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 Post subject: Kronk: Foundations Tournament Character
PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:38 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO

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Name: Kronk
Race: Orc
Class: Berserker
Alignment: Neutral

Battle Pick


Existence of a God - Acheron can overcharge the God-Link to receive a large boost in speed and power, but the link is shattered for the rest of the battle. This makes Threading the Needle unusable, as well as any other specials or skills that rely on the God-Link. This boost lasts for 3 posts.

Wildcat (Felis silvestris) – Weak ... ze_002.jpg
The wild cat is a close relative of the domestic cat. They have many sup-species all around the world. The European being the largest at about 80cms in length not including the 30cm tail and it stands at its shoulder at about 35cms. It may not be the biggest or strongest creature in the world only just stronger than its domestic cousin. The real strength of the creature comes from its speed and agility, and has particularly sharp claws for fast attacks. – 3 posts

Flurry of Blows - A Martial Artist is taught many patterns during his training, all made out of many various techniques that interweave with the next one, forming one move that strikes in many different ways. Darious is able to use these patterns in combat, lashing out with two or three moves that flow together to form one single attack. (Weak) 3x per battle

Siren's Talent: In life, Musalis harbored a love for music. Death never daunted such emotion. With Ochre's blessing, Musalis may infuse her musical voice with magic, seeping through to her opponent heart and soul. When heard, anyone within earshot will be affected with feelings of longing and regret: a nostalgic desire for something, though they may not know what. Thus, they may be less prone to fight, attack, or be more susceptible to sympathy and/or mercy. However, as with all sound, Musalis voice can still be muffled by other forces. 3x per battle

Pulse of Rage [M]: Upon building up enough rage, Chris vents his anger in the form of a shockwave with his body as the epicenter. This wave is strong enough to send an opponent flying, and deflect most non magical projectiles (Magic projectiles are unaffected by this because of Chris's lack of magical knowledge). (Cost: 3 Rage Points. Each extra point spent slightly increases the effects of this special. 3x Per Battle)

Roggle [weak, 3ss per creature, 4x per battle] (Pronounced Rock-gull)
Roggles look like big rabbits. Using mostly their claws, which are large for their size, these creatures are among the normal summons a summoner usually has at his or her disposal.

Th'arans: [weak, 4 SS per creature, 4x per battle] (Pronounced Terrence) Th'arans are small creatures, about half the size of a halfling. These small humanoid creatures have little physical strength, and even less defensive strength. However, they have two special feature that causes summoners to summon them. They're very stealthy, making them perfect for ambush, and they can open a gland underneath their skin causing them to stink terribly, up to the point where a normal human would throw up in disgust when close enough.

Class Skill: Berserker's Torment

When Berserker's torment becomes activated Kronk becomes enraged and becomes exceptionally fast and slightly stronger. Due to the amount of speed he has increased his weapons become more lethal because they will also be travelling at higher speeds. Kronk's ability to think rationally is dampened while this ability is active, and is more susceptible to illusions and "tricky" things.
Kronk's rage increases by one point every time he gets hit, uses a skill that generates a rage point, or misses his opponent. Every 2 points generated becomes 1 post of duration upon activation. Must have a minimum of 6 points to activate.

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