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Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson
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Author:  Tyc [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson

:idea: Fire Crystal:do 20 heal and damage with burn(pyro isn't always weak)

:idea: Water Crystal:do 30 heal and 10 damage with Luck(the card) and dispel and regenerate(2+)

:idea: Ice Crystal:do 20 heal and damage with 75% Paralisis

:idea: Air Crystal:do 30 heal and 10 damage with Luck(the card) and dispel and regenerate(2+)(for all the crystals I evened it out since Fire and ice has advantage in damage)

:idea: Boomerang Dagger=do 30 damage to opponent and has a 60% chance of hitting 2 times also doesn't get counter strike damage.

:idea: Broken sword=take opponents attack,defence,counter strike,your own defence and your own counter strike and add that to your attack, when you atack with it the attack does full damage and can't be blocked.after that for the next 4 turns your attack is decreased by 2.

:idea: Limmit breaker=does 50(40,30,20,15,10 to be fair) more damage than your highest attack.

:idea: GODS WRATH= the rarerest card ever.decrease your opponents health by 30%,can't be blocked.uses up all your rune power and chi,ep,cp.1 per deck.if to powerful you have to have full rune power.EDIT:Also if still to strong do 200 damage and wipeout your opponents and your cards and draw 5 new ones and uses up all your rune power ep cp and chi.

:idea: Gield Shield=negitive the next gield touch.

:idea: Blood leech=wound+60%drain.

:idea: Mana leech=drain oppenents ep,cp and chi to you+wound.

:idea: Rune of Greed=add 50 rune power for every rune card you have in your hand.

:idea: Vampier teeth=heal your self 50% of the damage you do to you opponent and wound.

:idea: Reflect=your oppenent takes 75% of his own damage,you don't get hurt.

:idea: Ambush=do 25 damage and gield his next card

:idea: Backfire=(stonger verson of reflect)your opponent 100% takes of his own damage

:idea: Back Burst=do 60 damage to your opponent and 10 damage to self.

:idea: Charge blow=take 2(or 3 to make it fair) turns to use and does 125 damage to opponent can be dispeled

:idea: Power felm=add 2 damage to the next combat card you use for every noncombat card you have in your hand.(can be dispeled)

:idea: Armed=add two damage to your noncombat card you use for every combat card you have in your hand.(can be dispeled)

:idea: Sylite Sword=add 4 attack Permanently

:idea: Sylite Shield=add 4 defence Permanently

:idea: The 4 crystals of the elaments:collect all of them(4)in battle and be FULLY transformed and increase attack,defence and counter strike by 10 and deal 80 damage and heal by 100.(can be dispeled(oh and theres a little bar with 4 emty spaces every time you get 1 crystel 1 space filled))note:this is not a card.

These are all the ideas I have so far thats for viewing

Author:  Tyc [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson

Any comments or insults? :oops: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Author:  Toshio [ Wed Jun 23, 2010 6:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson

They're more or less good, but they have to many grammatical and spelling mistakes within them. Try this:

:idea: Broken sword= Switch Attack and Defense Modifier with Opponent, Physical (300), Self-Physical (50%)

:idea: Limit Breaker= Attack (20)

:idea: God's Wrath= Physical (1,000), Curse (500), Poison (500), Paralyze (100%)

:idea: Gelid Shield= Catattack (15), Cure Paralysis

:idea: Blood leech= Physical (50), Drain (50%)

:idea: Mana leech= Chi (50), Drain (35%)

:idea: Rune of Greed= Rune (50)\ Rune Card

:idea: Vampire Teeth= Physical (Random), Drain (5%)

:idea: Reflect= Reflect (50%), Catattack (15)

:idea: Ambush= Physical (20), Paralyze (35%)

:idea: Backfire= Reflect (100%), Catattack (30)

:idea: Back Burst= Physical (60), Self-Physical (10%)

:idea: Charge blow= Charge (3 Turns), Physical (125)

:idea: Offense= Attack (2)\ Non-Combat Card

:idea: Defense= Defense (2)\ Combat Card

Author:  Tyc [ Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson

Toshio thanks for your review.Even if it was an insult i would say thanks for shareing your ideas. :P Oh and for GODS WRATH maybe change it too 300 damage and discard your opponents and your cards and draw 5 new ones,Paralyze 150%(50% of two turns Paralyze). Oh and I edited it again

Author:  Tyc [ Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson

I hope the Maguas can put at least one card from my ideas.that would be so cool! :P :!:

sorry for double posting :oops:

Author:  maganicman9 [ Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson

I might comment on specific card proposals later, but for now two general comments.

1) be clear with your word choice. For example what is meant by combat and non-combat cards? I assume a combat card is any lightning, physical, or pyro card. That is; a card that damages your opponent on the turn it is played. Any other card would be a non-combat card.

There are unfortunately other interpretations. Combat card could mean a card that deals direct damage, so lighting or physical, but not pyro.

OR combat card might refer to not just lightning physical and pyro cards, but also attack counter-attack. curse and defence cards. in that case non-combat cards would be rune cards, healing cards, and a few other miscellanious cards like Renew and Halfling Spy.

2) something else I noticed was that many of your card idea were overly complex(not that complex cards are always bad , it's just not necessary for individual cards to be complex, the rules provide strategy and complexity enough).

Also, a significant number of your cards were overpowered and unbalanced.

Edit: It's natural that fan made cards tend to be overpowered. fans make cards that they would like to use, and who wouldn't want to be able to use a super-powerful card? What fans forget is that the opponent would also have access to that powerful card. So it's important to consider how you'd react to it being used on you, could you still win if your opponent used CARD X on you?

I think it's a good idea to try and figure out what level card you're making( how many chi is needed to cast it. More powerful cards should be higher leveled and need more chi

Author:  maganicman9 [ Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson

The 4 crystals look interesting, although the water and air crystals appear to have identical effects. also by luck I assume you mean it removes curse, which is what the card luck did, and what the card remove curse does.

Perhaps you might consider:

water crystal:Heal 30 , 10 physical damage , remove curse 30% dispel and regenerate(4+)
0 chi
air crystal: Heal 30 10 physical damage, remove curse 60% dispel and regenerate (2+)

as for the effect of playing all 4, what you've stated is too powerful, Full transformation is too powerful an effect all by itself, and you've added 5 more affects besides, remove the damage part of the effect and change full transformation to next level and it might be weakened enough to be fair, note that no card currently heals more than +65 so the healing effect might have to be reduced as well.

both versions of God's wrath are overpowered.

Toshio's version is way overpowered. 1000 damage? and 500 poison , 500 curse?! any one of those would be massively overpowered. in 13 rounds getting max constitution each round you can only get 785 health. that means 1000 damage could win on the first card. 500 curse would allow a 2 card win for the first 7 rounds, and a 3 card win after that, same with poison, and that's when combined with any damage dealing cards. The fastest kill I've managed was 5 cards, and that was dealing 4 turns of 55+ poison and 2 level 6 cards.

Tyc's version is much better, but it can't be blocked and does a minimum of 60 damage (30% of 200) This might be balanced if you need full rune to use. It would also be better if it was 30% of remaining health and not initial. Oh and by can't be blocked do you mean it's a pyro card (and thus does 50% burn damage next turn) or that it's a new kind of in-direct damage?

oh and all cards are already limited to 1 per deck. Do you instead mean that it gets removed from your deck after first use and therefore won't get shuffled back in like other cards after running out of cards.

What do you think of this

God's Wrath: pyro damage=20% of opponent's remaining health
20 chi needed

GELID SHIELD: I'll try to blend the versions written by Tyc and Toshio so it reads as they intended

Gelid Shield: The next time you would be paralyzed you aren't paralyzed.

I don't think that would work well with the current game code so how about this

Gelid Shield: For the next 2(or 3, 5, 10) turns you can't be paralyzed

Gelid Shield:You can't be paralyzed
either might work, but I'm not sure they would be all that good to be honest, whenever I'm paralyzed I just use my worst card, which gets replaced by a better card so I'm basically out a turn . Using Gelid shield wouldn't be any different, except Id get to choose which turn I lost.

oh and FYI toshio, paralysis can't be cured, it would just negate whatever you tried to cure it with.

Perasonally I'd be in favor of:

Gelid Shield defense 10 50% paralysis

0 chi


Hitting your best previous hit as base damage seems a bit too powerful, even without any boost, perhaps a compromise:

Limit Breaker: Does Physical damage = the final result of your last direct damage attack
10 chi
ends up being slightly better than multiply

AMBUSH: There is a reason no card has 100% chance of paralysis currently, and no card has ever had 100% paralysis and another affect.
Getting paralyzed is annoying, and if you get damaged as well it seems downright unfair.

My version

Ambush: 25 lightning 50% paralysis

RUNE OF GREED: Now here's a card I like! Question? does it count itself? One way would give 0-200 rune, the other 50-250.t Neither version seems quite right, the first is too weak by itself or with 1 other rune, the second too strong with 4-5 runes.

An alternative version:

Rune of Greed: +75 rune for every other rune card in hand
Chi 4-6

CHARGE BLOW: I like the idea of needing to charge up for an attack but I think 125 might be a bit high base damage for a single attack

Maybe the following could work

Charge Blow: Charge for 2 turns, on 3rd turn 90 Physical (in addition to any other damage dealt that turn)
Chi 14

Charge Blow:125 Physical self paralysis next 2 turns

Chi 14
Charge Blow:

Charge for 2 turns on 3rd turn 125 Physical(in addition to any other damage dealt that turn)
Chi 18

I'll ignore the reflect cards for now, and there are a few other cards I don't understand enough to comment on, which leaves just one more card:

BACK BURST: This card seems obvious enough I'm surprised some version of it doesn't already exist. I independently came up with it myself. My Version has a twist which I think makes it more interesting

Uncontrolled Thunder: 60 lightning self wounds 10
chi 8

Because wounds also boost attack, the drawback of my version could be used as an advantage

Author:  Tyc [ Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson

thanks for your replies :)

Author:  Maguas [ Mon May 23, 2011 6:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson

I'm making a revision of almost every suggestion in this forum. I'll take some ideas for sure ;), I want to give the game a boost in the next weeks.


Author:  Armatice [ Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson

What about a combination card? The next turn after the card is played you can combine say two cards . Since you have a reflect card that reflects physical damage how about one the can reflect a percentage of a curse or poison attack?

Author:  Tyson [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson

Hi i'm tyc btw

Armatice do you mean somthing like this?

:idea: Handle goes with "fire Blade,lightning Blade,etc." when together give you burn sword or shock sword.

:idea: Fire blade

:idea: Lightning blade

:idea: Burn sword 80 damage 40 burn

:idea: Shock sword 90 damage 80% paraliz (don't know how to spell)


Author:  frankscott39 [ Mon Jan 16, 2012 3:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson

thanks @tyson for sharing such decent features with us:)

Author:  Tyson [ Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Card concepts for Maganic wars online full verson

thanks for commeting frank

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