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squirrel hunt (open for chase)
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Author:  HBL [ Sat Apr 03, 2010 5:58 am ]
Post subject:  squirrel hunt (open for chase)

Ra’yal was dashing through the snow covered mountain range, kicking up the soft white expanse underfoot as she ran. She couldn’t remember running like this, she was truly running as fast as she could, for no other reason than that she could, and that it was so much fun. Before she knew it the mountain side had transformed into a forest of frozen trees, it was beautiful in all its glistening glory and she was at peace within her solitude.

A noise to her left startled her, and at first she was annoyed at being disturbed form her peace that strangers could interrupt her in this place. But then she was filled with so much warmth and love, as she realised that the strangers were her parents. She went to run to them but there was a thorn in her foot. But for some reason the thorn was in the top of the foot, going in and out. Pecking, peck, peck, peck.

Ra’yal was suddenly jousted awake, greeted with the first rays of light filtering its way down through the canopy of the rainforest. Still drowsy and bitten by grief at the fading dream, Ra’yal searched for what had wakened her so abruptly. There sitting at the end of her right paw was a magpie, pecking at her jewel, “stupid bird, for that I think I’ll eat you.” Ra’yal brought her left paw up and ready to swipe at the pestering bird, but as she brought her paw down the stupid thing flew straight at her face. Ra’yal snapped her fearsome teeth at the intellectually impaired rodent with wings and swiped her paw at it again. Somehow the stupid thing manages to get away from Ra’yal in her half sleep state causing her to become very, very grumpy.

Ra’yal decides tho that she is much to tired to give the bird chase and thinks several more hours of sleep up in this wonderfully tall tree will do her good. It’s not until she goes to place her head on her paw that Ra’yal notices that during the tussle her jewel has pried loose and fallen somewhere beneath here. Ra’yal mumbles to herself as she begins the long decent to the ground, “stupid bird, gurr, stupid, stupid bird, wake me up, guurr, maybe I should have made more effort to eat you.”

Author:  Chase [ Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: squirrel hunt (open for chase)

A cool breeze weaved in and out of the dense clutter of large, leafy green trees and undergrowth, refreshingly blowing its fingers through the messy brown hair of the slim lone traveller walking down a barely distinguished path. It caught itself in the bellowing dark green travellers cloak that hung over the traveller’s shoulders and wormed its way underneath the brown hessian vest that covered the young man’s chest, cooling the traveller more enjoyable then any water could hope to.

It was almost as if the winds themselves embraced this lone traveller, caressing him and letting him know that he was alone in this desert rainforest. It had always been this way, for this lone traveller was born of the wind, and he lived to sustain the great spirits that sped its gusts across the world. A discrete evil had spread throughout the world, stealing away these great spirits and draining their precious energies until nothing remained but a empty shell, destroy the delicate balance of nature that they upheld.

It was for this very reason that this slim young man, rapier in hand, had travelled across the very width of this dark and dangerous land. Only his childhood training as a competitive duellist and some very well trained instincts had kept him alive throughout the harsh trails that had been presented to him, and now he was very close to undercover the source of this evil.

Today, none of this mattered. Today, he was just a young man enjoying a commune with nature in this deserted landscape, enjoying the embraces of the breezes and relaxing even as he headed towards a dangerous confrontation. The confrontation was tomorrow’s business, and therefore unimportant today.

Unfortunately for the duellist, a flash of clear blue reflected light caught his eye, and his face turned upwards just in time for a large, sapphire blue stone to land squarely in the middle of his face. A startled exclamation escaped his lips as the stone bounced painfully on the soft flesh of his face and started to descend in front of his chest. Swift reflexes kicked into action and his right hand flashed outwards, grasping the falling stone firmly in its fist.

Rubbing the bruises flesh of his face, the slim duellist examined the fallen stone. It was the deepest sapphire blue possible to imagine, and for the slightest second the duellist though he caught sight of a flickering blue light deep within the heart of the stone. Closing his eyes and shaking his head, the duellist looked again only to see a plain, beautiful blue stone. The wealth of such a stone could surely allow the duellist to purchase newer and better quality equipment than he current used, so he swiftly pocketed the stone in his back pocket and continued down the nameless path, whistling a happy, toneless sound as he made his way.

Author:  HBL [ Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: squirrel hunt (open for chase)

As Ra’yal was just starting to make her way down the tall tree to retrieve her precious jewel, a startled squeal made its way up the wind too her ears. The high pitched noise resembled that of a squirrel in distress, and that alone brought a chuckle to Ra’yal’s lips, ‘maybe I’ll get breakfast this morning after all!’ The thought of food lessened Ra’yal’s anger, as she quickened her pace to retrieve her stone and her snack.

Her joy would be short lived however, for as she finally reached the forest floor her shoulders slumped for there was no sign of an injured squirrel. Shrugging the squirrel out of her mind she set herself upon the task of locating her stone, for it was the main reason for her not sleeping right now. Ra’yal made a once around the tree in a casual search, but when the stone was no where to been seen she began to fret. In a distressed haze Ra’yal did another sweep of the tree, and another, building speed as she went. Alas however the fretful search yielded no jewel and Ra’yal was on her last nerve. Her morning kept looking grimmer.

A sound drifted on the wind causing Ra’yal’s ears to perk. The sound was distorted from the wind and the distance, but to Ra’yal it sound slightly like a squirrels chirping. And at that sound Ra’yal stood still, ‘So the squirrel lives,’ the clogs in Ra’yal’s mind started to turn as the last traces of sleep left her. ‘And if the squirrel lives, it probably has my jewel,’ at this thought Ra’yal’s body language instantly switched, from that of a fretful cat, to that of a mighty hunter.

Nose to the ground, tail swishing, Ra’yal began a new search, ‘I will find you my little furry rodent.’ The smells on the ground had been severely disturbed from Ra’yal’s mad daze before, but working on the chirping sounds she could hear from a distance, Ra’yal was able to pick up the trail.

And with that the hunt was on.

Author:  Chase [ Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: squirrel hunt (open for chase)

A faint sound drifted along the breezes, indistinguishable at first but slowly growing in volume as its source drew nearer. At first the wondering duellist ignored the faint sounds, too caught up in his failed attempts to whistle a happy tune, but as the voice whispered his name his attention was neatly diverted. A sigh escaped his lips as he recognised the distant voice, and sure enough behind a hazy undistinguished shape soared through the air towards him.

“Boreas!” the voice projecting itself out of the hazy shape yelled, clearly trying to catch the attention of the wondering duellist who was just as clearly trying to ignore the call, facing forward and walking briskly onwards while making sharp noises that could only barely be called whistles. “Boreas! I know you can hear me!” The voice said again, its annoyingly sharp and high pitched voice now clearly audibly over the noises of the rainforest.

A second sigh escaped the duellist lips as he realised the folly of pretending to ignore this strange floating being of air any more. “Hey Sparks.” Boreas said with complete lack of enthusiasm in his voice. The hazy shape that was actually a minor wind elemental floated alongside the young duellist and waved eagerly, his enthusiasm at seeing his old friend at complete odds with his greeting. “What’s up?”

“Well,” Sparks said, taking in a deep breath before he plunged headlong into his story. “I was on my way to catch up with you when I noticed a very large and scary white tiger leap down from a tall tree before circling it for several laps. Then its ears pricked up and it seemed to hear this strange noise, a noise very similar to the one you were just making, and it starting leaping forward like a hunter on a mission. I followed the noise to see what was making it and found you, and so you must be what the very big and very scary tiger is after. Why is the scary tiger after you?” All the words tumbled out of the elementals mouth at exceedingly high speeds and was therefore extremely hard to understand, a fact that Boreas had always found awfully annoying.

Boreas had always been one slow of thought, and Sparks’ mind, if it had one, travelled at the speed of light, meaning that there was often a very large communication gap between the odd pair. This time, however, Boreas managed to catch the general gist of the alarming message. “Wait, a tiger is after me?” Suddenly paranoid, Boreas swept his eyes around the leafy landscape, looking for any movement that could belong to a vicious man eating predator. Sparks nodded his reply, his eyes also scanning the landscape for any possible danger.

“Let’s move a little faster then, hey?” Boreas asked in a slightly nervous voice, increasing his gentle stroll to a hurried walk as he continued down the path.

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