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 Post subject: Shunning the light (Brotherhood 2nd Conflict)
PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:20 am 
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Can't wait for MWO
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A cheer greeted Barry as he walked into the packed clearing. His men all clapped and yelled for him, pride and cheerfulness all clear on their faces. It was their first victory as well as his, and everybody's spirits were running high. Still, there was something that had to be done before the celebrations could begin in earnest.

Raising his hand in an order for silence that was instantly obeyed, Barry lowered his head and spoke his words in a low voice that was filled with emotions. "This victory is a cause of joy, but before we celebrate we must remember those who did walk away from the ambush. We will remember their sacrifice till the end of time."

Someone on his left pasted him a tankard of ale, their eyes filled with quiet tears. Barry nodded his silent thanks before turning back to the rest of his men, raising his tankard in a toast that was instantly copied by all. "To our lost brothers!" he said, and a loud echo filled the clearing. A tear ran down the side of the officer's face as he lowered his head, and his men slowly returned to their celebrates with a respectful hush present in their voices.

Walking slowly over to the trunk of a tree cut down long ago, Barry sat down wearily and took a sip from his cold drink. For several minutes he just sat there, staring into empty space as his mind slowly came to grips with all that had happened during this day, which would come to be known as the Day of the First Conflict. For a while his emotions, both overwhelmingly positive and deeply saddening, threatened to overcome his silent control, yet his face stayed clear. Eventually, when his head had cleared enough to think rationally, he looked up and his eyes saw red.

Two separate floods of fiery red hair flooded off the elfish faces of different tones and striking beauty. One dark skinned and one light, standing off to one side of the group and not truly partaking in the celebrations around them. It was strange to see beings from such different cultures standing side by side, especially when rumours had often spoke of a hatred the two races held for each other. Still, he owed these two ladies his victory, so he waved them over, planning to see if either would like to join the brotherhood's cause truly and help him bring peace to this frightened land.

"Thank you," he said as they came within ear shot. "Both of you. Without you two tipping the scales I shudder to think of what would have happened to my men and I, without even considering the faith that would be install for the priestess." A real shudder ran down his spine as he thought of how close they had come to losing the priestess. "She is one who holds the heart of the people in her hands, both those who support the order and those who oppose it, and someone high up in the order is obviously afraid of her power."

Realising that he had been talking without letting his savours ask their own questions, Barry paused slightly and looked up, his open face and small smile encouraging them to speak up.


The following conversation will take place during pm's, up until a point. I will send the group PM shortly.

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