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New Card Ideas for MWO full verson
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Author:  Tyc [ Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:48 pm ]
Post subject:  New Card Ideas for MWO full verson

:idea: Vengence:3x the power of your opp last attack that hit you(or maybe ignors opp's def and your attack is full damage no matter what or do 30 or 60 damage to your opp+parapet.).'This is what u get!'

:idea: Lightning Paralisis:90 lightning damage + 80% paralisis.'The damage burns to make ya freeze.'

:idea: Blood Leech: 70% Drain + 70 physical damage + parapet.'Bloode leeches make ya Bloode.'

:idea: Mana Leech: Drain opp Ep and Cp by 30+parapet.'Let's make your magic weaker.'

:idea: Ghost of vengence: make all attacks past though you for 3 turns,but you can't attack for 3 turns.'It's the ghost of vengence!'

:idea: Last Attack: You can only use this when you have 1 hp, kill your opp,this does not give you the strongest attack that
keeps track of your highest attack.'My last shot!'

:idea: Limit Breaker:Do 100(or 50,40,30,20,10 to be fair) more damage than your last hightest attack.'My limit is broken.'

:idea: Health Damage:Your hp + the limit of your hp = the attack this does not count as your highest attack.'Health damage.'

:idea: Charge blow:Takes 3 turns to a use and does 100 damage,in the 3 turns can not use combat cards except minions,
howevery this card can be negitived by dispel.'Charging...

Boasts: :idea: Power felm:2 plus damage to the next combat card you use for every non combat card you have in your hand.

:idea: Rune of greed:add 50 rune power for every rune card or non combat card.

:idea: Rune damage:use up all your rune power to damage your opp,for every 50 rune power do 15 damage.

:idea: Fariy guardian:heal 40 and suck up only 40 damage fom your opp
(ex:opp does 20 damage so - 40=20 then your opp does 20,so 20-20=0(theres no more guardian protect you so every thing gets back to normal)).This efect can be dispeled.

:idea: Combat for the non combated(lame name):Cards that dont use combat add two damage to it

:idea: Gield shield:negitive the next gield touch.

Are they good ideas? 8) :roll: :P

Author:  Tyc [ Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Card Ideas

no post from other people :oops: :oops: :oops: :lol:

comments(or insalts...)

Author:  Tyc [ Fri Dec 11, 2009 9:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Card Ideas

i hope the mod can put thease cards in MWO full verson.

Author:  Maguas [ Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Card Ideas for MWO full verson

Hi tyc sorry for the delay I enter the forum from time to time, but I've noted some of your cards concepts and maybe you'll find them in next release ;). Thanks for your ideas.

Author:  Tyc [ Sun Dec 27, 2009 12:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: New Card Ideas for MWO full verson

For Vengence change to: The next attack you do is full damage and can not be blocked and soak up your opp's attack and defence and your defence and add all that to your attack.after you attck your attack is damage is dumb.

Author:  maganicman9 [ Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Card Ideas for MWO full verson

I just commented on most of your cards from your thread a couple months ago, I won't repost those comments but you did add some new cards here so I'll comment on the new ones.

@ Last Attack Health Damage and to some extent Limit Breaker, absolutely no way should those cards be made, you can't have 1 hit kills, which all 3 are capable of doing as you've written them.

Last Attack you say right in the text is an instant kill, you seem to think that having to be at 1 hp would make it hard to use, but I've played demo many times as rogue and poison often leaves opponent at 1. this is because poison that would kill a player leaves them at 1 instead. okay you say, so you weaken the effectiveness of poison, so what? here's why this is bad, if I am totally dominating and have 500-700 health. My opponent is poisoned for more health then they have. they then cast gelid touch and paralyze me so I can't finish them off. then they cast last attack and kill me, that's equivalent to dealing 500-700 damage! is that at all fair?!

As bad as that is , it would take a little luck to set up, Health Damage needs no set up whatsoever! First turn- Health Damage, starting with *half* or more of opponents health makes this first turn kill. Starting with More health than opponent makes this an instant kill on *any* turn. totally broken and unbalanced.

Limit Breaker is a little better, especially taking the +10 or +20, but take the +100 and its almost as bad as the other two.

Picture this. First game attack with lightning for 50+ damage (attack and curse> than defense)
later cast Limit Breaker for 150.

Second Game Cast Limit Breaker for 250
that's already a potential 1 hit kill
Third Game Cast Limit Breaker for 350
4th Game 450
13th game 1350!

and that is without any additional bonus from attack modifiers or curse each game.

Does this *not* look like a problem to anyone else?

That said There is a simple fix,

Limit Breaker:+10 physical damage more than your last highest attack.Last Highest Attack does not include Limit Breaker attacks. 'My limit is broken.'

This makes it consistently the best damage dealing card in the game, without escalating into a mega powerful instant kill card.

Another fix that would allow 100+ to last highest attack? be able to only use Limit Breaker once. ever.

On to the other cards

Lightning paralysis would be a fine level 7 or higher card as is, would give players a reason to use lightning cards, strongest one now does only 50.

"Charge blow:Takes 3 turns to a use and does 100 damage,in the 3 turns can not use combat cards except minions,
howevery this card can be negitived by dispel.'Charging..."

by minions are you referring to the single card minion that does 38 physical with 30% parapet?

or to any card with parapet?

It is possible to get multiple of the same card in hand, but isn't easy and getting 2-3 of a specific card when you want to damn near impossible.

How about this:

Charge Blow: On your 3rd turn after playing do 100 physical damage.
Costs 5 (or higher)chi per turn.

Fairy Guardian: By sup Up 40 damage you clearly mean it prevents 40 damage. This would be a new effect, consider modifying to use existing effects like parapet and reflect.

Vengeance: what type of damage do you intend vengeance to do? It appears to be pyro because pyro is the only attack style that can't be blocked. remember though, that pryo does additional damage on the next turn, so it should only do about 2/3 of what a physical attack would do. Also the most powerful attacks(like 3x damage taken: easily 100+) should be vulnerable to parapet or defense to make them balanced.

Vengeance Version 2: The vengeance with damage and parapet would be a completely different card. it resembles the existing card snake warrior(25 physical , poison+10 100% parapet)30 physical+ parapet seems worse than that, the +5 damage seems like a bad trade-off for missing a poison effect completely. 45-60 damage seems fair. parapet is a defensive effect though, and it seems odd to call it vengeance. A more vengeance(y) effect would be counterattack. how about these:

Vengeance 25 Physical +10 counter attack +10 curse


Defensive Blow: 45 damage 100% parapet

Rune Damage:this seems like an interesting card, sacrifices rune based att def and counterattack boosts later for immediate damage now. I really like this card, to do more than 75 would take level 2 rune and even with full rune it's capped at 210 damage(very powerful, but not instant kill by itself) This is the most interesting balanced card you've come up with so far tyc. The only change I would make is to rename it

Rune explosion :use up all your rune power to damage your opp,for every 50 rune power do 15 damage.

As for Power Felm and combat for the noncombat-ed, again, specify what is meant by combat and non combat cards,

These seem more like player ability special attacks than cards.

If I seem overly critical take heart, I'm good at balancing cards but I suck at creating them from scratch.

My biggest advice to balancing your own cards, beware of 1 turn kills.

My other big advice is to be as specific as possible, there are multiple kinds of damage, say which type of damage on any card that deals it.

If you create an effect that isn't used on any existing card, say exactly how the effect would work, and whether you intend it to ever be used on other cards as well

P.S. A couple of times I've used the term cast, this is a term from another game, and It means the same as "play a card" And When I say Pyro I mean Fire which is what the attack is now called, pyro just sounds so much cooler =D

Author:  Tyc [ Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Card Ideas for MWO full verson

maganicman9 thanks for the tips ill try to make better cards

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