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 Post subject: new cards for MWO
PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:25 pm 

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:idea: Shadow Clone: makes shadow clone that has 100 hp and does same attack but half damage.
:idea: Risk: does 100 damage to both players and who ever has less hp gets 100 damage and who ever wins gets 100+ hp.
:idea: Wall Of Damage: blocks all opponent damage for two turns.
:idea: Negative hp: u won't lose in till your hp gets to -50
:idea: Reflect: opponents takes 50% damage of their attack and you take no damage
:idea:Max Paralyze: 99%


 Post subject: Re: new cards for MWO
PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:08 pm 

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Shadow Clone: I don't understand at all, what exactly is being cloned? the clone "has" 100 hp? the only things that have hp are the players, same attack as what?

Risk: Whoever wins gets 100+hp? do you mean gets constitution increase? and the rest of the effect is hardly a risk, it does the same damage to both players and then 100 to player who has less hp, which is same player which had less to begin with.

How about

Risk: 100 damage to self. In 2 turns heal+200
that's a real risk, you end up gaining +100 overall , if you survive the next two turns, but losing the initial 100 makes surviving those two turns a gamble.

In fact You could have any positive effect later balanced by a loss of life now.

Revenge at all costs: 100 damage to self , counter-attack +50

Wall of Damage: okay, could work

Negative Hp: how would this work with poison? would poison be able to hurt a player to -49 or still only to 1?

Reflect: Why do players insist on making reflect better than parapet?parapet blocks all damage already., reflect is fine even if you take damage, if taking full damage makes it seem useless to you how about, prevents some damage, and whatever is prevented is dealt to opponent.

Max Paralyze: In a previous version of maganic wars there was a 100% paralyze card, It's not in the current version, I'd assume because it's annoying to spend each player's turn with each player doing nothing.( player 1 plays max paralyze, he does no damage, gains no health, gains no rune, etc, player 2 plays his own spell which also does nothing, because max paralyze canceled it.

Instead they made cards that *might* paralyze, *and* actually did something useful whether it paralyzed opponent or not.

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