindset - Argus has learned not to fear death, therefore, wounds do not affect his psyche as much as they would a normal person. Note: They still hurt, but Argus pays less attention to them.

- Strong:

Uncanny Reflex - Argus has, through his extensive training, developed an uncanny ability to dodge incoming projectiles. This only applies to slow moving projectiles, and they can?t always be avoided.

- Powerful:

Perfect Body - Argus has learned to control his bodily functions to a degree in which he can quickly recover from any and all status effects. All effects (Blind, Poison, Daze) durations are halved, and any one post duration effects are only weakened.



This is your story. Was your avatar a traveling priest suddenly taken up by the will to serve, or was he a elven ranger content in his forest home when an invader rousted him from his sanctuary. This, along with many other things, is your decision.



What does your character look like? Though not required, it helps set up a sense of belonging and complexity to your character, not to mention the ease with which battles will flow. With more description in your appearance, your battles will be long and excellent. It really helps an opponent write well if you have a set description of yourself, and from his writing, you can write a legendary post yourself.


Aranmaru strode down the lane, his obsidian locks flying behind him in a grim parade. His sword was safely latched to his side and sheathed, almost blending in with his coal colored pants and shirt. His stormy grey eyes reflected the slaughter he was about to commit, and the solemn look on his pale face revealed nothing. His hands were at his side, in a calm and easy manner.



Description is the lifeblood of this entire system. Without a fairly solid grip on how to describe your specials, skills, and ultimately, yourself, you will fail in the world of DI. This is a fairly high bar that we have set before you, but reach down inside yourself, and dredge up that inspiration, that dream, that ability that all of us have. A good character is defined in his description and ability. A character is NOT defined by how OMGWTFPWNAGE their godlike skills are. Be realistic, be fair, and most importantly, have fun!


Example Character

Name: Aranmaru Kishiba
Class: Samurai
Race:: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Inventory: Kaimaru
Gold: 0
Specials: Focus Strike, Kaminari Kitsune, Ancestral Wind
Spells: N/A
Skills: Overcoming Fear, Kenjutsu Style: Crane, Kabuki Troupe
Pets: N/A

Explanation of Specials

Focus Strike-

Aranmaru focuses his inner energy into a collective of tangible spheres. He then projects the energy into his blade, which glows with a blue inner light. It takes one post to charge the energy. He must concentrate while gathering the energy for the strike, therefore, he cannot move. The energy can then be released on the post after the charge finished, or can be held over for two posts after the charge occurred. It releases the energy as a collective of small, tangible blades that fly towards the opponent at high speed.

1 Post to Charge
1x Per Page
3x Per Battle

Kaminari Kitsune -

Aranmaru?s father was blessed by the eternal fox. This blessing allowed the Kishiba family to gain the increased agility granted by the fox-god. The essence of the fox-god lasts for three posts, after which, Aranmaru is wearied for one post.

1 Post Wearied
3 Post Duration
2x Per Battle

Ancestral Wind-

A swift sword attack that has been taught in the Kishiba family for twelve generations. Aranmaru strikes quickly, often aiming for a vital area, although very rarely achieving a fatal hit.

4x Per Battle

Explanation of Skills

Overcoming Fear-

Due to his intense training, Aranmaru has learned to keep his calm in battle. He is less affected by attacks aimed at breaking his concentration, but can still become less calm if a critical hit is sustained. (Critical hit being something that either causes heavy bleeding, or such a large amount of pain that it isn?t humanly possible to ignore it.)


Kenjutsu Style: Crane

Aranmaru has studied the various forms of combat, and he has chosen the Crane style as his overall combat style. This means that he strikes quickly with his blade, and retreats quickly. His training in this style has had an added effect; Aranmaru has learned to balance himself very well, allowing for harder swings of his blade without becoming off-balance.

[Weak ]

Kabuki Troupe -

For a short while after his training, Aranmaru was performing with a small kabuki troupe. He did so mainly to gain passage to other places, but during his stay with the actors, he had learned how to move more gracefully.


*Custom Weapon: Kaimaru

Kaimaru was the sword given to Aranmaru on his thirteenth birthday. It has a gleaming steel blade with a fox eye etching near the hilt. It has a wider handguard than a regular katana, but a shorter blade. There is a black and gold tassel hanging off of the ornate golden pommel. The handle is wrapped in white cloth, and has a ruby inset on one side. The guard is made of blackened iron. The sheathe for Kaimaru is of glossy mahogany, and bears the drawing of a fox running through stormclouds.


*Custom Equipment

You want a sword special tailored to you? Do you want a unique killing machine? That is why we have implemented a custom weapon system. It allows you to create your own weapon. It cannot be anything that would be blow out of proportion, and it cannot have properties (IE shooting wind from the blade and knocking someone over)

[Example Shown in Example Character]


'Now, it seems you are ready to try your hand at this game named fate'
~David Eddings, while interviewing young authors.

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