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 Post subject: Reformed Scottson (Friendly Character for Kate)
PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 6:16 pm 
Can't wait for MWO
Can't wait for MWO

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This character is a fresh remake with the extra skills he was to obtain before our battle BK. The 2 Mediums from Random Encounters, 1 medium from My battle with Yoz, and the 17 gold i already had +7 from Yoz Battle. (I thought about adding another weak and gold from thrid place foundations for if I didn't make a new char Wolf would of been DQed, he probably would of at least posted 5 days after me if he wasn't already 3rd place so I'm skipping it. BK I do hope you approve of me battling you with this for our friendly. (That can start whenever you want it to baby ;)

Name: Scott Braselton (A.K.A. Randal Darkheart)
Class: Spiritualist
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Inventory: Death Mail, Scythe.
Gold: ??
Training Points:
Spirit Specials: Fear Toxin, Horror Flick.
Skills List: Ghost of Horros Past, Bodily Corruption, Adaptability.


After his battle with Hiro in the burning temple of the God of Greed Randal was trapped in the fire and lost his arm in the inferno. With the sell sword Hiro escaping unharmed Randal turned to his talents to craft a new arm of enforced bone. Unfortunately the Skull of Agromard was damaged heavily and needed re-crafting. The he overestimated his diminished power and the strain upon his mind was too great and he blacked out.

It was days later when he regained consciousness; however, it was not Randal that returned. The human host, after years of slavery to Randal’s dark magic, had awoke to find himself lost in an unknown world and with a surge of memories both known and unknown. Two foreign names came to mind. Stag. And Gathering.

Walking aimlessly he had come to a familiar door with the sound of laughter echoing in the night. The Scythe he had found next to him as he awoke met true with the head of a nicely dressed man, blunt end to not harvest life. As the elderly man falls he sees a clown before him. His eye glow blue as his hands lower the Scythe only to slash it horizontally into the side of the clown, bringing him down with a single strike.

As the man fell before him, a new one came into sight. Instantly a name followed face; ‘Stag’. His eyes turn over as he lowers and drops his Scythe. His attention is drawn to the crypt, silent screams heard only to his ears echo from their depths. Inside countless spirits scream and cry as if reliving their horrible deaths over and over. It is not the Miasma that forces himself to clench his stomach, but the sheer magnitude of suffering this world had to offer.

Soon after the leader of his former guild leaves on to accomplish the guilds true task or die trying. He is left in charge of the guild and thus renames it ‘Rebirth’; for the grudge will be settled one way or another. The grounds are abandoned, for without their fearless leader, the Ministry of Silencing would pounce upon them like the mass murdering sell swords that they were.

After the horror of the crypt he had made a pledge. He would never kill again. He would lead a chivalrous life to not only bring the much needed ideal to a world of constant rape and war, but also make amends for his past, no matter how small a fraction would be forgiven by his actions.

~~Important Story Update~~
As leader of Clan Rebirth, he had made one powerful enemy, Kate Darksmith. He assembled a team to aid him in taking down the Ministry of Silencing. Through months of spying and an attempt to take her out of her element by entering the Foundations Tournament to try and capture her. He had failed but soon his work was done for her by the Dwarven Champion Grimmar. Then an unlikely thing happened, he fell in love with her ghost.

In life they were enemies but in death they were lovers, or as close as they could be. In an attempt to save him she amassed a great amount of spirit power and was going to use it to cure him of blight, however that was the cause of the blight. The power however was tainting her soul and in an attempt to save her immortal soul he absorbed the energy anyways and died. He soon found however that even though Randal Darkheart was not currently in control of his body, he still would not allow Scott to die. Through the power of necromancy his body was resurrected immediately.

After that he sought his own way to resurrect Kate and spent much time in the place of his nightmares, Randal’s Crypt. When he heard of her own return to this world, and her encounter with Chris, he needed to confront Kate again.

Physical Description:
--Height: 6'1
--Weight: 103lb
--Eyes: Hazel/Yellow
--Hair: Long and white.
--Skin: Pale
--Special Markings: Blight infested Right eye, Skeletal left arm, Blight infested left shoulder/chest.
Spirit Specials Description:
Fear Toxin:
The Ghost of Horrors Past can excrete a gas from her body that if inhaled can cause paranoia, a loss of rational thought, and cause everything around the infected to become more terrifying to them. This could include seeing a landscape in flames and shadow. Orc, Ssar, Drow, and Kiltharr could easily be seen as demons and Scott himself could come quite close if his bodily distortions are exposed. This effect lasts three posts. (Medium, 4 Universal uses)

Horror Flick: The Ghost of Horrors Past creates a small movie in her mind and attempts to pass through a target in an ethereal state (Just like Spirit Phase) and project the movie unto the opponent. (The movie all takes place in the blink of an eye and can be avoided by dodging the Spirit as is attempt to pass through the body.) While in the movie the opponent can feel pain, but when the movie ends all that is left is a tingling sensation and fear. This special is amplified if under the effect of fear toxin. (Medium, 2 universal uses.)

Skills Description:
Ghost of Horrors Past (Formally Stealth Spirit):
Upon his death by Kate, he was followed back to life by a spirit from the other side. This girl is somebody he once knew yet does not remember. She is the most powerful spirit he has ever encountered and can break the laws most spirits follow. Where as most spirits must rest a day upon losing their physical body, she can recharge in a matter of minuets (3 posts) and can rejoin the battle again. Where as most spirits also can do only one use of a special a day without possession, her specials can recharge and are renewed when she takes a new body. Her specials however do have an overall uses. She is a master of fear and illusion and her specials show this power in full. She is a technically a stealth spirit meaning she can chose to be in her stealth mode, she may also take on the illusion of her former self though her body is still really three orbs. Possession can still be used only once and universal uses do not increase. (Powerful. 5 spirit summons)

Bodily Corruption: Scott’s body has bee deeply taken by the shadows of necromancy. He once was able to keep the corruption at by but when he absorbed Kate’s massive build up of Spiritual Pressure she broke the security wall around the corruption, forcing him to erect a new one. The blight that was once secluded to his left shoulder has passed through his heart and stopped it. His body technically is more undead than human. The powers of necromancy are now the only things allowing his body to keep moving, his heart still beats and blood does pass though it but it is tainted with the blight. The blight now moves upward across his neck and joined that of his right eye. The flesh around it has now completely fallen off revealing his bare skull, though no flesh means no more blight. He retained his ability to see magical essence though his right eye, but has taken it to the next level. It no longer strains him to use, a great benefit as he no long has that eyelid. (Medium)

Sacrificing Speed Spirits: When he was introduced to the Ghost of Horrors Past, he completely forsook his speed spirits and sacrificed them for power. He now maintains their speed enhancing ability to some degree. (Medium)

Adaptability: After his Battle with Hiro, Randal’s left arm was taken from him and he has had to make due with only one arm in battle. To compensate for this disadvantage Randal created a skeletal arm to replace it. The Bone is as durable as chain mail, however lacks brute force, giving him the weak limbed weakness of skeletal undead in his left arm. (Racial)

Custom Item
Deathmail is a set of armor crafted by the bones and tainted blood of the dead. The armor is full chest, right arm, legs, boots, and a skull helmet. The armor is black and has many bones lining it most noticeable the overgrown rib cage around his torso and down the back a matching spinal cord. The armor to normal people would be as heavy as Chain mail, but for those who have necromantic power it only hinders as much as leather armor (The whole bone and blood manipulation). The Skull of Agromard has been reconstructed and placed back upon his left shoulder of the armor this time, not his own flesh.(Though it has no current use)

Hubris of Humanity

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