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 Post subject: Tea and Crumpets - (BK+FO)
PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:30 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO
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It had been a taxing week. Supposedly someone out in the world knew enough about anything to build her a weapon to the specification she wanted. She looked down and the broken remains of her wrist-crossbow. The upkeep alone was barely worth the deadliness it provided. It happened too often someone one swing and her and before she knew it she was blocking it with its poor metal frame.

She was searching for a man who was better at going unnoticed than the most perfect assassin, but unlike them was at the total opposite end of the spectrum. Kate let her hair out of its clip letting it fall to the side of her face. It had grown longer than the usual tomboy cut she had had for as long as she could remember, that was all she could remember was being an assassin. Daylight was another annoying thing, to better be inconspicuous you had to dress normally not like a shadow.

Kate wore a loose summer dress, which blew genteelly in the light breeze. It was light blue in colour and was nether luxurious or common. She knew better than seem like too much of a up class lady that attracted the wrong kind of attention. Before everything, before her life had changed she had been rich and even not things seemed so trivial in the matters.

As she walked she felt men’s eyes on her, but when she returned the sate they suddenly lost the bravery required in this hold focus. No one could really explain it but when she wanted Kate had a stare that told you she knew exactly what you was thinking and she didn’t like it and if you didn’t look away she would do something about it.

The cobbles where uneasy in normal women’s shoe’s built for elegance not practicality but she carried it off like a pro. She had been told one thing about the man, he was a man of strict routine and every Sunday at noon he stopped by the same little café and sat at the same table and order the same thing.

She arrived at the quaint little place. she looked puzzled at the lack of real food that wasn’t little sandwiches or some kind of cake or bun. She noted the table and headed for it, the time according to her very precise internal clock was five to the hour. Before sitting a waiter ran over to her slightly flushed.

“I’m sorry madam but that table is reserved”

Kate flashed him a disapproving look. The man suddenly felt like a piece of dust on the chessboard of life and it was Kate’s move with the knight carrying a feather duster.

“I know he’s expecting me”

The man looked puzzled for a moment but he knew better when to argue. The customer was always right after all. Well right as long as they paid, and tipped well. Kate rolled her eyes and flashed him a coin into palm.

“Ill have a glass of wine while I wait”

“Erm.. we don’t ser…”

“Just bring me something to drink” she interjected before he finished his apology.

Kate’s eyes traced the white annoyingly fluffy clouds above. It was going to be one of them days.

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