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 Post subject: !!!SNOWBALL FIGHT!!! (Open to ALL!)
PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 2:58 am 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO

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A fresh powder of snow had fallen throughout the bitter cold of night in vast amounts. The ending results, a veritable winter wonder land covered in snow. Children ran down the town bundled up layers of clothes and coats, gloves and boots. Every chimney had plumes of smoke lofting up to the sky and the windows of every house were frosted over with ice.

Down the road a man was approaching the town square. Coming into the open area big enough for rows of merchants in more prosperous weather, he brushes off a bench and sits down upon it. His long leather coat housed an inner pocket containing a small note pad full of patient reviews. The new year was coming, and evaluations would soon be due in the Outcast Keep. The stress of busy work was getting to him, and a nice walk around the nearby town was just what he needed to relax, even if he was still working.

“Andrew Jones; manic depressant; self admitted with suicidal tendencies.” He spoke to himself. “Last attempted suicide: May 23rd. Medication, reduced to less than half while still showing results. Socializes and smiles much more often.” Tapping his pencil to his lip he thinks for a moment before writing down. “Deemed cured and advise release from the asylum, provided he continues medication and has monthly meetings, just to be sure.”

He turns the page.

“Sarah Stankavitch; criminally insane; admitted by Lady Brooke of Bloomtown for ‘unknown’ reasons.” Sighing, he removes the glasses from his face and wipes his brow. “Lifetime commitment, by order of Duke Allan. Though when admitted she was perfectly normal, she has grown to be a bit unstable given her unjust imprisonment. A tragic case, she is a self fulfilling prophecy, being driven insane from her entrapment in an insane asylum. Tragic Indeed” He uttered aloud. He knew her story quite well, from her perspective anyways. She was a servant in Duke Allan’s castle, one who was growing too close to the Duke, and was sentenced her by his wife. There was nothing he could do for her though; outcast keep was part of Duke Allan’s region, and could easily be shut down if crossed.

He turns the page.

“Atrin (last name unknown);”

He turned the page.

That was a case where evaluation would only serve to eat time and weaken his own sanity.

Before he could begin reading the next page, something had struck him on the shoulder. Chunks of broken up snow splattered his cheek; he had been pelted with a snow ball. Brushing the mess from his coat, he smiled and looked across at where the orb had come from. With a smirk he put away his pad and pencil and gathered a weapon of his own. It was on.


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