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 Post subject: The First Hunt - The Blood Moon (Silent moon + 2 open)
PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:50 pm 
What's parapet for?
What's parapet for?
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In this RP i will be using Marcus, a young hunter after fame, fortune and the biggest prize of his life. A wolf pack, that is like no other and threatnes the life of the villagers everywhere. This will take place three years before the current Darkness Incarnate present. i mension this because if my main character who is the focus of the hunt every comes in contact with your characters you are using it won't make much sense. you are free to use any characters you wish although nothing too over powered, the hunt is supposed to end up a bloody fight with little hope of survival. If you use your curren't characters just make sure it is a younger version of their selves it should make for an interesting RP if anyones game.


Marcus stared up at the moon. It was huge and lit up the sky to such an extent he had never bared witness to before. He had always been told that the hunter’s moon was a good omen, but even now he felt a shiver fall down his spine as the slight fear of the unknown gripped him. Sweat dripped slowly down his back and felt unpleasant in the coolness of the night air. He glanced around him, a number of the villages had taken up his call but he saw the fear in their eyes, their hands gripped improvised farm tools as weapons and a few carried game bows. They all gripped them way too tightly trying to reassure themselves as dominant in a situation. Marcus tried to keep himself calm he had to make sure they where the hunters here, it was too easy for a frightened rabble to become a feast.

The howls erupted from the forest destroying the silence, more than one man let slip a startled jump with fear and one young man barely old enough to be holding a weapon dropped his bow. “Calm men, they are but beasts! We shall put them down and end this quickly” a few perked up slightly taking courage in his words; the hunter just wished he believed them too.

The animals were no normal wolf pack, most stayed small, it being rare to find more than twenty wolves sharing one hunting ground. These where different it had been months since he had lost track of them and then they had been more than 50 individuals, they had no sense of territory. They moved from one area to the next devastating heards of confined livestock and diapering before the humans could react. Most wolves had learned to avoid humans but several unlucky farmers had already been killed by the creatures when they came across them. The worst thing on Marcus’s mind was the behaviour, they where defiantly not one family or even the same subspecies. He had noted many different kinds, some he hadn’t seen for hundreds of miles. They moved like an army organised and deadly. Something was different somehow they would enter new territory and leave with more members assimilating a pack. It wasn’t the mind of an animal, it was something much worse.

The small group carried on forwards, Marcus removed his composite bow from his back, placing an arrow in place but not wasting fatigue by pulling back the string unnecessarily. Most of these fools would serve only as a large target, something to make the animals confused and scared, when the time came they would pull out their torches and the fire would be the key to victory, all he had to do was find the leader, he envisaged some massive wolf or he was leaning almost towards escaped dog. Some of the breeds turned out these days where monstrously clever and would explain the strange behaviour.

He was glad he had found two skilled travellers in the town this would be a lot harder with only him truely combat able. Marcus stood just under 6’ foot, his youthful appearance hid the true years of experience and wisdom as a skilled hunter. He was almost twenty five but still looked late teens bordering on twenty. His dark hair was cut short and even on the hunt was well kept. His green eyes traced the edge of the forest.

They stopped dead on a white wolf; it stopped in mid silent step, only a few hundred meters away. It watched him almost impassively for a moment, before dashing past and around them too far out of weapon shot; it didn’t stop his bow following it go. It was smaller than most wolves and should not be found in such a forest as this. Shortly after a howl came up behind them some distance away in the direction the wolf has just run. In front of them other howls answered the call. Against all his years of experience he would almost swear the wolf has just revealed their position to the rest of the pack. It was a chilling thought, he had to put it behind him if they didn’t have surprise they didn’t have anything.

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