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Here you can find a list of possible features for the upcoming multiplayer version. Some of them are already implemented and others are being implemented. We want everybody to participate by sending us their suggestions about cards names, artwork, possible new features, characters...whatever.

1. More unlockable cheats
2. More balanced cards
3. An in game tutorial
4. Arcade mode
5. Multiplayer mode (see below)
6. Separate decks for each player.
7. Options(quality,sound...)
8. More items to buy, and new, more powerful items as you level up
9. Class System.(see below)
10.New modifiers and effects.
11.Story line mode (maybe in a future).
12.Experience points system (see below)
13.Customizable deck with many new cards (see below).
14.Online statistics and profile.(see below)
15.Special attacks (chi bar!). (this one will be great ;P)
16.Secret places.
17.Cards shop
18.Music (I'm still searching)
19.Better sounds.
21.New Artwork for the cards (probably). (we need artists interested, please contact us)


Versus rooms with online profiles. Chat system in the rooms and playing the game. Other website services.


  • Name:
  • Logo:
  • Class:
  • Clan:
  • Level(exp points):
  • Habilities:
    • Special Attacks.
    • Other habilities.
    • Chi velocity.
  • Statistics:
    • Wins:
    • Losses:
    • Rank:
    • Max hit:
    • High Score:
  • Deck (cards selection)
  • Objects
  • Gold


CLASS SYSTEM (this is a possible class system submitted by keli)

Note that all habilities presented here are static ones. Apart from these there will be special attacks for each class to perform while playing (chi bar boost).

  • Warrior
    • Berserker: Gives +1 extra Attack damage per level
    • Toughness: 5 extra life per level
    • Tactician: Warrior starts all duels with Parapet in place
  • Rogue
    • Assassin: +1 Poison damage per level.
    • Stealth: +1 Counterstrike damage per level.
    • Master of Venom: Transformed opponents can be poisoned
  • Mage
    • Pyromancer: +3 Damage from Pyro cards per level.
    • Channeler: +2 Damage from Lightning cards per level.
    • Master of the Elements: Pyro and Lightning cards have a 25% chance of paralyzing
  • Cleric
    • Healer: Heal cards give +3 HPs more per level
    • Bless: +1 extra Shield per level
    • Protector: Playing Antidote also gives 10 HPs
  • Necromancer
    • Leech: Drain damage +2 per level
    • Warlock: Curse -1 extra per level
    • Master of Fate: Playing Luck also Drains for 4)
  • Sorcerer
    • Rune Mastery: Rune cards give +5 Power per level
    • Reflection: Dispel also inflicts 3 damage per level
    • Master of Illusion: Immune to paralysis


This is a must! You'll have the possibility to add new cards to your deck by buying them in the cards shop or acquiring more unique ones by wining tournaments and so.

New cards:

Obscurity (suddenly you don't know what card to play)
Ultrapoison (more powerful poison)
Mirror (modifiers player 1 <--> modifiers player 2)
Rune Mirror (rune power player 1 <---> rune power player 2)
Chi boost (increases chi velocity)
Chi lower (lowers your opponent chi)
Maganic attack (well this one might be quite hard to get)
Death strike (no matter what you do or what you have equipped if your life is 10 or less you die)
Spirit Curse (-5 to defense)

And many other that I hope you'll help us to imagine. Any suggestions please use our formulary.

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