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Can't wait for MWO
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A pet is a companion who will help you while battling. They can help both to defend you or to attack your opponent. They are essentially smaller-type characters that can learn specials and skills just a regular character does. As such, they will likely have a history and other such elements. However, they are much weaker than standard people and they are much less intelligent. Pets will only be able to attack 2 times per page. The only exception is Monster tamers. They have their pet rules written in their class.

How hard a pet is to train effects directly what you can do with it. Domestic pets such as dogs can be safely assumed will follow your commands and risk their life to save you while harder to tame pets such as wolves would only follow basic commands and are likely to put themselves before your characters safety. Purchasing skills describing your bond and/or training can help rectify this. Some monstrous creatures such as the manticore are very hard to train and so without a skill will most likely try and attack anyone and be uncontrollable. The intelligence of the creature also effects what commands it will undertake. A komodo dragon is far less likely to understand “flank around the back and bite his legs” than your pet dog, however again skills can be used to improve this one way or another.

Monster tamers are the exception as the class revolves around controlling creatures without any additional skills, giving them ‘some’ extra level of control. This doesn’t mean however that a manticore would roll over for its tummy tickled, a skill is probably still needed for better or total control.

Domestic Pets
Domestic pets have been bred over the years to serve mankind; as such they are the easiest kind of pet to train. They make loyal and dependable creatures who will often sacrifice there own safety for their owners.

Cat. A small type of cat usually used as a household pet. What the cat lacks in combat ability it makes up with its speed and agility. They tend to have a mind of their own but are easily trained and have an excellent sense of smell, hearing and sight. This makes them excellent scouts. Cats have the ability to attack in the same post as their master as long as neither are using a special. [3gp]

Dog. A small breed of dog usually kept as a household pet. The dog has a very keen sense of smell and hearing. They are extremely loyal to their masters and will often face down massive beasts in blind defense of them. The dog has little combat ability but can deliver a nasty bite. They are very easy to train and can attack in the same post as their master as long as neither are using a special. [3gp]

Hawk. A small bird of prey traditionally used in hunting. They are fairly easy to train and make excellent scouts. They are able to deliver nasty claw or beak wounds if they get the chance but are usually lacking in combat ability. A hawk can attack at the same time as their master as long as neither are using a special. [3gp]

Horse. An average sized horse. Their size and ability to trample other beings makes them dangerous along with the fact they can easily gain some speed given the chance. Horses can be spooked easily by unexpected or loud things without proper training, however, and have a limited amount of attacks at their disposal. [8gp]

Hound. A larger breed of dog bred for hunting. The hound has one of the greatest senses of smells in the animal kingdom as well as great hearing. They are loyal and easily trained. They can deliver a nasty bite and are the middle ground between the fighting dogs and wolves in terms of speed and agility. [10gp]

Fighting Dog. A dog bred for fighting. They aren’t quite as large as a hound or wolf but they are stocky and muscular. They have a nasty temperament but are fairly easy to train; they can deliver a very nasty bite and can take considerable punishment. However, they are not as agile or fast as a wolf or even a hound. They have been bred to have a lockjaw so once they bite on it takes considerable force to dislodge them. [10gp]

War horse. A massive horse bred and trained for combat, they don’t get as easily startled by the unknown due to their training and temperament. Their size and strength makes them dangerous although they have very limited ways of combat and will usually only retaliate if attacked or threatened. [13gp]

Wild Pets
Wild pets are generally much harder to train than regular domestic pets but can prove to be very effective and dangerous.

Fox. A fox is the middle ground between the dog and cat. They are more agile and fast than a dog, and stronger and more dangerous than a cat. They have good senses and make good scouts. Natural instincts make them more jumpy and likely to notice people. They are one of the easiest to train in wild pets but don’t naturally have the devoted loyalty of a dog. They can attack at the same time as their master if neither is using a special. [3gp]

Owl. A medium sized owl. The owl makes an excellent scout, it sees better in the dark and has overall excellent senses especially its sight. They are pretty easy to train compared to other wild pets. The can deliver quite nasty wounds if they get in close with their beaks or claws. They are larger and stronger than the average hawk but don’t have their speed. They can attack at the same time as their master if neither is using a special. [3gp]

Raven. A large raven typically thought of as a carrion bird. Ravens are very clever compared to most birds and so can be trained to do better things. Ravens are fairly easy to train compared to most other wild pets. They have a liking for shiny things and can become easily distracted. They don’t have much in terms of combat ability. They can attack at the same time as their master if neither is using a special [5gp]

Eagle. A large bird of prey and a deadly sky predator. Eagles make excellent scouts and have a lot more combat ability than the most birds. They are stronger and faster than owls. They can attack using their talons or beak. They are fairly hard to train and will rarely put themselves at great risk. They make good scouts as they have almost unbeatable vision. [7gp]

Wolf. Despite their similarity to dogs, wolves are a wild animal. They are much swifter and more agile than a hound or fighting dog and can still deliver nasty attacks. Their natural instincts make them good scouts combined with their good sense of smell and hearing. They are much harder to train the domestic pets, however, once they are bonded with someone they become fiercely loyal. Rathol’s, due to their similar pack like nature, make good owners of wolves and don’t require any additional skills for extra control. [10gp]

Komodo dragon. The largest natural lizard. They can grow very large and strong but lack in agility although they can still charge pretty fast. They are fairly hard to train and don’t usually have the kind of intelligence for too specific commands. However, they have a very nasty bacteria infested bite which causes the wound to fester and hurt like mad. They also use their very powerful tail while attacking. Ssar, due to their biological closeness, find it much easier to tame komodo dragons, which accept them as another lizard in smell. They have an excellent sense of taste which can be used similar to smell to find people. [11gp]

Black bear. The smallest but most aggressive kind of bear. They are strong and fairly fast when charging. However, they are quite intelligent, but lack agility and are hard to train. Then can take considerable punishment but not as much as grizzly bears. They can attack using their claws or by biting. They have a very good sense of smell. [12 gp]

Lion. A lion is the largest and strongest of all big cats. They are fairly fast, agile and very strong. They attack using their claws or by biting with their powerful jaws. They are hard to tame and aggressive in nature. Kiltharrs find it much easier to tame lions due to their natural pride behavior. [12gp]

Puma. A stealthy stalker of the night. The puma isn’t as strong as a lion but is faster and more agile as it relies more on stealth to take down its prey. Like the lion, it has sharp claws and a very nasty bite. They are hard to tame but make excellent night time assassins. [12gp]

Grizzly bear. A large, strong bear. Grizzly bears are like the black bear only larger and stronger. They aren’t as aggressive and have even less agility than black bears, but they can take heavy punishment and have a very good sense of smell. They are an intelligent animal but hard to train. [13 gp]

Humanoid pets
Humanoids are the most intelligent of pets but are still far less than even Orcs. These races exist only as tribal societies with, at best, the ability to speak poor human. Although at first they may seem lacking compared to other pets of the same cost, their intelligence and ability to wield weapons more than makes up for it.

Kobold. A small humanoid similar to a goblin in physique. They have a rat like head and tail, usually aren’t able to speak human but have the ability to learn with training. They are frail and weak but fairly agile. Due to their size they are slow, similar to Halflings. However, they are intelligent compared to most pets and can fight wielding small weapons. They can’t hold a weapon bigger than a short sword, which they would do in two hands anyway. Generally they carry knives which to them are like swords and buckles like shields. Despite everything they are fairly easy to train as they are scared of stronger, more intelligent races. They are a cowardly race and unlikely to put themselves in too much danger. Due to their size and nature, goblins find them easy to relate to and so have better control and share something of kinship with them [10gp] (equipment sold separately)

Ogre. The most intelligent of the humanoid pets. Still a few stages under the average Orc but not by much. Ogres are very strong and just a bit bigger than the average Orc, therefore able to wear standard equipment like any normal character. They are harder to tame or, more accurately, convince to work for someone. They make excellent body guards and possesses basic speech, although they aren’t ones for conversation. Orcs make excellent masters of Ogres as the ogre respects the average Orcs strength and they have a similar intelligence. [18gp] (equipment sold separately)

Cyclops. A massive one eyed ogre. They are much taller and lankier than regular ogres and only have one eye in their head. They are thicker than most, but extremely strong. Their one eye gives them a strange kind of ranged perspective that makes them surprisingly accurate when throwing large objects. They cannot wear normal equipment but generally use any large rocks or bits of tree they can find in combat. They are hard to tame and have to be taught to speak. [18gp]

Giant. The strongest and most massive humanoid in existence. They have the capacity to wield whole trees like clubs. They have very little agility but their size makes it easy for them to get from one place to another quickly. They are very hard to take down although their soft spots are massive targets on such a creature. They have a peanut sized brain and require a lot of teaching even for basic speech. They can be easily fooled but are almost unstoppable in combat. They are very hard to train [25gp]

Mythic creatures
Mythic creatures are quite rare, quite powerful and very difficult to train. They require a lot of attention for non-monster taimers, compared to the other pet types.

Unicorn. A wild majestic horse with a sharp horn on its head. A unicorn is much stronger but slower than an average horse. They can attack with the horn on their head giving them an extra level of attack a normal horse does not. They are less likely to be scared than a normal horse. However, they are fairly hard to tame and don't have the docile nature of a domestic horse. [10gp]

Pegasus. A flying horse. They have wings similar to a birds usually the same color as the Pegasus coat. They are very fast, have very limited ways of attacking and their wings are fragile. They are easier to tame than a unicorn but much harder than domestic animals. [12gp]

Greater Unicorn. A massive beast, wild but powerful. The greater unicorn is a huge unicorn bigger even than a war horse. They are able to attack using their long sharp horn or kicking with their powerful legs. They are the slowest kind of horse but are by far the strongest. They are a wild and willful animal making them hard to train. [15gp]

Dryad. A small and nimble creature of the forest. They are an intelligent and resourceful creature usually relying on tricks and cunning instead of brute force unlike their treant cousins. They are fairly hard to train but are the most intelligent pet available. [15gp]

Treant. A massive walking living tree. They are extremely strong but slow. When they are still they blend seamlessly in with other trees. How intelligent they are is debatable as they are old and wise but don’t do much thinking. They are fairly hard to tame but make extremely strong and durable allies. They are weak against fire. [18gp]

The chimera is a massive creature. The left half of the body is some kind of big cat and the right a monstrous looking ram. It has two heads at the front both a similar size. The big cat’s head has massive jaws where as the ram has strong curled horns. The third head is the most spectacular however; in the place of a tail is a massive serpent. Despite having three heads the creature is only one beast. Individual heads can be cut off or killed without the whole creature dying, however, it causes a lot of pain. The chimera is very fast and strong with three lethal heads. It’s extremely hard to tame. [26gp]

The gryphon is a massive creature: half lion, half eagle. It has the body of a lion yet the head and wings of an eagle. They are very fast fliers and have very strong wings. They are not as strong or deadly as a chimera or manticore on the ground but specialize in attacks from the air. They have powerful talons and beak. They are very hard to tame although due to their less aggressive nature not as hard as chimeras and manticores. [26gp]

The manticore is a massive creature. The body of a lion yet a head somewhere in the mix of a lion and a human. They have bat like wings although they are nowhere near as agile and fast as a gryphon in flight. They have a massive scorpion like tail which can produce various venoms. (Specials needed). They are strong and intelligent creatures yet extremely hard to tame. They can move pretty fast on the ground but not as well as a chimera. [26gp]


A player my also choose to purchase a custom pet of their own design. This is done by typing up a detailed description of the pet and its intended abilities, and then submitting it to a moderator for approval. These pets will always be more expensive than the ones listed here. As a general rule a moderator will compare your pet with the pets on this list, find the price, and then multiply it by 1.3. In short, be sure that this pet is truly worth the price before purchasing it.

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