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 Post subject: The Lost Children
PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:15 pm 
What's parapet for?
What's parapet for?
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The Fisher King arrived into the shanty town around sunset; the light of the sun fell ahead of him, his straw peasant hat fell in front of his face shading him from the piercing rays. Around him small hours little more than shacks, made of wood and debris. The people ignored him as he passed; they had bigger problems than getting involved with strangers. The place stank of filth and poverty but at the same time the fisherman could see the struggling spark of life. These people where survivors clinging to life around the outskirts of the thriving city.

A lazy river ran past him, he looked on it for a moment feeling the strange same affinity he always did for water filled with fish. He watched it reflecting the sunlight, it calmed him. His feet where heavy it had been a long day walking, another look around showed little unoccupied shelter. Usually he would have caught some fish and bartered with a local inn for a cheap room or even a place in a stable. Yet he had come too late, the markets where jammed packed a guard had asked him for a traders pass when he tried to enter earlier with his catch.

He turned, a young boy around 11ran towards him. A scrawny little thing, dirty and unkempt. The boy ran pasting brushing past the man’s loose clothes and ran off into unseen alleyways. Jonah smiled to himself, most men wouldn’t have noticed, others that did would have caught the child in the act he let the child go. His hand slipped into his pocket feeling the absence of his coin purse empty aside from a few copper. However the child had taken the other thing, the only thing of value the fisherman carried. The Fisher king turned into an nearest alley and vanished swiftly back the way he had come.

The child whose name was William, dropped back into the little shack replacing the wood covering the empty window frame. His breathing was heavy, he jumped as Liany, a girl of about the same age jumped down aside of him. Her smile was warm and innocent like only a child could produce. “He din’t follow ya, din’t even notice!”

William returned her smile opening his hands to reveal his prize. The coin bag revealed a merger few copper not even enough for some scraps to feed all the kids for a day. However wrapped in delicate paper that he slowly unwrapped, revealed a small gold trinket. The golden Koi, eyes sparkling like sapphire seemed to stare back at the boy. His breath stopped, unable to speak, Liany came closer to look and her face adopted the same shock.

From the back room of the dilapidated shack, came some more children first peering out and then rushing forward to meet the older kids. William closed his hand as they came close, but smiled at them saying “We’ll eat like kings for a month” this produced some woops and cheers from the children ranging from around 11 all the way down to one small child who clung behind another who couldn’t be older than 6. They all looked starved, these where the orphans of the slums.

Liany looked over at William again. “How much d’ya thinks we’ll get for it?”

“At least 20 silver I hope” replied William, still smiling.

“At least 50 and the merchant would still be ripping you off” came a voice from the shadows.

“Wow really that much...” replied William still engrossed in the idea of good money

A few seconds of silence followed and the child looked up towards the corner of the room. Every small pair of eyes where turned to the shadow. The Fisher King raised his hat from over his face, and eyed the kids with a slight grin. He was laying down with his back against the wall leisurely as if asleep.

“How... how’d you get in? How long have you been there?”

The Fisherman didn’t flinch, still staring back with the same unmoving grin.

William wanted to run, he knew at least three of the children could probably keep up but the smaller ones wouldn’t be as lucky, he had brought trouble straight into their sanctuary.

The Fisher King

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