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 Post subject: The Heart of the Cores
PostPosted: Sat May 08, 2010 5:48 pm 
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Can't wait for MWO

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This RP is meant to explain the rather madcap and humorous situation in which Grimmar and Stolatos eventually became friends. Thus, large amounts of side-splitting laughter, the rolling of eyes at bad jokes, mild hilarity and shouts of OMG! are permitted while reading this, although are not required to reach the full amounts of joy capable by this RP. Furthermore, both theDINGbat and Wolf231 are aware of their first amendment rights to free speech and other good things that are available by living in some of the civilized countries of planet Earth. Therefore, this RP will likely contain large amounts of satire and generalized poking fun at other things (most likely including, but not limited to: fantasy novels, successful and failed ideas in the realm of Darkness Incarnate, anime, video games, popular culture, science fiction, general knowledge and history). The referencing of any concepts or characters is likely intentional, but may be unintentional as well.


There were gnomes everywhere. And Grimmar was right there standing in the middle of the crowd. They lined the walls, leaving the dwarf to stand in front of a throne that seemed to be crafted from a huge pile of failed metallic inventions. Gears, struts and rivets seemed to be strewn everywhere. It was like he was standing in the middle of a shrine to the god of mechanical failure. However, since he didn’t know if such a god existed and the fact that he was surrounded by at least 42 short people and every beady eye in the place (which was all of them) was trained on him, he figured it probably wasn’t the best idea to say anything, considering that he would probably end up getting mobbed by the midget hordes. He couldn’t understand why everyone was looking at him in abject silence, but he figured that it wasn’t because of his reputation as a stand-up comedian.

Then, all at once, the silence got even quieter for a moment, giving way to the sound of miniature metal shod feet clumping slowly and methodically towards the throne in the front of the room. It was a wizened old gnome, bald headed and dressed in a gaudy red robe. His robe was embroidered with pictures of gears, glowing circles and number of other strange devices that the dwarf couldn’t give name too. He walked in a hunched over manner and was slowly making his way towards the throne. The beady eyes turned to him as he progressed towards the high seat of gnomish make.

After what seemed like an eternity, the gnome finally made it to the throne, hauled himself onto it and sized Grimmar up. He took the cane that was in his hand, banged it on the floor and the room fell even more quiet than it was before. Grimmar wasn’t sure how much more of this insanity he could take – something had better make some noise soon or he was totally going to snap.

“Hero of recent scheduling, do you know why you have been summoned?”

All the eyes snapped back to him.


There was an audible gasp from all the gnomes in the room. The gnome on the throne tried to give a gasp as well, but it came out sounding more like a wheezing sound followed by a bunch of bone rattling coughs. Once he had finished coughing, he pulled himself up on the throne and said,

Well, we’re going to have to fix that then, won’t we?

Wait, you’re still reading this? Well, maybe I should go back to the beginning of the story then. Because we all know (well, maybe except me back there) that the best stories start from the beginning.


Grimmar was having a wonderful sleep. For once, he felt like he was finally overcoming the insomnia that had plagued him for the last few years. And the cure seemed to come from a source that Terrence would have agreed with; sitting around doing nothing and then drinking a couple of ales. Turns out that the dwarf had been thinking so much about falling asleep that he couldn’t fall asleep. (Funny how that works.) After a while, he knew that there was something or someone in the room with him. He woke up with a start, sitting up poker straight in his bed. He was met face to face with a gnome dressed in a jet black robe with a hood, those beady eyes staring out at him in a look of combined curiosity and determination. An extremely wide, unnerving smile was on his lips.

Hi! the gnome said to him in a high-pitched, squeaky voice.

What do you want?


What the heck?

He scanned his room and over in the corner, saw another black-robed figure staring at him and smiling away.


Ok...this is just getting a little creepy...

And in another corner, where there definitely wasn’t a gnome before...


Grimmar was now not only a bit creeped out – he was a lot creeped out.


The little buggers seemed to multiply out of thin air! Eventually, the room got really crowded as they continued to appear out of nowhere.


And in eerie, 29-part harmony, the gnomes said “We are helping!”

And with that, Grimmar found himself snatched up out of his bed by scores of tiny hands and carried overhead by the mob out the door of his room – in his bedclothes! All of the miniscule men seemed to be very happy with their find and were incessantly chattering to each other as they made their way out. The gnomes made it down the stairs, went out through the smithy, got turned around in the main hall and then paraded him overhead out the front door into broad daylight. Put me down, you black robed freaks! I don’t want to go with you!

The midgets turned to the left and went about 25 feet before turning into the neighboring house, the door having been opened for them already. He was quickly whisked through what looked like a large workshop with a number of other black robed midgets banging away at pieces of metal and trying to put things together. The place was a noisy mess and didn’t seem like a lot was getting done. After they went through that room, he was ushered, still above all the gnomes through a darkened door and down a few sets of stairs until they came to a large-ish door (for a gnome anyways) that was banked by two torches. A gnome came to the front of the group, knocked twice smartly on the door, spun once on the spot, walked backwards and then gave one more knock..

A small sliding window opened in the door. “Password,” came a voice from within.

The gnome enthusiastically raised his arm in the air above his head and yelled, “The power is yours!” And the door was slowly opened.

What is going on...?

The gnomes brought him to the middle of the room, deposited him on the floor and backed away.

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