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 Post subject: Kate Darksmith: Foundations Tournament Character
PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:36 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO

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Location: Wherever Greatness is Found
Name: Kate Darksmith
Race: Human
Class: Assassin
Age: 18
Evilness: Very


Wrist Crossbow-15gp
Dao -7gp
Small mirror -1gp

Wrist mounted crossbow : Custom weapon
The switching of weapons and the disadvantage it gave long since troubled Kate. Thus she contracted the creation of the wrist mounted crossbow, the weapon is very similar to a normal crossbow except made from metal to keep its size down but keep its stability to cope with extreme pressures that built when arming the weapon for firing. The crossbow straps to Kate's right arm starting just behind the wrist. This leaves Kate's hands free to wield other weapons and allow her to not need to keep switching. Due to it being latched onto her hand she can simply load it with her left hand using her right arm to hold it in place. Due to the small size of the crossbow the power produced is slightly weaker than a normal crossbow.


Dire Elk (Alces alces) -Medium ... lmoose.jpg
Also known as a moose. A bull Elk stands at almost 2 meters. They are immensely strong and can deal a good amount of damage if they charge using their antlers. They are fast in a straight line when charging but it makes for turning extremely difficult. They have some defence against blunt blows due to their fat and muscles but it offers no defence against blades and arrows and can be a nice big target because of this. – 4 posts

The Dire Elk is not the sort of creature a hunter would see and think ‘gee I bet that would make a good meal’ it’s the sort of creature that makes them drop their bow and consider a new profession. The Dire Elk is a magnificent stag standing just over 2 meters tall just a considerable bit bigger than their lesser relatives. The stag’s coat is a dark grey, thick and long. The creature is a majestic beast with an extra pair of antlers. Its normal ones that come up and to the side and while the others drop down to the side of its face making it a really deadly charge. The creature isn’t much stronger than its normal forum but has a much thicker hide and coat giving it a lot more defence than normal.– 4 posts

Chi - Chi is the art of turning one's will into near invisible force. Whenever the martial artist throws a punch, kick, etc. they can use chi to project it into a ranged technique. This fatigues them more than simply throwing a normal punch or kick since they have to compensate for the distance and it will deal just as much damage as a normal punch or kick.
(How much it fatigues them can be figured out simply. Energy required to punch/kick/etc. + energy that would be used to close the distance x 2. Or put a different way: 2(ENERGY + DISTANCE).) 5x per battle

Wings of Light: The warlock takes a portion of the southern cross and implants it within his body. A dimly glowing pair of wings sprout from the caster's back and they can move and react moderately faster than normal... however, moving as such speeds drains more energy. Despite what it may seem, this does not give them the ability to fly. It lasts for 3 posts. [Light, Medium/Slow/warlock] 2x per battle

Concussion: The power of sound is often underestimated by many. More than simply soul-moving, music has force enough to move the body along with its spirit. Musalis has been gifted with knowledge of this power, and the ability to utilize it to a small degree. When Musalis touches both hands to one another (in any fashion and to any degree), an explosive blast of sound can be emitted from her skeletal frame, made all the more powerful by the resonating nature of her bare skeleton. This "shockwave" does not project from her body to a great degree (5 to 7 feet). However, those caught within this small range can easily be knocked back 2.5 times that. The blow feels like being hit with a "soft" brick wall, jarring the mind and the senses. 3x per battle.

Breathe In: The warlock focuses a bit of energy from the southern cross and converts it into personal energy. This returns some stamina to the target and the caster can target anyone. [Light, Weak/Slow/warlock] 2x per battle

Elanix: [medium, 4 SS per creature, 3x per battle] (Pronounced Ell-Ah-Nix)
Elanixes are commonly thought of as other worldly dolls. They have long hair and sharp teeth. They have no known eyes (despite their 360 degree vision) or any other facial features, excluding the mouth. They normally have the end of one arm thin out into a blade like structure (no hand) and the other for-arm widens out to create a small shield. On average they're no more than 2 or 3 feet tall. Elanixes are not the most well known for their combative abilities but tend to be very vicious and can take a beating like few others (in comparison).

Class Skill: Legendary Assassin

After contract after contract being successfully undertaken Kate finaly feels she has earned her equal in the family name. Katharine has now become a legendary assassin in her own rite, her name sends fear into the minds of people with prices on their heads and many in the assassin comunity envy her. Over the years she realised that the key to taking down people is to be faster than your opponent and to strike where it counts. Kate by doing this as gained a speed that many people would find impossible and now she is vary rarely matched in her level of speed.

Racial Skill: Blood Vision

As an ancient technique of the Darksmiths, Kate has awakened the power inside herself, the blood vision is a second sight, which allows Kate to see a person's very life energy. When activated Kate sees around a person a glow of energy, which differs in colour and strength depending on the person and their type of inner power. In this way a warrior will have a much fainter glow then a magic user however is still very visible. However the technique can become tiresome on her eyes this can only be used for up to three posts at a time and then has to rest for two before being able to activate it again.

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